5 Best Kid Electronic Drum in 2020 with Buyer’s Guide

Acquiring a kid electronic drum set can be one very special gift for your child. It can be what will provoke the musical capabilities of your child.

The primary task, however, is getting the right one for your child. The market is flooded with hundreds of models of them. This article will help you choose the best drum set for your young one.

Comparison table – Best Kid Electronic Drum

Model / FeatureRoland Entry level TD1KALESIS NITRO KITYamaha
PAXCESS ELECTRONIC DRUMBest Choice Kid’s Electronic Drum Set
Snare Pads Size1 x 10″1 x 8″4-mesh1 x 8″
FrameAluminium RackAluminium RackChrome RackN/APlastic Rack
Play Along Tracks156030115
Aux input and USBx
MIDI Conectivityxx
Onboard Recorderx
Computer connectx
Drum Keyxxxx

Best Kids Electronic Drum – Review the Best Models

1. ROLAND Entry-level TD1K – Best for simplicity

ROLAND Entry-level Electronic Drum set – Best for simplicity

3-mesh Pads

Aluminum Rack

Onboard Coach function

Things we liked

It has 15 built-in drum kits.
It has built-in self-training software.
Allows children to record on their computer
Kids can adjust the height of each cymbal and snare pad.
Adjustable drum racks

Things we didn’t like

Not very portable

Coming for the one of the world’s most popular electronic drum sets, Roland TD-1K is among the most common. It is of very high quality and blends the most superior sound.

This electric drum set is a great way of allowing your child to have that authentic feel of a drummer. The package includes 3 toms, 1 snare drum, 1 hi-hat, 1 crash cymbal, 1 ride, 1 kick pedal, and one hi-hat pedal.

The drum set has a simple operation that allows your child to start rocking in no time. It has a very clear layout. As such, children can access all the functions quickly and easily via the controls panel.

Moreover, the LED display and that metronomes flashing tempo indicator allow kids to see the info at a glance. For more authenticity, every kit reacts in the same way as the acoustic and drum kits they imitate.

This feature allows you a huge range of variety in this single compact, stand-alone electronic drum set.

Another key feature of this drum set is its ability to fit in the tightest living space. Thanks to its being compact, it can fit comfortably in your practice space.

Moreover, it fits in a small space in a stylish, modern look. You can continue with your other activities around the drum.

To enhance its functionality, you can easily adjust its sturdy, ergonomic drum rack. The adjustment allows you to set the drum positions to the appropriate height for your child.

Also, you can fine-tune the height of each cymbal and the snare pad's angle to achieve your kid's comfort and playing style.

Being among the best electronic drum sets, it allows children to record on their computer using a USB cable. It comes with a USB-MIDI interface and thus requires it requires no other hardware. Lastly, this electric drum kit comes with in-built training software. The powerful V-Drums Tutor offers kids a fun, dynamic platform to learn notation and other drum techniques.

2. Best Choice Kid’s Drum Set – Best for 3+ year kids

Best Choice Kid’s Drum Set – Best for 3+ year kids

Includes a bass drum

5 buttons play different background music

2 included drumsticks and a working microphone

Things we liked

Has volume control buttons
Lightweight hence easy to carry
Runs on three AA batteries
Comes with two drum sticks
It has five built-in drum sounds

Things we didn’t like

Not appropriate for children approaching beginner’s level

Even your youngest kid can still enjoy the drumming experience.

Best Choice Products is famous for the making of quality children toys. As such, this toy-like electronic drum is very popular among many kids. It is an amazing model that comes with a child-like appearance.

It is very colorful and child-friendly in all aspects. It is a perfect electric kit to give children a classic feel of how the real drum pads look.

Besides, it is also a very pocket-friendly drum pad. You need not break your bank for your youngster to have that drummer experience.

This drum pad is all-inclusive. It comes with a bass drum, a cymbal, and left/right snare drums. To ensure kids are comfortable as they enjoy its thrill, it also comes with a stool.

Just like the real drum sets, this one also comes with built-in sounds. It has five buttons that play different background music for children to play along with. Even more thrilling is the fact that kids can modify the sound effects using the four light-up buttons.

This electronic drum set also comes with two drumsticks. It also has a working microphone, and that means your child can sing and rock the drums simultaneously.

You need not worry about noise; the drum set also comes with volume adjustment buttons. As such, your child can play it either loudly or softly. This electric drum kit is for kids of three years and above.

Concerning power, this simple electronic set runs on rechargeable batteries (3 AA).

3. PAXCESS ELECTRONIC DRUM Kit – Best for portability

PAXCESS ELECTRONIC DRUM Kit – Best for portability

10 hours playtime per charge

High-quality dual speakers

Standard midi out jack

Things we liked

Gives you more than 10 hours of battery playtime
Built-in dual speakers
You can connect it to the computer
Has a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery
Built-in headphone jack

Things we didn’t like

It is slightly expensive

If you are planning to gift your child a drum set, Paxcess Electronic Drum sets are worth your consideration. It is not only child-friendly but also one of the smallest electric drum pads for children.

This kid electronic drum set is both professional and portable. It comes with 1 Snare, 3 Toms, and 1 Crash. Moreover, it also encompasses 1 Hi-Hat and 2 Foot Pedals.

Thanks to its portability, your child is not limited to playing it inside the house. He/she can go with it anywhere and at any time. To further help your child learn faster, it comes with 8 Demo songs for your child to play along, and 3 Rhythms.

Besides that, these best electronic drum sets come with a rechargeable battery. The battery that powers it is of 2400mAh. Once you have charged it, it can last for up to 10 hours of playtime. That is quite a long time for your youngster to enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Another fantastic feature is the presence of a built-in headphone jack. If you need silence in your house, your child only needs to put on the headphones.

By doing that, your house will be as quiet as you want it. At the same time, your child will be fully rocking him or herself to the fullest.

On the flip side, if noise is not an issue to you, this electronic drum kit has built-in duo speakers. The speakers are of high quality, and they will give you a fantastic bass effect. They are also powerful enough; hence, no need to connect them with external speakers.

This drum kit also has a standard midi output jack and a USB midi out jack. To further enhance your child's experience, you can connect it to a computer using this feature. Your child can then produce music or even play games.

4. ALESIS NITRO KIT – Best for Comfortability


Dynamic, comfortable pads

Kick pad tower with bass drum pedal

Post aluminum rack

Things we liked

The pads are spacious and comfortable
Allows kids to connect with a computer
It has 60 play-along tracks
You can adjust the height
Has a USB output

Things we didn’t like

Might be a bit complicated for kids below 12 years

The Alesis Nitro is a semi-professional 8-piece drum kit. It comes with everything that kids need to enjoy the drumming experience.

It has three dynamic tom pads that are 8-inch each. With such a size, children will have ample space to move their wrists just as professional drummers do.

This drum set also comes with three 10” cymbals. They include a crash with choke to give kids an unlimited range of playing.

To keep every part secure and in its position, it has a 4-post aluminum mounting rack. The rack is so firm that no matter how hard a child plays, no part will move from its position.

This electronic drum kit also allows for flexibility and easy setup. It comes with a height adjustment and memory lock.

Another very amazing feature is the drum module. It comes with 40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits. Moreover, it allows children to create their kit using the 385 custom sounds included in the drum module. Also, they can perfect their skills using the 60 built-in play-along tracks in the drum module.

This Alesis Nitro is a stand-alone electronic drum. Children can plug it into any stereo or headphones.

Alternatively, they can use the USB output to connect with a computer. This feature allows them to record their music and control music software.

5. Yamaha DTX402K – Best for kids and beginners

Yamaha DTX402K – Best for kids and beginners

Free iOS and Android apps

415 drum & percussion sounds

Stereo drum sounds

Things we liked

Comes with high-quality built-in sounds
It has 10 built-in training tools
It comes with a free app to help kids in customization
Comes with 128 keyboard sounds
It has 287 high-quality drum and percussion sounds

Things we didn’t like

It has limited tom positions

Yamaha DTX402 drum set is ideal for kids and beginners. It offers them anopportunity to build their drumming skills quickly and through fun. It also provides them with a highly interactive experience.

This drum set allows kids to create their own kits. They can also choose from the different built-in high-quality sounds.

Another exciting feature is that it comes with 10 built-in training functions. Some of these include Pad Gate, Fast Blast, and Rhythm Gate. These functions offer a great way to gauge and better kids’ drumming. They also help to boost timing, speed, and expression.

One unique feature that comes with the electronic drum is the free DTX402 Touch app.

With the app, kids can enjoy customization and training functions.

There are 287 high-quality drums and percussion sounds for kids to customize each kit. The drum set also comes with 128 keyboard sounds. Moreover, they can develop their drumming silks with different types of music.

Like many other advanced electronic drums for kids, it also comes with computer connectivity. A child only requires a USB cable to make the connection. From there, he or she can record and create music of their own.

The DTX402 series is generally a quiet design.

Its pads are improved, and they create genuine playability. It comes with a sturdy rack as well as a natural-feeling drum and cymbal pads.

With all those features, this electronic drum is also very pocket-friendly.

Buyer’s Guide for Kid Electronic Drums

Electronic drums work incredibly well with kids, regardless of age. They are better, cheaper, and safer to begin with.

Shopping for a child's electronic drum can be very challenging. You have to be vigilant to avoid buying a toy in the name of an electronic drum.

Here are key factors to consider when buying drum pads for kids.

1.      Your Budget

Before you go shopping for a drum kit, determine how much you want to spend. The good thing about electric kits is that they are readily available in varying price ranges.

Ideal drum sets for youngsters should not exceed $300. It is recommendable to buy a cheaper model for kids. Children outgrow their beginner sets with time. As such, it is not reasonable to make a huge investment in something that will require regular upgrading.

Do appropriate research and compare different drums and their feature. Then, choose a drum kit that is within your budget range. Also, ensure that it compliments your child’s personality and level of interest in learning drums.

2.      The Child’s Age

Age is one of the major factors that influence the choice of a drum. It determines the quality and type of drum to buy.

For instance, you cannot buy a professional drum for a child under six years of age. Children in this age bracket need a toy-like kit for fun. As the child grows, their commitment and desire to learn drums increase.

Kid Electronic Drum

They want something more real, and so, the need for an upgraded version arises. For older kids and teenagers, the adult-like electronic drum is appropriate.

Children love something they can learn and play with ease. If it is too hard to use or too shallow, they quickly get discouraged. Consequently, their interest in drums gradually dies.

If you are not sure of which set to buy, consult with a professional. You can also check customer reviews on the product to determine age suitability. You can pick any of the products from our review above based on your child’s age.

3.     The Drum’s Structure

Drum pads come with different pieces of drum kits and controllers. The kits can be as much as 15 and as low as three.

The choice depends on how skillful you want the child to be. However, too many drum kits can be overwhelming to kids below six years. Also, fewer pieces are not motivating or challenging for a grown-up child who wants to be a professional.

The three-kit set is appropriate for beginners. It is compact, manageable, and has the necessary features. You can always upgrade it as the child grows.

Also, ensure that the drum is sturdy enough. If your child likes it, they are likely to play it all day long. Therefore, the construction should be long-lasting. An Aluminum structure is preferable as it is sturdy and durable.

4.     Sound Level

Electronic drums are more silent than acoustic drums. However, the level of sound varies from one electric kit to another.

Some sets come with built-in speakers and headphones. This feature helps to minimize the level of noise. Therefore, ensure that you go for the most silent set for your child.

5.     Additional Accessories

Buying accessories separately from the drum kit can be very costly. As such, you should look out for kits that come with all the accessories you need. Doing so eases assembling and makes the product ready for use right after purchase.

Also, accessories can be in the form of in-built features such as music and beats. If possible, you should buy a kit that has these in-built features. They ease the learning process of your child and make it fun.


Are electronic drums good for beginners?

Yes, electronic drums are an ideal choice for beginners. They are safer, better, and cheaper to begin with.

These drums are incredibly quiet. The drummer can use headphones, which allows him to access the sound without disturbing those around him.

They also come with noise-reducing pedals, which aids in curbing noise. As such, you can use them in an apartment or shared accommodation without worry.

What is the best electronic drum kit for beginners?

There are many factors to put into perspective when selecting a drum kit for beginners. There are many electronic drums in the market, and all of them have unique features.

Therefore, the most suitable kit for beginners is more of a personal choice. First, price is the key determinant. Also, features and level of experience influence one's choice.

However, when choosing a beginner kit, choose from famous brands. Manufacturers with a good reputation often deliver high-quality items.

How much are electronic drums?

Electronic drums vary in prices based on their quality and the features they possess. In the market, you will find a variety of toddler electronic drums that cost below 50 dollars. On the other hand, drum kits for beginners' range between $200 and $300.

High-end electric drums for professionals are the most expensive. They come with advanced features and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

What amp is good for electronic drums?

There is no standard amp for all electronic drums. Amps differ in value, quality of sound, features, and portability. The choice depends on the intended purpose or use and budget.

Amps that have 80 watts of power or more have the loudest quality sound. For small gigs and rehearsals, go for an amp that has 50 or fewer watts of power.


In conclusion, the best electronic drum for a kid should be easy to use. It should be one that allows him or her to have an authentic feeling of how a real set feels like.

You should also look for a user-friendly drum set. A good set will have training software to guide the kids in their practice.

For this review, the Roland entry-level electronic drum set is our winning set. It is very simple to operate; thus, a child takes no time in starting to drum.

Kids can also connect it to their computer and record their music. Most importantly, it comes with in-built training software.

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