5 Best Electronic Drums under 1000 for 2021 with Buying Guide

Best Electronic Drum Set Under 1000

The constant evolution of electronic drums brings them closer and closer to the realistic feel of an acoustic drum set. The best electronic drum sets come with a wide variety of sounds, USB, MIDI & Audio connectivity features, and preset patterns. They also have superb volume control features and the freedom to load your samples. … Read more

7 Best Beat Pad in 2021 With Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Beat Pad Reviews and Buying Guide

Having the best beat pad is equivalent to making good music. A MIDI pad controller is an integral instrument in any music studio. It is compact-sized, thus ultra-portable. Producers who travel a lot may find MIDI pad controllers ideal equipment for making music on the go. What more! Most MIDI drum pad machines are ‘bus-powered’ … Read more

6 Best Electronic Drum Set Under 600 in 2021 with Buying Guide

Best Electronic Drum Set Under 600

An electronic drum set is a go-to option for both beginners and professional drummers. It allows you to explore an array of new drum sounds and learn to play electric kits faster. Thanks to its superb volume controls, versatility, and adjustability. Unlike acoustic drums, you can add reverbs, delays, and sound effects to your performance … Read more

The 7 Best Drum Shield for Acoustic Sets Review for 2021

Best Drum Shield

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy the best drum shield if you’re a drummer. But first, you need to understand how drum shields work. They work to quiet down the sound from the drum set. Unlike other instruments that need you to amplify their sounds, drums can emit more volume than necessary, … Read more

5 Best Hi-Hat Mic for 2021 with Buying Guide

Best Hi-Hat Mic

When setting the pace or tempo of any song, having the best hi-hat mic becomes a significant factor. Whether you are performing live or in a studio recording, you need something to project good hi hat. Well, the best hi-hat mic delivers just that. Even so, most drummers like overhead drum microphone setups. Therefore, they … Read more

11 Best Drum Set for Kids / Junior / Toddler for 2021 [Acoustic / Electronic ]

Best Kid Electronic Drum the best solution with buyer guide

Acquiring a kid electronic drum set can be one very special gift for your child. It can be what will provoke the musical capabilities of your child. The primary task, however, is getting the right one for your child. The market is flooded with hundreds of models of them. This article will help you choose … Read more

10 Best Soundproof Curtains of 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Soundproof Curtains

The best soundproof curtains come in handy if you want to stop the outdoor noise from penetrating into your room. There are plenty of reasons why you might want your room to stay noise-free. Maybe you want to have a peaceful night’s sleep. Or maybe you’re looking to enjoy your favourite movie. Either way,  soundproof … Read more

5 Best Electronic Drum Cymbals for 2021 with Buying Guide

Best Electronic Drum Cymbals

Many of the best electronic drum kits do not offer drummers the sound and feel of acoustic drums. Consequently, electronic drum cymbals have become the key solution to this problem. Acquiring electronic cymbals enhances your drumming experience. The market is awash with different varieties of them. They come at different qualities and prices. In this … Read more

6 Best Free Drum VST for 2021 which one is best for you?

Best Free Drum VST which one is best for you?

Music production is usually a costly affair. Therefore, many music producers are turning to drum samplers and synthesized drums to help lower the cost and time needed. The costs involved are the main reasons behind the best free drum VST machines. However, even the digital route has its own costs and challenges. The first step … Read more

4 Best Drum Module for 2021 with Buying Guide

Best Drum Module with a Buying Guide for this year

It is an undeniable fact that many drummers are settling for the best electric drum sets. It is so because there are massive benefits that will flavour your music as you involve it. Firstly, the drum set electric offers recording services. Furthermore, the electronic drum set will give you incredible sound quality. This article will … Read more