The Yamaha DD75 Portable Digital Drums Review

Are you looking for a high-end portable digital drum set? Yamaha DD75 is among the best digital kits that come with lots of benefits for any drummer.

This e-kit is made one of the world’s trusted brands that have been in the field of musical instruments for many years. The kit comes with eight touch-sensitive pads and a foot pedal.

With this kit, you will enjoy a wide array of super quality percussion sounds and drums. It will also offer you the opportunity to create and produce news music as per your preference.

In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about this fantastic e-kit from Yamaha.


Yamaha DD75

Yamaha DD75AD Portable Digital Drums Package with 2 Pedals, Drumsticks - Power Supply Included


Things we liked

Has AUX and Headphones ins
Can be battery powered
Very compact and lightweight
Comes with many kits and genres
Has two stereo speakers

Things we didn’t like

Pedals are of poor quality
Cannot be used by professional drummers
Not the best for long-term practice of drums


Yamaha DD75 Review

This kit came as an improvement of the DTX series. It is among the most affordable pads in the market and comes with all that a drummer may require.

This kit exposes you to excellent drums and percussion sounds from different nations of the world. The collection of voices that it offers you also allows you to create your music.

This portable electronic drum also comes with 8 touch-sensitive pads and two pedals. These two features make it look like a classic drum set up.

Moreover, it comes with an aux jack, which allows you to connect it to an MP3 player. Consequently, it is possible to play along with your favorite music.

If you are looking for more, this portable digital drum set comes with a highly responsive interface. Again, it has a sturdy construction that significantly enhances its durability.

Who is this product for?

This portable digital drum is good, mostly for occasional drummers. It is also ideal for you to play your music without causing noise disturbance to your neighbors.

Also, this digital drum set is ideal for drummers who want greater versatility. They can add it to their acoustic setup and get multiple sounds.

However, I would not recommend these DD drums for professional work. This e-drum lacks some crucial features that are essential for professional drumming.

What is inside the box?  ·        

  • Eight touch-sensitive pads
  • 2-foot pedals
  • A headphones jack
  • Stereo speakers
  • An AUX in
  • 105 onboard songs
  • 32-note polyphony
  • MIDI
  • Reverb and Master EQ
  • Recording functionality
  • An adjustable sensitivity on each bass pedal and pad
  • 75 programmable and 10 custom-kits.

What are the key features of the Yamaha DD75?

The Build

The eight touch-sensitive pads lie like an acoustic drum kit. This layout makes it easy for you to enjoy your drumming session.

The Yamaha DD 75 comes in a very compact design. As such, it allows you to carry and play it anywhere you want. Moreover, it is also very easy to set up.

You also do not need to worry if you need to use it in a place where there is no power. You can comfortably use batteries on this DD 75 Yamaha kit.

This DD 75 kit will also offer you two foot pedals. You use one of the pedals for the hi-hat while the other is for the kick. These two offer you the same versatility as that of many e-drums.

The Controls 

One great feature you will enjoy with this dd75 kit is the ability to control the volume of your music. If you are in a place where you should not disturb other people, you need not worry. This portable digital drum set has a volume control feature for this purpose.

The presence of the headphone plugin port further enhances your ability to control the volume. With these two features, you can play your kit anywhere without anyone knowing that you are playing.

The Sound module

This electronic drum set comes with sounds and kits similar to those of the DTX series. All these kits are of great quality, and they range from funk, machine sounds, modern rock, and other genres.

The e-kit also comes with a percussion mode for you to enjoy indigenous kits such as Latin, Indian, and Chinese. You are also at liberty to create other numerous kits of your own.

The DD 75 also comes with 10 user drum kits and 75 preset drum kits. Moreover, it also comes with 30 phrase voices and 570 drum voices.

All these kits will offer you variety in music as you play your drum. Also, they allow you an opportunity to play along with your best songs.

This sound module also comes with MIDI connectivity. You can easily connect your instrument to other MIDI devices such as portable devices, computers, and external tone modules.

For this reason, this e-kit has become very common among many drummers who want versatility. They buy it primarily as an addition to their acoustic drum sets to increase versatility.

This e-kit comes with a robust sound system coupled with a bass port. With these features, you get HD realistic and outstanding drum kits.

Ins and Outs

This electronic kit comes with both a headphone plugin port and an Aux-in jack. These two components are very critical to any drummer.

connection of yamaha dd75

The headphone plugin port has several uses. Firstly, if you want to enjoy your music all by yourself, you only need to plug in your headphones. You can then enjoy your kits for as long as you want to.

If you live in an apartment, it may not be prudent to distract your neighbors with noises from your playing. Consequently, you can avoid this by plugging in your headphones to ensure that no noise goes outside your room.

The aux-in jack is also very crucial in your drumming jam sessions. This component will come in handy, especially if you want to play along with your favorite sings.

The aux-in jack allows you to connect any other music device with a headphone output so that you can hear it through internal speakers. Some of the music devices that you can comfortably connect include an Mp3 player, a mixer, a computer, and other instruments.

 Informational YouTube Video

Alternatives to the Yamaha DD 75

In case you may want to look for another alternative, there are several that you can look into.

The Alesis Compact Kit 4 is an incredible electronic drum kit that comes with a great music coach. As a drummer, this kit will teach you how to play along using the in-built rhythms and songs that it displays on its LCD screen.

The Roland TD-1K is another amazing and impressive e-kit. This e-kit will offer you not only pads and cymbals but also numerous varying set styles. It also comes with tutorial accessories for you.

Downsides of the Yamaha DD 75


Although Yamaha DD 75 is a great electronic kit, it has its weaknesses.

Firstly, it lacks some essential features that are key in professional drumming; hence, it may not be ideal for professional drummers.

Also, the pedals of this kit are of low quality; hence it may not be a long term option for practising the drums.


In conclusion, the Yamaha DD75 is an excellent electronic kit if you are looking for an affordable, mid-level kit. It is also ideal if you want a compact and portable digital set that you can carry with you and play wherever you like.

You can trust this kit also because it comes from one of the world’s trusted brands. Yamaha has been in the field of electronic drums for years now and has produced some of the best.

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