5 Best Bass Drum Pedal in 2021 – With Buying Guide

Other than drumsticks, the bass drum pedal is a critical component of an electric drum kit. The bass sound that the drum pedal produces affects the overall sound of the drum kit.

With this in mind, it is crucial for any drummer to take the time and carefully choose the right drive pedals. Whether you are investing in single or double bass drum pedal, you should make an informed choice.

There are so many brands and types in the market, which make it difficult to determine the best bass drum pedal. In this article. I will review for you five of the best bass drum pedals in the market. I will also tell you what to look for when choosing a drum pedal.

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1. Tama HP200P Iron Cobra Bass Pedal – Best Overall


Things we liked

Plenty of adjustability features
Fit for modern drummers
No side-to-side motion
Great pedal for the price
Smooth and lighter

Things we didn’t like

Does not tighten to kick drum rim without a spacer

If you are looking for a drum bass pedal with versatility and rock-solid strength, Tama Iron Cobra is the ultimate choice.

Since its introduction about 30 years ago, this drum pedal has greatly evolved to suit modern drummers’ demands. Unlike its predecessor, the new model of Iron Cobra is wider by 15mm, with 12mm in the baseplate. The wider footplate helps to eliminate side-to-side motion.

It also comes with a new beater design. The beater face has a smaller diameter but is a lot deeper. Moreover, the face’s angle is adjustable, thus ensuring square contact on the drum head. Other adjustable parts besides the face angle are beater angle, baseplate height, and spring tension.

The beater has a dense black foam, which gives a punchy low to mid-frequency bass drum response. The Iron Cobra pedal comes with a Tama coil that makes it feel lighter regardless of the spring tension settings.

The technology used to attach the pedal to the hoop has been revamped, giving the pedal more support and stability. Another fantastic feature of this pedal is the Para Clamp II Pro. It allows the pedal to pivot freely. As such, you can use it from any angle with minimal pressure.

Also, it comes with a thick rubber coating, which greatly reduces and, in some cases, eliminates marring. The Lite Sprocket feature of this bass pedal drum, which is an upgrade to the Speed Cobra feature, makes it feel lighter and smoother.

Something else that makes this pedal stand out among others is its innovative swivel spring. It allows the bottom of the spring to move back and forth as the cam moves to the top. This feature reduces the wasted energy, makes the pedal smoother, and improves stroke.


2. Ludwig Atlas Pro LAP15FP Bass Drum Pedal – Best for Adjustability


Things we liked

Highly durable
High-quality, smooth sound
Lots of adjustments and easy to set
Fast and smooth kicks

Things we didn’t like

Some customers complained that the drum pedal is poorly constructed

Looking for ultimate soaring performance? Ludwig LAP15FP Pro is a perfect choice. Being a single drum pedal, Ludwig comes with short and long-chain options. As such, you can adopt low or high footboard angles with ease.

This drum pedal is incredibly sturdy and comfortable. It comes fabricated for easy adjustability of its spring tension, footboard angle, and beater angle. It is perfect for both beginners and professionals and is one of the best bass drum pedals in the market.

Ludwig Atlas Pro has a stainless-steel drive shaft, which facilitates easy customization and rotation. This feature also gives the pedal smooth action and durability.

The pedal’s footboard design is modern and classic. It comes with an easy-to-remove toe stop, which gives it optimum balance. Despite its lightweight finish, this pedal has high strength and incredible performance.

Ludwig LAP15FP is a professional-grade pedal with an excellent cam geometry. It is also smooth, reliable, and has high sound quality. In addition, this bass drum pedal delivers fast and smooth kicks. IT is a perfect option for the price.


3. DW DWCP5000 Accelerator Bass Drum Pedal– Best for versatility


Things we liked

Accelerator cam for speed
The DW 5000 has an excellent rubber grip
Tri-pivot clamp has rubber pads for added stability
Dual-deck footboard for smooth action
Dual Bearing Spring Sprocket for quicker responses
Excellent feel and stable performance
The equipment has an affordable price

Things we didn’t like

Not effective without the rubber pads

The DW 5000 series includes all the features that you can ever wish for as a drummer. These features comprise the tri-pivot clamp and rotating rubber pads.

The accelerator duo system is also part of the DW 5000 package. They all help in the creation of sprocket-footboard linkage, which makes it responsive. DW 5000 is thus one of the best bass drum pedals available.

DW 5000 is unique in design and has a tri-pivot toe clamp with rubber pads. The rubber texture and the spring rocker reduce friction. This scenario is responsible for excellent bass sound production when playing the drums.

Besides, you can adjust and customize the equipment to your preferences when drumming. This feature brings about consistent and best bass-sound production.

The tri-pivot toe binds the pedal and the drum together, improving the drum set’s performance. Rubber covers the three points of contact on the clamp preventing the hoops from damage.

Moreover, the rubber controls the bass drum movement. This stability helps you to keep your foot firmly on the pedal throughout your playing session. Thus, DW 5000 is one of the most preferred products in the market.


4. DW 3000 Single Bass Pedal– Best for Durability


Things we liked

Comes with dual chain turbo drive
Spring rocker with a two-way beater 
The bass drum has a heavy-duty metal structure
Convenient footboard
The bass drum pedal is affordable 
Comes with a clip and a drum key
Best for all skill level drummers

Things we didn’t like

A bit slow

The DW 3000 bass drum pedal includes the dual-turbo drive and 101 2-way beaters.

The DW 3000 designs the product to suit every drummer. The metal construction of this bass drum pedal ensures that it is durable and reliable. So, this is the best bass drum pedal for a reasonable price.

The steel metal base plate gives the drum pedal a non-skid play on all surfaces. You can play it on any surface because its spikes and velcro can adjust. Thus, this is also one of the best single bass drum pedals to pick.

The dual-chain turbo provides enough power that makes playing a smooth action. Also, the axle bearing and spring bearing rocker are fast and responsive. Both of these features help in improving the production of the best bass sound.

The two-way beater is of industry-standard. It is the preferred option for all skill levels. The beater is also reversible, and this makes it versatile.

Also, you can adjust the dual toe clamp during busy drumming. The adjustability allows for the stable connection of the pedal and the drum. The DW 3000 bass pedal includes a clip with a drum key. The clip is what makes the link possible.

To sum it all, the features in this single bass drum pedal make it the most preferable. They can give you a good enough bass drum sound.


5. Pearl P930 Demonator Bass Drum Pedal– Best for Budget


Things we liked

Best bass drum pedal on a budget
Adjustable to your desired feel and power
Removable perfect circle cam
Single pedal surface beater
Has smooth and responsive action
Has excellent rebound whip
Convenient footboard
Low price tag
Heavy-duty construction for sturdiness and durability

Things we didn’t like

Bass drum pedalboard can wobble
Single pedal may not be suitable
Not for pro-level drummers

Pear P930 is also one of the best single-chain bass drum pedals. The drum pedal has the best value and offers an excellent responsive action.

This single pedal drum comes with a cam. The latter offers accelerated action of the beater when drumming. The velocity of the beater leads to consistency in best bass sound production. We may not compare this single bass drum pedal with others in this review. But it is an excellent model for beginners. 

The most likable thing about this pedal is its price range. It also has a sturdy steel metal construction that keeps the pedal secure. The Demon Drive Longboard is another crucial feature with this single bass drum pedal. It helps to speed up the power and speed of the beater stroke on the drum skin.

If you are working on a tight budget, this is the best bass drum pedal to pick. The incorporation of many features with this pedal makes it unique. It is durable, reliable and has the best value for money.


Buyer’s Guide

To get the best bass sound, you need to make the right choice when choosing a drum pedal. You will need to know what to look for when making your choice.

This buying guide will help to know what to consider when making your choice.

The Drives 

The drive connects the footboard and the beater. The footboard-beater connection makes it possible for the mallet to move and strike. So, this is the most crucial component of the bass drum pedal.

Drivers are of three types: chain drives, direct drives, and belt drives. None among the three is superior to the other. They all serve the same purpose. Also, drummers have different preferences. It is for this reason that manufacturers come with different designs.

Direct Drive

Direct drive pedals are commonly used by drummers who need much speed. They help the footboard to return to its original position quite fast. Direct drive pedals are quite pricey but popular for double pedal drums.

Direct drive pedals are durable, do not lag, and require less maintenance. It is thus reasonable to consider a bass drum pedal with a direct drive feature.

Chain Drive

The chain drive is the most common of the three drives. It connects the pedal and makes the mechanism smoother. Also, there are two types of chain drives: single chain drive and dual chain drive.

Each of these chain drives can serve you well. You may have the perception that a single chain drive is of low quality. This thought is very wrong because single chains are a feature of more budget-friendly pedals.

A double chain drive is more popular than its counterpart and works well with a double bass pedal.

Chain drive pedals have no lag and are highly resistant. Moreover, chain drive pedals are highly adjustable, but they will require cleaning from time to time.

The single-chain drive bass drum pedals in our article are sturdy and durable.

Belt Drive

The Belt Drive is the third chain. It uses nylon or leather as a conveyor belt. It might be a bit silent when playing the drum, but they are less durable. However, the modern straps are heavy-duty outsmarting chains. 

Another advantage of conveyor belts is that you can spot tear and wear. It is thus easier to repair and maintain a belt drive bass drum pedal.


Cams come in two types: linear and offset. Linear cams are round, and they are consistent in the rate with which they throw the pedal.

Offset cams tend to pull the beater towards the head during its last swing. As such, the pedal moves with a lighter feel. Some pedals also come with cams that are interchangeable or reversible for greater flexibility.

Pedal Length

This feature may not be that important as the drive and the cam. Yet, it will have a significant contribution to your comfort while you are playing. Ensure you look for a drum pedal that is the size of your shoe.

Single or Double bass drum Pedal?

There is no significant difference between the single bass drum pedals and double bass pedals. But, if you can afford the double equipment, it is recommendable to go for one. You, however, need to judge correctly and choose the one that will meet your needs.


This factor is the most crucial to consider when shopping for a bass drum pedal. Our article provides reviews of some of the best bass drum pedals in the market.

Whether single or double pedal, go for the best bass drum pedal that suits your preference.

Spring Theory 

Any bass drum pedal uses a spring tension while playing. The tension will get back the beater to its position after striking. So, high spring tension will result in faster rebounds. 

You can set the spring at the highest tension if you want faster rebounding. It is thus advisable to consider a spring of high quality when shopping for a bass drum pedal. Thanks to some companies that offer replacement springs as spare parts.


A beater is another vital factor that can affect the performance of a bass drum pedal. Drum beaters come in different materials and shapes. A modern bass drum pedal comes with an all-in-one beater. 

The multi-surface beater will save you time and money.


This element links the sole and the bat of a drum pedal. If you are a beginner, a single chain is enough. But, a dual chain is okay if you love hard plays. Also, we recommend the belt-drive for beginners. Direct drive bass pedals are for the experienced drummers.


You should choose a product that is affordable when shopping for drum pedals. All the bass drum pedals in this article are best in the market. You can use our product reviews to choose the best bass drum pedal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bass drum pedal is the best?

This question is not straightforward to answer since it depends on a drummer’s individual needs and preferences. However, all the five pedals in our review can serve you well. It depends on what you need.


If you want a pedal that will not consume much of your finances, you can consider the Pearl 930 pedal. This item’s price is incredibly fair for its plentiful features. If you are looking for durability, consider a double pedal or a direct drive option.


What is the fastest bass drum pedal?

Ludwig LAP15FP is among the fastest bass pedals. It has a long footboard that will allow you to speed up its beater strokes. This piece of equipment guarantees smooth play with little effort. It is a great option for the price.

How do you lubricate a bass drum pedal?

Not all the bass drum pedals in our review need lubrication. Most bearings come sealed; hence you do not need to oil them. But if the pedal has removable bearings, you can pack them with grease. 


In this case, lithium and silicon grease are the most appropriate. Otherwise, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper maintenance of your bass drum pedal.


What is the cost of the best bass drum pedal?

As we stated earlier, there is no significant difference between single and double bass drum pedals. All the products we have highlighted here produce the best bass sounds. And, their prices vary from under $100 to $600.


So, you can spend $100 and below and still get the best bass drum pedal. It all depends on your financial status and the drum pedal you need.
The advanced pedals on the market come with very high price tags.


Which pedal do most drummers prefer?

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to go for the felt bat. It will enable you to get the best sound, which will be at ease in whichever style.


Plastic and wooden bats are not the best because they need more training. The majority of bass drum pedals have bats with so many striking surfaces. Also, most people prefer a felt cover.


Which is the best bass drum pedal base?

The pedal base is the area on which the bass drum pedal rests on the ground. If you want remarkable stability, then a fixed base should be your choice.
Bass drum pedals with a sturdy solid base are non-skid on the ground. Due to this, these pedals offer the best playing experience. Also, an extended enough footboard guarantees a good play.


If you want a foldable pedal, choose a base that is not sturdy. However, this pedal does not have a robust construction and may tend to move with intense striking.


Is there a difference between a bass drum pedal and a kick drum pedal?

No difference at all. A kick drum pedal is simply another name for a bass drum pedal. So, drummers use kick or bass drum pedals to strike on the drum skins.


The best bass drum pedal is the most significant component of a drum set. It is also responsible for excellent bass production.


Are the DW 5000 and DW 9000 different?

The DW 9000 pedal has a sturdy base. It also features a strap that does not come with the DW5000 pedal.


Both bass pedal drums have many similar characteristics. But, DW 9000 drum pedal has extra few more features than the DW 5000. The two bass drum pedals produce the best base. 


Which double bass pedal is the fastest?

Tama Speed Cobra Dual is a double bass drum pedal with the highest speed. It also has high power and transmission response. 


This equipment is one of the best double pedal bass drums in this article. But, DW and Pearl brands can also be the best for other drummers. It depends on your preferences and needs.


Between single chain drive and dual-chain drive, which is the best?

If you are a beginner, we recommend single-chain bass drum drive transmission. But if you like hard plays, a double chain pedal will be the best option. Belt drives are most appropriate for beginners, while direct drives are best for experienced drummers. 


In conclusion, having the best bass drum pedal is crucial for a drummer. Excellent drum pedals will make sure that you enjoy your music. 

But, you need to consider various features like the footboard when choosing the best drum pedal. Durability too should be a top priority in your buying decision. Direct drive, the double pedal is the most durable option.

This review has a well-detailed buying guide. We hope it will help you choose the drum pedal of your choice.

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