Roland TD 50 Review Top Module for Drum Set

Are you a professional drummer looking for an advanced drum module? The new TD-50 drum module from Roland is among the most advanced drum modules in the world.

These v-drums will offer you quality service for both studio work and live performance. It is also among the best TD drum modules that offer a detailed sound that is more expressive.

The TD-50 module comes with a processor that is highly advanced. It also comes with a Prismatic Sound Modeling that produces highly authentic and impressive sounds.

What more! This electronic kit module will offer you an insane number of ins and outs. You will not be wrong to look at it as a holy grail of electronic drum modules.

Although quite expensive, the TD 50 module has received fame for unparalleled performance. It is the best drum module for use, even for home shows.

In this article, we will bring to your attention all you need to know about this unique TD drum module.


Roland TD 50 Module

Roland TD50 Module, Digital Drum Cymbal Pack


Things we liked

Produces high-quality sound
Quite stylish and has a great feel
Comes from a reputable brand
Can use imported sound samples
Build quality is exceptional
Can work with DAW and other devices

Things we didn’t like

Quite expensive
It is relatively heavy
You need deep knowledge of the interface
Not very portable


Roland TD 50 Review

This TD drum module brings with it completely new sounds that inspire your best grooves and performances. Its v- drums and cymbals come in a high resolution presentation that other past V-Drums have failed to touch.

The module comes with an LCD that uses a prismatic sound modeling technology with 30 trigger inputs. It also comes with connectivity ports such as a USB port, a MIDI port, and a headphone jack.

The USB audio out comes as a 10-channel type; thus, it offers the ability to record multiple tracks using only one USB cable. Moreover, this module has a stereo XLR output that comes with eight direct TRS outputs.

In this kit, you will also find a metronome that comes with multiple playbacks and recording options. These functions are crucial in making your sessions amazingly sensational.

Moreover, this module allows you the liberty to tailor the size and composition of your kits. You can as well import your libraries using the SDHC cards.

Who is this product for?

The TD 50 module is a kit for professional drummers with a passion for an advanced electronic kit. It comes with highly advanced features, which a beginner may not be acquainted with.

These TD V-drums are also ideal for studio and live performances. It offers sounds that quite detailed and more expressive.

What is inside the box?

  • 1/8″ aux input
  • 1/8″ and 1/4″ headphone outputs
  • 16 analog trigger inputs
  • Module only – pads and hardware
  • USB multi-tracking
  • MIDI in and out
  • Snapshot
  • Three digital trigger inputs
  • VH-13 x 1 Hi-Hat
  • PD-140DS Digital Snare
  • CY 18DR cymbal
  • PD-140DS digital snare.

What are the Key Features of this Module?

Anything less than the ultimate sound and feel feels unsatisfying for any drummer. The Roland V-drums come with numerous and advanced features to give you that natural feel.

Thanks to its unique features, you can use this flagship Roland TD-50 V-Drums on several platforms. However, its design is meant to be your partner in first-class live performance and intense practice sessions.

Among its high-flying features include its unique processor and the Prismatic Sound Modeling. It also features numerous current digital trigger inputs. The trigger inputs are crucial in speeding up communication with the CY-18DR ride pads and the PD-140DS snare.

This module also comes with flexible connectivity and extensive editing features. The sound quality, expression, and response are also unmatched anywhere in the market.

The TD-50 sets a new and unmatched standard in the electronic drum sound modules.

The Prismatic Sound Modeling

Roland TD V-Drums have stood out in the world of digital drums for their quality. The Roland TD 50KV Prismatic Sound Modeling brings with it unparalleled authenticity and feel.

Drum module Ronald TD 50

In this TD 50 module, Roland has created each onboard kit to sound awesome without tweaking. Moreover, the Prismatic Sound Modelling feature covers you if you require customizing a certain kit for a particular performance.

This new TD module gives you full control over each drum overtones and shell’s thickness. You also have total control over the virtual mic placement for dialing the correct amount of ambiance. 

It does not stop there. These new TD v-drums allows you to tune the toms, the kick, the hi-hat, or snare after you have found your sound. There are 30 different in-built FX types.

If you want to get the most authentic and resonant digital drum sound, combine this module with Roland’s new trigger pads. Roland’s new trigger pads come with advanced trigger sensing technology that enhances resonance and authenticity.

Importing custom libraries

With these TD-50 V-drums, you can import your customized sounds at will. This module comes with High-capacity SDHC cards. These cards allow you to create numerous custom libraries that you can access any time you like.

The Snapshot

From time to time, a drummer may want to edit some kits. The TD 50 module comes with a snapshot feature that is very helpful to any drummer.

This feature allows you to use the A/B function to edit your kits. Moreover, it gives you room to save your edited kits. In case you do not like what you have edited, this feature also allows you to scrap the kits and start afresh.

Technique Development Features

No matter what a professional drummer you are, there will always be room to improve yourself. For this reason, this sound module comes with tutorial features. Some of these include the Play along via SD and the Quiet Count for timing.

The Sound

This module comes with100 completely new drum kits. They come from a collection of famous recording studios around the world.

This new TD drum module is among the best that offers you the liberty to do sound customization.

With this kit, you can adjust almost every aspect of your sound. TD 50 allows you to swap the shell of a snare drum to get another type. You can also comfortably change the drumhead to achieve a different attack and sustain.

Moreover, these TD v-drums allow you to activate, deactivate, or position microphones. This feature is essential, especially if you want to achieve a realistic studio-style control.

Coupled with the customizing options are numerous FX options. You can greatly manipulate your drums mix by applying EQ, flanger, delay, saturator, among others.

You can achieve a tailored high resolution performance by controlling the compressor and 3-band EQ effect. You can do this for each pad. The three

On the other hand, you can change the output balance and volume using the 2-band multi compressor and 4-band equalizer. This feature is useful, especially when playing in different settings.

This new TD drum module also allows you to refine your mix further by making some final adjustments.  The module comes with four-band equalizer and band multi-compressors to help you in this final refining.

The TD 50 v-drums come loaded with over 400 expressive and highly detailed instruments for you to play.

Moreover, it features over 30 in-built multi-effects, an onboard EQ, compression, and reverb for fine-tuning sounds.

WAV and DAW Compatibility

The TD-50 features open-ended connectivity that allows you to enjoy music in all directions. With the SD slot, you can play your external WAV files and trigger them using any Roland VH-13 cymbal pad or drum.

connection of roland module td 50

The front panel feature also contributes a great deal to you getting the best music from this module. You can use it to layer or loop your WAV file sounds accompanied by the internal sounds. At the same time,

it also allows you to control the audio and volume as you like it.

With the USB cable provided, you can connect this module to a Mac or your PC. This will offer you an opportunity to do multi-track recording using your favorite DAW.

Do not forget that you can record up to 10 channels separately. As you please, you can also edit the channels for tone, color, and much more. You also get various choices of audio sampling formats, which include the standard 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz.

Easy Setup Features

If you do your jam sessions regularly, then this TD drum sound module could be the best module for you. Its design will spare you lengthy setups.

This electronic kit is Roland’s first TD drum module that features a balanced XLR Master Out that you can connect directly to a PA system. The stereo XLR Master Out does not require the use of a DI box.

It also features eight Direct Outs (TRS), and you can easily assign the pad to each of the outputs. All this goes a great mile in ensuring you spend the shortest time possible in doing your setup.

With this module, master volume controls and group faders are also at your quick disposal. These features are key in balancing the output level for each pad instantly.

You also have the option of sending the output via the phone’s output. This allows you control over the level of your monitor sound without having to use the PA system.

Unique Audio Record Function

The TD-50 Drum features an audio record function that is unique by all standards. To record your performance, all you need to do is hit the record button and start playing.

Even more amazing, you can choose to record the v-drums only or record both the v-drums and the track. However, this option is only available if you are playing to a backing track.

Once you are done with recording, it then easier to export your recordings for upload and editing in your DAW.

Other Features

Both the CY-18DR Digital Ride and the PD-140DS Digital Snare form part of Roland’s multi-sensor technology. These features are responsible for the most expressive ride VH-13 cymbal and electronic snare around.

The PD-140DS is a 14-inch dual trigger that comes with a steel shell. It also comes with a triple-ply mesh head that helps achieve ultimate snare playability.

Thanks to a multi sensor, you can also play an accurate cross-stick using traditional drumming techniques.

The CY-18DR is an 18-inch three-zone ride that has an ideal weight and motion. The VH-13 cymbal uses a multi-sensor technology to achieve a natural feel and playability.

This three-zone ride also brings with it the ability to choke and mute the cymbal sound easily. By using USB cables, the CY-18DR and the PD-140DS connect digitally to the TD-50 Drum Sound Module.

Alternatives to this Roland Sound Module

If for one reason or another, you feel that TD 50 is not your favorite choice, you still have other options. You can consider several other drums, although they may not be like the TD 50. Some of these include:

The first alternative is the Yamaha DTX700 drum module. This module features a wide ray of onboard sounds, 128 great drum kits. It also comes with a 64MB onboard memory that helps in importing sound samples.

The second alternative is the Roland TM- 2 Acoustic Drum Module.  This drum module is lightweight and thus highly portable. It is commonly used in live performances, and it allows you to do custom loops and back your tracks.

The last alternative is the Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Module. This drum module features 500 samples that you can use even out of the box. It also allows you to load your samples and is highly used for live performances.

Downsides of the Roland Sound Module


Among the downsides of this Roland module is the lack of MIDI control. It is almost impossible to separate the rim and rimshot, which poses as a major drawback when connecting to a Superior 

Drummer. You have to choose either of them for routing. With this, it is also difficult to add inbound MIDI channels as you do with other Roland modules.

The other downside is the price. This product is quite expensive compared to other similar modules. This mostly has to do with the advanced features that come with it.

This TD drum module may also not be the most compact unit available. As such, it is not easy to carry around with you, especially if you perform your jam sessions in different locations.

You will also require to have in-depth knowledge for you to use the interface effectively. This aspect makes it difficult for beginner drummers to use this module.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TD50?

It is an electronic drum sound module fashioned for eclectic studio work, top-notch live performances, and practice sessions. This v-drum comes with unmatched sound quality, expression, and response.


Do I need to do firmware updates with my TD 50 module?

If you want to enjoy advanced settings and features with your kit, it is recommendable to do firmware updates.

Roland makes regular updates on their module’s firmware to include new settings and features. Updating your module is straightforward.
You only need to download the update and follow the guidelines in the leaflet. Copy the updates to an SD card or a flash drive and then upload them to your module.


How do I record my drum performances with TD 50?

The TD 50 module comes with an easy-to-use audio recording function. You only need to press the record button to capture your performance and start playing.

If you are playing to a backing track or click, you have the option of recording only the v- drums or including the backing track or track.

When you finish, you can export your recording in your DAW for upload and editing.


Does Roland TD allow me to load my samples?

Yes, using an SD card, the TD-50 drum module allows you to record your kits. This module also allows you to load on audio tracks that you can use for play-along purposes.

The other recording option in these v-drums is a10-channel audio out built-in. You will only need to use a USB cable to recording here.


Can I edit my samples when using this drum module?

This v-drums model features a function called snapshot that allows you to edit your samples. Using the snapshot’s A/B function, you can edit any drums you like.

Once you are done editing, the feature also allows you to save your edited sample.

If you feel that your edited sample is not up to what you wanted, you need not worry. The snapshot function also allows you to delete your edited sample and start the editing process again.


Where can I get the User Manual for the Roland TD50?

You can find all the user manuals for Roland instruments online. All you need to do is search for the manual you want and download it.

Again, all the manuals contain some easy-to-follow instructions, right from setup to functionality. For the TD50, the setup is quite easy since it features a balanced XLR Master

Out that you can connect directly to a PA system. When using the XLR Master Out, you will not need a DI box.


In conclusion, the TD50 drum sound module from Roland is the most advanced module in the world. It comes with great features that help you achieve a natural feel and playability.

Although quite pricey, this drum module is the best, especially for professional drummers. It is also the best for use in live performances, studio work, and practice sessions.

With this module, you will also not need to worry about setting it up. Its design is such that it allows you to connect it directly to the PA with much ease.

Lastly, do not forget that you can easily record your samples, edit them as many times as you want, and then save them.