7 Best Beat Pad in 2021 With Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Beat Pad Reviews and Buying Guide

Having the best beat pad is equivalent to making good music. A MIDI pad controller is an integral instrument in any music studio. It is compact-sized, thus ultra-portable. Producers who travel a lot may find MIDI pad controllers ideal equipment for making music on the go. What more! Most MIDI drum pad machines are ‘bus-powered’ … Read more

6 Best Free Drum VST for 2021 which one is best for you?

Best Free Drum VST which one is best for you?

Music production is usually a costly affair. Therefore, many music producers are turning to drum samplers and synthesized drums to help lower the cost and time needed. The costs involved are the main reasons behind the best free drum VST machines. However, even the digital route has its own costs and challenges. The first step … Read more

6 Best Cajon Drums Of 2021 (Buying Guide)

Best Cajon Drums for the every day

Cajon drums originate from Peru. Back in the day, African slaves used small container crates to play percussion grooves and rhythms. They would turn the crates up-side-down, sit on them, and play drum beats. Since then, the world has fully embraced Cajons and turned the concept into professional musical instruments. The Cajon now has snare … Read more

9 Best Electronic Drum Pads [Actually 2021] Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Electronic Drum Pads

There is no doubt that electronic drums earn their mark every day. They get closer to matching an acoustic drum kit live performances. Having the best electronic drum pads improve your drumming experience further. Nowadays, using your electronic drum set, you can have a quiet practice. You can also have live performances and recordings. The … Read more