Alesis DM6 Review 2020 – Read Before Buy

ALESIS DM6 Review with the buying guide

The market of electronic drums is currently flooded with many different electronic drum sets. As such, as a drummer, you may find yourself in a dilemma on which kit would best suit you. However, it is crucial to know the different brands available and their products. The Alesis brand has been around for a long … Read more

Roland TD25KV Review – Read Before Buy

Roland TD25KV

Roland is a fantastic brand, famous for its high-end drum kits. Its TD-25KV electronic drum set is not different. It is an excellent mid-level V-drum far beyond others of the same category. It is suitable for playing at home or at the studio. Roland TD25KV has excellent playability and delivers a superior drumming experience. Thanks … Read more

Alesis Strike Pro Review – Read Before Buy

Alesis Strike Pro Review

Choosing an electronic set that fully meets your needs is not an easy exercise. As a drummer, you will want to get a drum that gives that ultimate drumming experience. You will also want a kit that offers you flexibility. The Strike Pro kit comes in a design that may cause you to mistake it … Read more

Alesis Command Mesh Review – Read Before Buy

The complete guide to Alesis Command Mesh Review

The introduction of the Alesis Command Mesh Kit has been a sigh of relief to many drummers. It comes with value for money, so you do not have to break your bank to get a quality drum kit. This product ranks between a basic entry-level electronic drum set and a mid-range kit The command kit … Read more

Yamaha DTX522K Review – Need Read Before Buy

Yamaha DTX522K review all information what you need now

Well, the exercise of choosing the perfect electronic drum kit is challenging. In other words, you need to be careful and patient. Any electronic drum set has vital parts that make it functional.  One must take into account several measures to get the right pick. Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum kit is a reliable device. The … Read more

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Review – Best Affordable Kit

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit assamble picture

Alesis urge mesh kit is a product of Alesis Company. The company has a solid reputation for building music-related items. The information in this review will help you understand all about the Alesis mesh kit. Typically, the Alesis surge mesh kit is an electronic drum set with a few notable features. I will also let … Read more