7 Best Double Bass Pedal for Beginners

A Double bass pedal is an ideal choice for drummers who like or want to get fast-paced music. It is also perfect for beginners who want to improve their swivel and heel-toe techniques.

The double bass drumming is ideal for a metal drummer and hard rock drummer. Below are the seven best double bass pedals for electronic drums you’ll get in the market.

Best Double Bass Pedal for Electronic Drums Chart

MY TOP PICKTama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal – Best for Speed Drumming  1. Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal – Best for Speed Drumming
  • Long footboard
  • Double-chain drive
  • Spring Tension Adjustment
  • Dual-sided beater
2. PDP by DW 400 Series Double Pedal – Best for Metal and Rock Music 2. PDP by DW 400 Series Double Pedal – Best for Metal and Rock Music
  • Single Chain Drive
  • Offset Cams
  • 2-Way Beaters
  • Built-in spurs
Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal – Best for Speed Drumming 3. DWCP3002 Series Double Bass Pedal – Best for Metal Music
  • Dual-Chain Turbo Drive System
  • Two-Way Beater
  • Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly
  • Dual-Adjustable Toe Clamp
4. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain – Best for tunability 4. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain – Best for tunability
  • Perfect Circle Cam
  • Demon Style Power Shifter Function
  • Dual Surface Beater
  • Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle
4. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain – Best for tunability 5. OffSet Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal – Best for mobility
  • Dual-chain Drive
  • Reversible Beaters
  • Symmetrical footboards
  • Ingenious quad drive springs

Double Bass Pedal Reviews



1. Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal – Best for Speed Drumming


Things we liked

Easy to assemble and integrate with any electronic drum due to its design
Beaters are highly responsive
Spring tension locks ensure precision and control
Great tunability thanks to spring tension and beater angle adjustment allowance
It has a good menu system and reliable controls
Lightweight and easily portable

Things we didn’t like

Quite costly

The Tama HP310LW is superb, especially if you are looking for the best double bass drum pedal for speed drumming.  This high-performance bass pedal will offer you both speed and sturdiness.

It comes in a smooth design that fits quite well with many drum sets. With this bass drum pedal, you need not worry whether you are using an acoustic or an electronic drum set.

This double bass pedal comes with features that allow you superb tenability. In other words, it gives a drummer great control irrespective of the music being played.

The Tama HP310LW bass drum pedal also offers you great responsiveness. It comes with a double-chain direct drive pedal that is very efficient in conveying power to the cams.

The other critical feature is that it allows you to calibrate the angle of the beaters. You can, therefore, adjust it to your best position and angle for the perfect stroke.

This bass drum pedal also allows you to adjust the tension springs. The adjustment allows you to establish how much power you need to make a bass drum beater stroke.

The Tama HP310LW comes with a dual-sided beater that you can change to achieve different drum sound tones. The LiteSprocket of this unit makes it among the lightest double bass pedals.

Thanks to its lightweight, you can easily carry it along with you as you go for your drumming gigs.  This unit also offers you a recessed setting to help you obtain smooth drumming feel when striking.


2. PDP by DW 400 Series Double Pedal – Best for Metal and Rock Music


Things we liked

Has two-way beaters, which enhance playing speed
Has an adjustable toe clamp that personalizes the feel and power
Has a spring stroke functionality
Sleek footboard design to enhance control and comfort

Things we didn’t like

Tuning and assembling may consume much time
Challenging to integrate with electric kits

The PDP Double pedal is one of the best bass electronic drum pedals from the Drum Workshop, a market leader. The company is famous for producing quality and sturdy electronic drum sets.

This set is a variation of the 400 series single bass drum pedal. It has become very favorite and common among musicians who play rock and metal music. It is on high use by many Rock and Metal bands throughout the world.

This double bass drum pedal unit comes with features that greatly facilitate rhythmic drumming.

The double pedals allow a drummer room for personal expression since one can define their playing style. The footboard comes in a sleek design that offers you comfort and facilitates great control.

You need not worry irrespective of the size of your foot. The footboard comes in a standard design that can accommodate size variations without compromising on the drumming.

For enhanced torque and flexibility, this unit comes with two single-chain drives. The drives are combined with an ideally crafted single offset cam.

This unit has great efficacy among the double bass pedals in the market thanks to its two-way beaters. It also comes with the drum kit key clip and the spurs are in-built.

For enhanced flexibility, especially in fine-tuning, this unit has an easily adjustable toe clamp.

The other key feature in this unit is the spring tension adjustment functionality. This feature is essential when varying the torque of your entire system.

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3. DWCP3002 Series Double Bass Pedal – Best for Metal Music


Things we liked

Dual-chain sprocket enhances responsiveness and durability
Adjustable toe clamp helps in tunability
Two-way beater also enhances tunability
Larger and longer footboard offers great control and comfort
The sleek design is compatible with most electric drums

Things we didn’t like

Convenient for right-handed drummers only
Quite expensive

The DWCP3002 is another quality double bass pedal from Drum Workshop. Drum Workshop has been a pacesetter in drum set manufacturing for a long time.

If you want to get a high-performance pedal for your electronic drum, this could be your best bet. It will offer you value for your bucks as well as an amazing tenability.

For enhanced stocking speed, the unit comes with a dual-chain sprocket. The sprocket is also crucial in enhancing the durability of the double bass pedal.

The bass plate of the unit is of steel, which enhances its sturdiness and long use. Another amazing feature is that the toe clamps are adjustable. Consequently, this ensures that you enjoy the comfort and total control during performance.

The cams are also user-friendly in that they are circular. As such, they offer you a smoother feeling when playing since the design offers minimal resistance.

The only downside of these electronic bass drum pedals is that their design favors right-handed players. Left-handed drummers may find it quite challenging to use these bass drum pedals with their drum set electronic.

You may also like this double kick drum unit because it can withstand any vigorous movements. It is, therefore, suitable for use in metal music since metal drumming incorporates aggressive movements.

Lastly, this double kick pad electronic drum set pedal is suitable for both beginners and expert drummers.


4. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain – Best for tunability


Things we liked

The beater angle is highly adjustable
Has a PowerShifter feature for personalized feel and power
Has a frictionless roller that facilitates smooth and effortless playing
Spring tension lock technology maintains customized precision
Great in tenability
Sleek design

Things we didn’t like

Relatively pricy
Relatively complex to integrate with electronic drum sets

Pearl has been a renowned brand in the manufacturer of drumming gear for many years. Pearl P932 Demonator is among their best double bass pedals that come with advanced features and exquisite design.

This right-footed double kick drum pedal comes with a single chain drive. The chain links to the twin pedal’s removable secondary cam. The long-footboard is ideal in enhancing stability if you are a big-footed drummer.

This unit also comes with a customized design that has independent traction grip parts. This design helps to ensure a comfortable grip for enhanced control as you play your drum kit. The design also allows you to exert more force, which delivers more power to the chain-driven cam.

The other key feature of this unit is the ingenious Pearl PowerShifter. The Powershifter is essential in adjusting the pedal’s position to get different feels and power delivery.

The P932 double pedal offers you flexibility in tuning the entire unit for better sound and control. This double pedal comes with a patented interchangeable cam.

The other feature that makes this double kick electric drum among the best is the beater angle’s adjustability. This unit allows you to adjust the beater angle to attain the feel of your choice and power. That means you can use it for various music genres.

It also comes with an ingenious spring tension keepers that help to maintain the personalized adjustments. The lack of this feature in other double kick pedals causes them to lose precision as you are playing.

You will also enjoy smooth playing and a consistent feel thanks to the circular cam and the frictionless spring roller.

This unit is very versatile. It has a lot more to offer, and its price is very competitive. It is also very easy to assemble, thus suitable if you move a lot.

Its design is also sleek and can fit with almost any electric drum set.

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5. OffSet Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal – Best for mobility


Things we liked

Strong metallic design for durability
Allows user enhancements for easy control
The footboard is long and has grips to enhance comfort
Adjustable quad drive springs enhance responsiveness and speed

Things we didn’t like

Quite costly
Suitable for left-footed drummers only

If you are longing to get versatility in your drumming, consider this Offset Eclipse electronic drum bass pedal.

It comes with a classic design that has most of its parts made of metal for sturdiness. Moreover, its unique design features footboards that are symmetrical to one another.

This double pedal is comfortable and convenient for all drummers, especially left-footed players. It comes with circular cams that ensure smoothness and speed during the performance.

The Offset Eclipse also allows you to vary the angle since it comes with an adjustable chain drive. You can, therefore, enjoy a comfortable and an enhanced posture as you play.

This unit has high responsiveness and increased sensitivity thanks to its ingenious quad drive springs. Thanks to this feature, you will not need to exert more pressure on the footboard for a harder and heavier sound.

You will also like the fact that you can change the height of the footboard. This feature makes this double pedal very efficient. It also allows you to determine how much power the beaters will deliver onto the bass drum pad.

If you are looking for a reliable double pedal, the Offset Eclipse is among the best. Its parts are not easily breakable, and you can carry them with you on your tours.


6. MAPEX P500TW Universal 500 Series – Best for Beginner Drummers


Things we liked

Comfortable, reliable, and convenient
Easy to set up and use
Best value for the price
Best for beginner drummers

Things we didn’t like

Lots of lag in the left pedal
Weak spring
Weak and thin chain

Mapex P500TW offers the ultimate comfort needed by drummers and musicians in the studio or on stage. They are durably constructed using solid steel components, making them sturdy and reliable for whichever application. You can also be sure that they will last for a longer period.

Another fantastic feature of Mapex P500TW pedals is that they are customizable even when in use. As such, you won’t need to halt your performance to customize them.

This bass pedal comes with a footboard, stabilizing radius rod, and retractable floor spikes. It is incredibly easy to set up and use.

The performance of PW500TW is praiseworthy. Whether you are a slow or fast player, this unit is perfect. However, it is ideal for fast playing due to its lightweight.

The double bass pedal also has fully adjustable spring tensions. These tensions help in adjusting and setting the pedal in any position for convenient and easy playing.

The piece is very appealing due to the included ABS beater, and new duo-tone felt.


7. Dw 9000 Double Bass Drum pedal – Best for Adjustability


Things we liked

A solid and durable design
Infinite adjustments of the cam
Strong build quality
Excellent grip by the non-skid rubber
Highly responsive

Things we didn’t like

Relatively expensive
Limited adjustment space due to the tension springs

If you are looking for power, customization, and response, the DW Double Pedal will offer you just that.

The 9000 double pedal features an EZ Infinite Adjust cam, which helps to achieve power and speed. All you need to do to morph between the Accelerator and Turbo modes.

This pedal also features a floating rotor system. This feature ensures that there are limited points of friction as you do your drumming.

Too much friction will hinder and slow the movement of the pedals. Consequently, this feature is key to offering you smooth strokes. The feature also ensures you have a quiet and smooth playing environment.

Another crucial feature is the infinite adjustable cam. With this feature, you can switch comfortably between the accelerator Drive and the turbo drive.

The adjustment is also straightforward. A simple screw will make it possible for you to turn the cam profile appropriately.

This DW 9000 double drum pedal also features a tri-pivot toe clamp that ensures that the playing area is flat. The clamp achieves this through three rubber gripper pads, one above the hoop and the rest below it.

Another feature is the use of a non-skid rubber surface. This feature ensures that the grip on the ground does not tear your carpet after your practice.

If you require extended grip, this double pedal features a pair of retractable spikes.

For increased stroke efficiency, this double pedal also features a floating swivel spring system.

The Single Post Casting design feature of this pedal ensures easy movement between the pedal and the hi-hat pedal.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Double Bass Pedal for Electronic Drums

If you have an electric drum set, there is a wide variety of double bass drum pedals in the market. They differ in quality, versatility, speed, durability, reliability and comfort, among other features.

As such, choosing the best for your needs can be very challenging. Below are three key factors you need to consider when buying your double kick pedal.

1. Adjustability and Balance

Balance is a vital consideration when shopping for a double bass pedal for your electronic drum. Ensure that the right and the left pedal of your product are even.

If you notice that one pedal is looser than the other, leave that product and choose another one. Otherwise, you will have to overwork one foot, which results in a lot of discomforts. It is recommendable to go for a model that allows you to adjust each foot’s spring tension.

An ideal double pedal should also allow you to adjust the distance between pedals and the beater height. Balanced and adjustable pedals will feel right for you and will be comfortable to use.

2. Type of Drive

Double bass pedals for electronic sets come with different drives. Each drive has some unique characteristics that distinguish it from the others. You need to analyze the features of each and choose one that suits your needs.

Chain Drive

This double bass pedal is the most popular in the market. It is adjustable, versatile, durable and fit for all-round performance. However, it is a bit slower, noisy and requires regular cleaning.

Belt Drive

If you are looking for high-speed double kick pedals, belt drive pedals are the ultimate choice. Also, these drives are incredibly lightweight. They are perfect for jazz, blues or funk.

Unfortunately, these pedals are less durable than their counterparts and are a bit slow.

Direct Drive

Direct drive pedals allow you to play without encountering any lag. They are popular with metal drummers who demand serious speed. Another fantastic feature of this drive is that it requires little or maintenance.

The only downside of this drive is that it is not as durable.

3. Reliability and Durability

You wouldn’t want your pedal to malfunction on stage in the middle of a performance. As such, you need to ensure that your pedal has a solid heavy-duty construction and can withstand frequent uses. Steel and Aluminum are the commonly used materials for most pedal base plates.

It is recommendable to go for a pair of bass drum pedals that comes with a carry bag or case. This feature helps extend its lifespan.

Also, check if the pedal comes with replaceable parts such as beater heads. In case of future defects, replacement of parts is cheaper than buying a new pedal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best double bass drum pedal?

Double bass drum pedals come in different types, each with its own set of unique features. From our review, the best double bass drum pedal is Tama Speed Cobra HP310 LW. It is followed closely by PDP by DW 400 series and DWCP 3002 series.

How do I adjust my double bass pedal?

A double bass pedal needs adjustment of various parts to make to get it ready for a performance.

First, you need to adjust the bass drum mallets – the lug that connects the axle chain to the bass drum pedal. To loosen or tighten it, you use a drum key. You also use a drum key to adjust the pedal height.

To loosen the pedal springs, you use a pair of adjustable pliers.

How do you play double bass drums?

Playing double bass drums is not complicated if you follow the right steps. When starting, you need to exercise daily. Preferably, do three sets of 25 calf raises. Then learn the heel up and heel down techniques.

The next step is to play 16th notes alternating from right to left until you perfect. Next, learn and master the 25 rudiments of drumming (from the internet). Finally, learn 32nd and 64th notes, and there you have it.

What is a double bass drum pedal?

Just as the name suggests, a double bass drum pedal has two pedals – the master pedal and the slave pedal. It is the opposite of the one that has only a single pedal.

The master pedal is attached to the beater and spring assemblies via; two chains side by side (chain drive), via a strap (belt drive) or a piece of metal (direct drive).

The appearance and functionality of this drum set date back to a bass drum foot pedal made in 1909 by William F. Ludwig. It is a practical alternative to playing two separate electronic bass drums.


Playing a bass drum with double bass pedals, unlike one with single bass drum pedal, is not only fast but also very easy. Initially, you may not perform many drum strokes. However, with consistent practice, you gradually become a fast player.

Incorporating double bass pedals in a band adds an incredible lot of rhythmic options and brings out the originality of sounds. Double pedals are best-suited for metal and rock music.

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