Best Drum Software

The drum software is increasingly growing popular. Having a good drum software greatly helps you program the drum. They will come in handy to help you flavor up your music and attain a top-notch quality. However, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the right kind of software to use. Here are some … Read more

How To Choose Amplifier For Speakers: A Complete Guide

How To Choose Amplifier For Speakers

The correct power amp for your live PA system combines the right wattage with the right features. Does that sound easy? There are many factors to analyze before purchasing the best amplifier. Here are 3 important things you need to consider Impedance Power Sensitivity For your convenience, we created this how-to choose amplifier for speakers … Read more

Who Invented The Drums?Is It From Africa?

Who Invented The Drums

Drums have been a part of human culture for centuries. Throughout the years, we’ve come to learn that drums can be found in cultures all around the world and throughout history. However, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: Who Invented Drums? Well, it’s difficult to say for sure who invented the drums. They’ve been around … Read more

How To Make A Bass Pedal Practice Rig DIY

How To Make A Bass Pedal Practice Rig DIY

Drummers often need to practice their drumming skills, and one method used is practicing with a bass pedal. A bass pedal allows me to play the drums using my feet instead of my hands. The problem with this is that it can be hard to find room for both the drum set and the bass … Read more

How To Make A Drum Shield DIY With 9 Simple Steps

How To Make A Drum Shield

Have we ever tried to play our drums in an open space? It can be really tough. We have the sound of all the other instruments, plus people talking and traffic outside. The drum shield is a great way to keep these sounds out to focus on what’s important – our music! This article explores … Read more

Drum Tuning For Complete Beginners(Various Drum Types)

How to Tune Drums

Drums are a vital part of the music. Drums create rhythms, melodies, and sound effects to produce the desired effect that the composer wants. With so many different types of drums out there, it can seem daunting at first when trying to figure out how to tune them properly. Here are 5 things you need … Read more

How To Set Up Electronic Drums Double Bass Alesis (8 Steps)

A double bass drum pedal is an essential part of an electronic drum set. It has three main functions, which include: It helps to add more power to your drum sound. It ensures that you produce more consistent output Allows you to play multiple patterns, which you would not have otherwise played using a single … Read more

7 Best Beat Pad For Ableton(Buying Guide)

Best Beat Pad Reviews and Buying Guide

Having the best beat pad is equivalent to making good music. A MIDI pad controller is an integral instrument in any music studio. It is compact-sized, thus ultra-portable. Producers who travel a lot may find MIDI pad controllers ideal equipment for making music on the go. What more! Most MIDI drum pad machines are ‘bus-powered’ … Read more

6 Best Free Drum VST for 2021 which one is best for you?

Best Free Drum VST which one is best for you?

Music production is usually a costly affair. Therefore, many music producers are turning to drum samplers and synthesized drums to help lower the cost and time needed. The costs involved are the main reasons behind the best free drum VST machines. However, even the digital route has its own costs and challenges. The first step … Read more

6 Best Cajon Drums(Buying Guide) 2022

Best Cajon Drums for the every day

Cajon drums originate from Peru. Back in the day, African slaves used small container crates to play percussion grooves and rhythms. They would turn the crates up-side-down, sit on them, and play drum beats. Since then, the world has fully embraced Cajons and turned the concept into professional musical instruments. The Cajon now has snare … Read more