6 Best Electronic Drum Set Under 600 in 2021 with Buying Guide

An electronic drum set is a go-to option for both beginners and professional drummers. It allows you to explore an array of new drum sounds and learn to play electric kits faster. Thanks to its superb volume controls, versatility, and adjustability.

Unlike acoustic drums, you can add reverbs, delays, and sound effects to your performance with an e drum.

Moreover, it comes with many sound-options making it the ideal kit to play a variety of genres.

Another amazing characteristic of an electric drum is that you can adjust the drum’s volume. As such, you can practice during the day or night without disturbing neighbors. The best thing about electric drum sets is that they are incredibly affordable.

This review has everything you need to know about the best electronic drum set under 600.

Comparison Chart

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Best Overall 1. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Best Overall
  • Pair of drumsticks
  • Eight drumming elements
  • Nitro Drum Module
  • Four-post Aluminum stack
  • 60 songs, 350 sounds, 40 drum kit
Alesis Surge Mesh Kit – Best quality 2. Alesis Surge Mesh Kit – Best quality
  • Nitro Drum Module
  • 8-piece drum kit
  • 60 tracks, 385 sounds, 40 kits
Asmuse Electronic Drum Set – Best Portable 3. Asmuse Electronic Drum Set – Best Portable
  • 12 drum sound kits
  • 242 sounds 
  • Speical 8” mesh snare drum
  • USB MIDI output
Donner DED-200 Drum Kit – Best Design 4. Donner DED-400 Drum Kit – Best Design
  • Audio cable
  • Iron Metal Support
  • Drum throne
  • 225 sounds, 30 demo songs
HXW SD61-5 Mesh Drum Kit – Best Responsive 5. HXW SD61-5 Mesh Drum Kit – Best Responsive
  • 8-piece drum set
  • Cymbal choke
  • A pair of drumsticks
  • 15 presets, 227 percussion sounds, 15 songs
Simmons SD350 Drum Kit – Best for the price tag 6. Simmons SD350 Drum Kit – Best for the price tag
  • 10 songs, 10 drum kits, 179 custom sounds
  • 5-piece drum set
  • Steel rack
  • iOS application

Best Electronic Drum Set Under 600 Review Product

1. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Best Overall

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is without a doubt an ideal entry-level cheap electronic drum set under 600. It features mesh heads instead of rubber heads for the tom and snare pads, being an upgrade for the Alesis Nitro kit.

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit - Eight Piece All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit With Super Solid Aluminum Rack, 385 Sounds, 60 Play Along Tracks, Connection Cables, Drum Sticks & Drum Key Included

Alesis Nitro includes eight drumming elements comprising a kick drum, cymbal pads, and drum pads. The dual-trigger snare is 8” in diameter, and so are the three single-zone tom pads. The pads may not be massive. However, playing on them is nothing but easy.

On the cymbal section, you’ll notice three familiar pads. These include a ride cymbal, hi-hat pedal, and a crash cymbal with a choke. The hi-hat’s foot control is reasonable. Then again, the hi-hat doesn’t require a typical stand. But, looking at the kit’s price range, you wouldn’t expect anything more. 

All three cymbal pads have the same diameter. Besides, mounting them on the four-post aluminum stack is effortless. The drumsticks are ok in quality, but you can always opt for better ones.

The new tom and snare drum heads are notable. Unlike cheap rubber heads, they deliver a bouncier and more natural feel. At the same time, these mesh heads are quiet as well. For that reason, you can practice in your apartment or house without bothering anyone.

Like the previous version, the Nitro Mesh uses the same sound module. So, if you gave the Alesis Nitro Kit a try, you already know what to expect. The sound module is decent. More importantly, it’s effortless to use and ensures easy recording and drum kit switching.

Equally important, the Alesis Nitro kit sound module is MIDI compatible. You can hence connect it to your computer for recording and external sample triggering. It also supports connection to a PA or drum amp for live performances. The module also includes pre-set songs that you can play along to for practice.

Like most best electronic drum kits, the Nitro Mesh also facilitates recording. With this unit, there are three ways to record your tracks. For once, you can record on the Nitro Drum Module. It’s pretty simple as all you have to do is press the “rec” button and start playing. 

Secondly, it’s possible to record via audio output. This method only requires connecting the module to a recording device. 

The last method is through MIDI. Besides MIDI in/out, you can also use the USB port and link the kit to recording software.


Ideal for both beginners and intermediates
It uses a kick pad in the place of an electronic pedal
Affordable price range
Top-quality drum module


Mesh heads may be too small for some people
The rack lacks adjustability

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2. Alesis Surge Mesh Kit – Best quality

Are you after a convenient electric v-drums kit? If yes, the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit delivers just that. It’s not only among the most ideal entry-level drum kits but also suitable for intermediate players. 

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit - Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads, 40 Kits, 385 Sounds, 60 Play-Along Tracks, USB/MIDI Connectivity

Outstandingly, the Surge Mesh Kit features drum heads that resemble those of an acoustic drum kit. Besides being made of mesh, these heads are tunable as well. As a result, they deliver a more natural overall feel.

The kit includes a total of eight drum pads. Three of them are cymbals, while five are mesh heads. In other words, the Surge Mesh Kit is a pretty basic set. The three toms are 8” in diameter alongside a 10” snare. 

Like the toms, the kick pad is 8” in diameter, and some people would consider it very small for a bass drum. Surprisingly, it works pretty much well. Thanks to the kit’s sturdy construction. Remarkably, all five pads feature real mesh. 

Apart from being tunable, each of these pads acts like an ordinary acoustic drum head. Hence, other than the pitch, it’s also possible to set up the sensitivity and rebound, creating much room for customization. It’s also worth mentioning that all these heads are dual-zone pads. 

Most drummers wouldn’t like the fact that the kit includes three single-zone cymbals. But for a drum kit with such a price tag, you cannot expect anything more. Nonetheless, the kit’s overall quality is impressive.

Further, the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit practically uses the same module as the Nitro drum kit. Without a doubt, that is a good thing since most drummers liked the Nitro kit’s module very much. 

The module is slightly rounded and includes a small LCD screen. As such, operating the module is quick and easy. Even with several buttons around, it’s far from being complicated. The module includes 16 user kits, 24 out-of-the-box pre-sets, and 40 pre-sets. As a bonus, it also has 385 distinct instruments that you can play with.

The kit’s dimensions are within the normal range. And the rack supports numerous adjustments. Most drummers except tall ones will thus quickly find good playing positions. The reason being, the rack can’t seem to go too high.

About the quality of sound, the Surge Mesh Kit is pretty impressive. Don’t forget that it’s an entry-level unit. So, don’t expect the same quality as that from other high-end counterparts.


Decent hardware quality
Impressive mesh drumheads
Dual-zone mesh drumheads for more sounds and effects
Lots of sounds
Compact design


Lack of dynamics in playability
Not suitable for tall drummers

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3. Asmuse Electronic Drum Set – Best Portable

Asmuse is one of the best electronic drum sets for your kid to explore musical adventure.

This drum set features stereo dual-speakers that allow your kid to share music with friends. The speakers are quite loud, and they produce a crisp sound.

Moreover, the volume of this kit allows for ten different levels of adjustments.  As such, it is suitable for playing in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

This musical instrument also comes with a headphone jack. Your kid can play until late at night or even in an apartment since they can use headphones. This feature makes it a very convenient kit.

This kit also comes in a roll-up design. This means you can easily fold it up when not using it and comfortably store it.

This feature eliminates the stress that comes with the storage of drum sets. It also makes it appropriate if you do not have space for a full kit.

The sound quality of this drum set will also impress you. Although it more of a beginner’s kit, it sounds more like a real kit. Moreover, its top hat also changes sounds according to the pedal you push, just like a real kit.

Moreover, this drum kit allows you to play background music and even record what you are playing. This feature is usually found in more advanced kits and is useful in learning drumming. It allows you to play back what you have recorded and listen to your drumming.

Moreover, the Asmuse electronic set features 242 pre-recorded sounds which you can play over and over again.

What’s more, you need not worry about power. This kit comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. As such, you will not have to buy disposable batteries.

The kit also comes with a plug to ease the charging of the battery. You recharge the battery, and you can use it anywhere for an extended time. The battery takes around two hours to recharge fully, after which you can use it for between 4-5 hours.

The bounce is also quite efficient. The drum kit features premium non-toxic silicone that has the latest electronic chip. As such, it ensures a sensitive response to sticks to produce an appropriate sound.


Light and portable
Features 7 accompaniments, 7 sound styles, and 10 demo songs
Can be played either loudly or silently
Ideal for use by both kids and adults


Some customers complain of durability issues.

4. Donner DED-400 Drum Kit – Best Design

The Donner DED-200 is an ideal practice drum kit for both beginners and seasoned drummers. It’s an 8-piece electric drum kit with three cymbals and five drums. Remarkably, it produces top-quality and realistic drum sounds for an entry-level drum kit. Thanks to the all-mesh drumheads.

Electric Drum Set, Donner DED-200 Mesh Head 8 Piece Electronic Drum Kit with 225 Sound , Electric Drum for for Beginner, Drum Throne, Sticks Headphone and Audio Cable Included, More Stable Iron Metal Support Set

It includes 225 timbres. With these, it allows you to play any musical style or genre you desire. This feature not only makes it excellent for self-practice but band performance to boot. Then again, it includes 30 built-in tracks that beginners can use for practice.

The cymbals use a material that directs shock vibrations to the sensor. Besides high sensitivity, these sensors boast dynamic response and anti-interference abilities. As such, the resulting sound is nothing but impressive.

Unlike most competitive counterparts, the DED-200 features a mesh drumhead hoop technology. This is present in its 8” durable all-mesh drumheads. With this technology, forget any mesh deformation and slackness. More so, it also extends the drum heads’ life.

The mesh in this drum kit is also pretty much delicate and denser than most of the competition. As a result, it delivers a better feel and facilitates quiet drumming. The performance between the drumhead and drum edge boasts excellent coordination and accuracy. Thanks to the dual-trigger technology.

The drum kit’s build quality is impeccable. It also features an independent drum Pad and a Bass Drum Pad. It also comes with what you need for a bass drum stand.

Its support mesh kit stands are very stable. By these, you can concentrate on drumming without fretting about the kits collapsing. You can also adjust all the drums to any position you prefer.

The drum pad seems to be very durable. The same applies to the kick drum as well. All these parts sound real and feel very solid. You may also notice that the dual-zone snare, drum pads, bass drum, and hi-hat appear to be slightly wider than other entry-level drum kits.

Even more amazing, the DED-200 features several useful outputs. The kit includes a MIDI-USB output. Through this, you can connect to your smartphone, PC, or MP3 device. It then comes with ¼-inch instrument output and 1/8-inch headphone outputs. With all these options, you can also plug other devices with aux cable inputs.

Lastly, through its MIDI output, it facilitates connection to any DAW. Other than that, this drum kit uses French DREAM’s sampling technology for recording. By eliminating repetition and sound delay, it has impressive sound quality.


Professional design quality
Ideal for beginners
Very durable drum kit
Very quiet performance
Includes a drum throne and a pair of over-ear headphones


Low volumes hence not suitable for outdoor performance

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5. HXW SD61-5 Mesh Drum Kit – Best Responsive

The HXW SD61-5 is an upgrade to the previous SD61-2 version. Nevertheless, they both feature the same drum module. The SD61-5 comes with an 8-inch mesh snare pad which is both responsive and sensitive. Besides the snare drum, it also has three 7.5-inch mesh tom pads.

This drum kit then features a robust steel rack with a full kick drum and tower. Apart from that, it also includes a hi-hat controller standalone pedal. 

Its drum module is the same as that of all the kits in the SD61 series. And remarkably, it’s very straightforward to use. The module, however, has very limited sounds. It has only 15 kits to pick from, ranging from electronic sound samples to standard rock kits and more percussion sounds.

Other than that, the module also boasts other functionalities like basic recording and metronome. Using a 3.5 mil jack connection allows you to play tracks from your phone. Nonetheless, you can only alter the volume from the sound source.

The kick pad tower displays excellent construction. But when playing through headphones, you may notice that it’s not very sensitive. However, you can increase the module’s sensitivity and the kick pad’s volume to improve the matter slightly.

Moreover, the SD61-5 features a USB-MIDI output option. Through this, it allows you to connect to drum VSTs and drum sample libraries. Even more impressive, it doesn’t require the use of any classic MIDI pin connectors. Connecting the USB directly to your PC is all you have to do.

The kit’s packaging is excellent and only needs a bit of assembly. To ease the assembly process even further, it includes a set of straightforward instructions. The drum kit arrives in one huge box.

But, inside the box are separate individual cardboard boxes for every item you need to unpack.  

This electric drum kit boasts top-quality snare, tom pads, and cymbals. Besides being pretty decent, all these parts deliver an impressive response. 

As a bonus, this drum set also includes a cymbal choke that comes in handy. The hi-hat feels very natural and feels comfortable to play on. All the kit’s sounds have excellent balance except for the kick pedal that needs to be altered slightly. But overall, the HXW SD61-5 offers top-quality features for its price range.


Highly responsive mesh pads
Large kick tower pad
Robust drum rack
Excellent adjustability
Impressive snare pad


Limited drum module
Kick tower is slightly less sensitive

6. Simmons SD350 Drum Kit – Best for the price tag

For decades now, Simmons is renowned for coming up with best electronic drum kits. Luckily enough, their SD350 is no exception. It is a 5-piece electronic drum kit with excellent mesh heads.

With its incredible features, this instrument is an ideal and affordable pick for rehearsals and music production.

Notably, the SD350 drum kit comes with 179 custom sounds. Apart from the sounds, it also incorporates ten pre-set drum effects alongside ten built-in tracks. With such a wide range of sounds and samples, it enables you to play any genre you desire, from rock to pop, jazz acoustic, or even 80s style electronic tracks. 

Its sound is remarkable enough to meet the quality of the acoustic drums counterpart. The kit incorporates a hi-hat controller pedal, crash cymbals, and a kick pedal with a kick trigger.  

It supports a USB-MIDI computer connection that you can use to import samples from your PC. Hence, this feature makes this kit a versatile pick for any drummer, including professional producers.

Besides the MIDI computer connection, it also supports headphone and stereo outputs. Thanks to these features, you can enjoy a quiet drumming practice session.

This Simmons drum kit then includes a simple interface. And to make its operation further easier, it has several straightforward buttons. Its controller even features a button responsible for altering the tempo of the pre-set songs. 

You’ll also notice other buttons for playing or recording songs, muting sounds, etc. As an added advantage, the SD350 kit’s interface also includes an LED screen. With this, it displays the track’s tempo.

The SD350 drum kit’s build is incredible. And unlike other counterparts, its interface ensures excellent performance. The mesh heads are also highly responsive to provide a real drum feel for any drummer. It delivers impressive and professional sound quality at a reasonable price.

Regarding durability concerns, this e-drum set has sturdy parts. Thanks to its robust steel rack, don’t expect its parts to fall off. As such, expect it to withstand hard strikes for a long time. It then comes with an app for recording and practice. However, it only supports iOS devices hence frustrating for Android users.


Reasonable price for its features
Realistic acoustic feel and response
Robust steel rack
Straightforward to operate the controller
179 custom sounds
Highly durable
Very versatile


The app doesn’t support Android devices

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Buyer’s Guide

Undoubtedly electronic drums are the best option if you want a variety of sound options. It is also space-saving, beginner-friendly, portable, and ensures quiet practice.

There is an array of fantastic electronic drum sets under 600 in the market today. So, how do you know which one best suits your needs? Below are key factors to consider when buying the best electronic drum sets.

Rubber vs. Mesh-head Pads

Rubber and mesh are the most common materials used for electronic drum pads. Both materials have their advantages as well as shortcomings. The type of pads you choose will affect the kit’s sound quality to a great extent.

Rubber pads are cheaper, compact, and consistent. However, they are less-preferable than their mesh-head counterparts. Since they are more affordable, these pads are best for amateur players.

Mesh heads, on the other hand, are realistic, sensitive, and tunable. They are remarkably close to acoustic drums in feel and rebound. They have one to three sensors, thus can offer a wide range of sound responses depending on the location you strike. You can adjust the tension of mesh heads to suit your desired feel and rebound.  

It is recommendable to go for mesh heads rather than the rubber ones if you want to keep the decibels down. However, the best choice is the one that meets your needs and budget.

Drum Module

A drum module is a vital component of an e-drum player. It houses all the drum sounds, and without it, you’d get no sound from the kit. When you strike a pad or trigger, it sends signals to the module, which in turn produces sound.

All drum modules come with a variety of preset sounds. However, some modules have a limited selection of sounds than others.

Therefore, it is recommendable to compare the compositions of different drum modules before purchase.

An ideal drum module comes with all the basic preset patterns, unique sounds, and sound effects. It also allows you to create and edit your compositions. 

Another important consideration to look for in a drum module is good positional sensing. Positional sensing is the ability to sense the exact positions you hit the pads, or cymbals. You should hear sound variations based on where you hit.

Connections/ Expansion Options

If you intend to add more pads or sensors to your kit in the future, enough connectors are a must-have. Ensure that the drum set you are buying has several output and input ports.

A variety of USB ports will allow you to send and receive MIDI from your computer. It will also allow you to connect to a digital workstation and synthesizers. With this, you can access a wide range of software or even sync music to play along.

A good electronic set should come with an auxiliary/ audio input. This feature allows you to connect a smartphone, MP3 player, or CD player to play along with your favorite tracks.

Several outputs are necessary because you can do different tasks simultaneously. This feature comes in handy in a studio setting. For instance, you can send your last session to a mixer and recorder simultaneously.

If you have an amp system, ensure that the kit’s outputs are compatible with it before buying.

Playability and Expression

The feel and tone are key considerations when buying an electronic drum set. It is recommendable to strike each cymbal and drum pad from every angle. Be sure to strike hard and soft and listen attentively.

The best e-kit produces a tone that feels authentic and full.

Drum Stand

When buying electronic drums, never overlook the importance of a drum stand. A drum set that doesn’t support your playing position could cause injury or even slow down your progress. An ideal stand is flexible and durable.

If you travel a lot with your kit, a collapsible stand is preferable as you can fold and store away.

Metronome and Coach Functions

If you are a beginner or intermediate drummer, a metronome and onboard coach functions are incredibly vital. Onboard tutorials are a cost-effective and convenient way to learn electric drum at the comfort of your home.

A metronome helps improve timing as it will teach you to play at the proper beat per minute. You can also use it to track your progress.

Another coach function is the training mode. This feature tells you if you are playing right as you play along with a drum track.

Also, there are preset drum lessons. They teach you the drumming basics, including how to set up your kit and hold sticks. It also teaches you how to use all the included built-in features.

Brand New or Pre-Used?

When you look at some well-known online sites like Amazon, you will find an option to buy new or used drum kits. In this case, your budget and preference are major determinants.

When working on a tight budget, a pre-used kit offers the best value for money. However, you must ensure that the instrument is in good working condition. Carefully check out the drum’s hardware, cymbals, and shells to be sure it meets your needs. 

The best thing about buying a new drum set is that it comes with a guaranteed warranty. Also, there are no manufacturing defects or damages on a new kit. In case of any such issues, you can always return the kit and get a replacement.


During your shopping spree, always remember that quality is paramount. In most cases, cheap drum sets come with flimsy hardware and cymbals. They don’t last long and calls for repairs or replacement shortly after purchase.

Therefore, please don’t go for the least-priced drum set in the market without proper knowledge of its quality. It is recommendable to buy your electronic drum set from a renowned brand/ manufacturer.

Brands like Yamaha, Alesis and Roland have a good reputation for consistently producing high-quality, low and high-end drum sets. Some of these include the Alesis command mesh strike pro and Roland TD 27KV among others. From Roland, you can also get the Roland TD 1K.

These brands use high-quality wood like poplar, maple, and birch in making their drum shells, such as used in the Alesis Command mesh kit strike pro. And for the kits’ hardware and support, they use high-quality aluminum and steel .

Before buying any drum set, be sure to read customer reviews and feedback. Also, do thorough research to find all the necessary information about that particular product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which electronic drum kit is the best?

All the electronic drum kits in this review are excellent. However, each is suitable for a particular category of people.

We have those best for beginners, others have the best value for money, and still, others are best for recording. Therefore, your particular need will determine which electronic drum kit is the best for you.

What is the best electronic drum kit for beginners?

Many electronic drum kits in the market are beginner-friendly. However, when shopping for the best, look out for one that has built-in learning tools, sound-varieties, and connectivity.

It should also be compact in size, quiet, and easy to tune.

Is it ok to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Yes, an electronic set is the best to learn electronic kits on as a beginner. Some of the vital learning tools that come with an e-kit are a built-in metronome, preset drumming lessons, and training mode.

With these features, you learn how to play electronic kits like a pro within a short period. Learning drum kits on an electronic set is also good as it comes with sound-varieties. As such, you can experiment, be creative and even record personalized sounds.

Which is better, Roland or Yamaha electronic drums?

Roland and Yamaha are both well-established brands. They have longevity in the market and a reputation for making high-quality musical instruments. Both brands make high-end and low-end electronic drums without compromising on quality.

How loud is an electronic set?

An electronic kit is much quieter as compared to an acoustic drum set. However, it is not completely silent. It produces a tapping-like noise that varies from one kit to another.

An electronic set with mesh heads is quieter than that with rubber pads. You can also use a thick mat/ carpet beneath your drum set to minimize pedal noise.

Does an electronic drum set come with everything during purchase?

In most cases, you will not find all the essentials needed in the box. Most kits don’t come with a stool, drumsticks, and headphones.

You will need to purchase these essentials separately. Before purchasing any kit, ensure that you read the product description to see what is/ or is not included.

Can I add samples to my electronic drum kit?

It depends on the module of your drum set. If your model has MIDI capability, it will allow you to load custom samples. Other models support the importation of WAV file samples. Also, you can connect the kit to your computer and trigger sounds from a DAW.

How can I record my electronic set on a computer?

There are two ways to record electronic drums. First, you can record MIDI notes via a virtual drum machine or music production software.

The other method is hooking an external audio jack to the module and connecting it to your PC via an audio interface. Either way, latency may occur.

Can I connect my electronic drum set to a speaker or amplifier?

Yes, you can connect via a standard audio jack. At the back of your drum module, there is a port where you insert the jack.

Are electronic drum set components compatible with each other?

The technology used in making e-drums is standard. Most pedals and pads will work with a variety of modules. You can mix components from different brands to get the best-personalized experience.

Nonetheless, always do thorough research before mixing because not all parts are fully compatible.

How can I learn to play electronic drums?

The most common way is to get a drum tutor; online or one-on-one is the first way. A local tutor will help you identify your weak points and hone your skills. However, be ready to pay for their services.


When shopping for a quality electronic drum set, ensure that you clarify your needs beforehand. Your specific need will guide you in identifying the most suitable electronic drum sets under 600.

In our review, we’ve discussed electronic drum sets under 600. However, each is fit for a particular category of people. The good thing is that there is something for beginners, intermediate, and pro drummers.

Despite the drumming category you are in, there are standard qualities that must feature in a good electronic drum set. They include; connectivity ports, excellent build-quality, well-equipped module, and realistic feel & tone.