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I fell in love with the music. And drums are my love

Palo Chodelka (Author)

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Electronic Drum Set
How to Read Drum Music
Drum Set for Kids
Ways to Upgrade Your Electronic Drum
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Electronic Drum Set Under 600
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Drum Throne
Hi-Hat Stand
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Before You Buy a Drum Throne
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Drumsticks for Electronic Drums
How to Hold Drum Sticks
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In-Ear Monitors for Drummers
Best Free Drum VST

I’m looking forward to seeing my music by the audience.

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Best Drum Practice Pad

Whether you’re a beginner at playing drums, or a seasoned drummer, drum practice pads do everybody good. They are easy to carry around, aren’t as …
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Best Electronic Drum Cymbals

Looking for the best electronic drum cymbals? Perfect. We, at, have scoured through endless lists of electronic cymbals to provide a comprehensive list. We’ve also …
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Who Invented The Drums?

Learning who invented the drums is an intriguing part of the learning process. A storyline sparks interest and helps you appreciate the drum and its …
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