5 Best Hi-Hat Stand in 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

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A hi hat is an integral component in any drum set. The hi hat stand, on the other hand, is pretty much vital. 

Its quality and smoothness determine both the sound and pressure of your hi hat cymbals. If you are using cheap stand models, then you’re missing out big time.

The best hi-hat stands should include an excellent mechanism. By this, they offer effortless and smooth playing. At the same time, they should deliver lots of dynamics to your playing experience.

Therefore, choosing the best stand is radical. Regardless of which type of hi hat stand you are searching for, I’m here to assist. Through this review, we’ll cover all shades of choosing the best hi hat stands.

We will also look at some renown brands focusing on the price range, build quality and more. The selection includes what I find to be the best hi hat stands at the moment. Thus, go for a hi hat stand that won’t strain your budget much. Let’s rock!

Best Hi-Hat Stand Comparison Table

MY TOP PICKPearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Durability 1. Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Durability
  • Highly durable hi-hat stand
  • Pearl Lifetime guarantee
  • Tripod with swivel function
Gibraltar 5707 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Value for Money         2. Gibraltar 5707 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Value for Money         
  • Best budget
  • Very heavy construction
  • Liquid Chain Drive mechanism
DW DWCP3500T Hi-Hat Stand – Best Construction3. DW DWCP3500T Hi-Hat Stand – Best Construction
  • Two-legged hi-hat stand
  • Sturdy footboard and baseplate
  • Great price for a professional stand
Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Response4. Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Response
  • Two-legged hi-hat stand
  • Modeled on flagship Speed Cobra range
  • 6-Way tension adjustment
DW DWCP5520-2 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Design5. DW DWCP5520-2 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Design
  • Two-legged hi-hat stand
  • Ultra-sturdy and smooth
  • Renowned DW quality

Reviews of Hi-Hat Stand


1. Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Durability

Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Durability

Things we liked

Pearl Lifetime guarantee
Smooth pedal action
You can customize your samples
Tripod with swivel function
Very robust and durable
Reasonable price

Things we didn’t like

Not a two-legged stand
Lacks a baseplate for upping stability

Starting us off is the Pearl H930 Hi hat stand. Firstly, this product boasts of robust construction. PEARL is very confident about it that it offers a lifetime guarantee on it.   

Secondly, its design is straightforward and highly effective at the same time. The product doesn’t include any fancy gimmicks and tricks. For any play style, expect this hi hat stand to be highly reliable.

Another thing besides its design and build quality is its smooth and fast playing response. Alongside its reliable chain drive mechanism, it’s very much impressive. Unlike other stands, this hi-hat stand is surprisingly quiet.

Even further, the product includes rubber leg tips for traction. Its pedal together with the swivel function allows you to rotate the legs. By this, it can accommodate a double bass pedal. 

Also, using its spring tension dial, you can adjust the pedal tension and lateral cymbal seat to your preference. For utmost reliability, this stand from Pearl is the real deal. Unlike other hi hat stands, it doesn’t wobble but stays firm at all times. 

It’s a little bulky than most competitive counterparts. Even though it’s not the most portable option, it delivers top-quality performance once you set it up.

2. Gibraltar 5707 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Value for Money         

2. Gibraltar 5707 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Value for Money

Things we liked

Solid construction
Reliable brand
Affordable price
Excellent responsiveness
Effective chain drive mechanism

Things we didn’t like

Not a two-legged model
Not very portable

This Hi hat stand is very much impressive. Not only regarding its price but also its features. It delivers all aspects you’d expect to find in a hi hat stand except for one. While most drummers like a two-legged stand, the Gibraltar 5707 has three legs.

Another thing, this stand is quite substantial. As a result, it’s very stable and can stand up to extreme punishing drummers. In other words, this product can withstand a real and rough beating. It also includes heavy-duty components, thus a robust construction.

Talking about its operation, the Gibraltar 5707 delivers a smooth performance. It includes a top-notch direct lever pull. Alongside its Gibraltar designed Liquid Drive, it enhances its responsive feel.

Moreover, it provides accurate response and excellent control to the different dynamics of your feet. Other than its sturdy nature, it also offers unique pedal action. 

This hi hat stand is by far much better than other non-branded hi hat stands out there. So, if you’re on a tight budget, this is an ideal pick.

3. DW DWCP3500T Hi-Hat Stand – Best Construction

DW DWCP3500T Hi-Hat Stand – Best Construction

Things we liked

Solid baseplate and footboard 
Fantastic value for money
Uni-body folding footboard
Reasonable price
Smooth and accurate performance

Things we didn’t like

Some users find it slightly unstable

Going ahead is the DW DWCP3500T hi hat stand. All DW products deliver excellent performance, and this hi hat and cymbal stand is no exception. Remarkably, it’s affordable to boot. 

This cymbal stand delivers the utmost value for money. The product comes with high-end features at a reasonable price. For this reason, it’s an excellent hi hat stand for developing drummers.

More importantly, it’s a two-legged stand. For its price, this feature is a huge bonus. The reason being, it allows you to add a double bass drum pedal comfortably. Your feet won’t interfere with each other. At the same time, this feature bolsters the stand’s stability.

Besides its stability, the DWCP3500T delivers a smooth playing response. Equally important, it’s a medium weight stand model. It quickly folds away to enhance an effortless setup.

Also, this product comes with heavy duty hinged memory locks. These locks keep your lateral cymbals and make sure the settings are not only precise but also repeatable.

Its lateral cymbal seat features a top-notch design.  As such, it allows you to adjust the lateral cymbal seat angle to your preference. On top of that, the stand’s quality is incomparable to most competitive models.

4. Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Response

Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Response

Things we liked

Highly functional and stable
Excellent value two legged stand
Six spring tension settings
High-quality all-round performer
Fair price

Things we didn’t like

Some users find it less equipped 

The Tama Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat Stand displays a heavy duty build quality. 

Just like the DW stand models, this stand is also two legged. As such, it enhances a convenient setup. Also, this feature will allow you to add other cymbal stands or a double bass pedal.

The Speed Cobra stand from Tama does not include a steel base plate. Instead, this product comes with a tiny stabilizer beneath its footboard. The stabilizer effectively shifts the strength and balance towards the player. 

Furthermore, lacking a baseplate will make the Tama stand effortless to fold. It’s also a medium weight model. As a result, this stand is not only highly portable but also easy to set up. 

Tama has a renown reputation for building top-quality drum hardware. Well, the Speed Cobra 310 is an ideal example. At a reasonable price, this stand delivers as much as high-end hi hat stands. Its high-hat response is accurate and smooth to boot. 

The footboard, on the other hand, is heavy-duty. The stand also allows you to adjust the spring tension. This product includes six tension settings to accommodate different preferences. Furthermore, just to mention, adjusting the spring tension is pretty straightforward. 

5. DW DWCP5520-2 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Design

DW DWCP5520-2 Hi-Hat Stand – Best Design

Things we liked

Brilliant architecture
Time-saving & compact
Slave pedal has two functions
Good response
Padded feet

Things we didn’t like

High price

The DWCP5520 is quite remarkable. The gimmick behind this hardware involves its slave pedal. First, it is a bass pedal. However, you can use it as a side pedal for playing percussion instruments, e.g. tambourine, cowbell, etc. In other words, this hi hat stand offers two functions in one piece.

The approach may not be revolutionary. Nonetheless, it’s positively brilliant. With such an architecture, you save time when setting it up.

As for the stand’s hi hat part, it’s a pretty much reliable tool. One thing that most people like about this Drum Workshop stand is its compact design. For this reason, it’s an ideal pick for people who don’t have roomy rehearsing spaces. 

This product also has a sturdy construction. Then again, it’s level of responsiveness is nothing less satisfying. The stand incorporates aluminium thus making it lightweight.

Nevertheless, here’s a point to note. The stand’s slave pedal is on the left side. Unfortunately, you can’t change it. Therefore, right-pedalled drummers may need patience and some time to learn using the lever.

This model product from Drum Workshop also has excellent grip. But it tends to have some degree of internal friction though. This problem seems to arise from its linkage system. 

As a result, it makes it hard to play the percussions when using the bass pedal. However, it may work out if you have two bass pedals.

Buying Guide for Best Hi-Hat Stand

1) Weight of the Stand

The robustness and weight of the stand are very vital. The two factors mostly depend on the style you play.

For instance, if you play in a metal or rock band, you ought to consider a more robust and massive hi hat stand. On the contrary, if you play chilled and soft music, a light hi hat stand model should do.

Then again, how much do you move? If you perform regularly and have to transport and set up or disassemble the equipment by yourself, go for a light cymbal stand.

Another question to ask yourself is, how heavy are your cymbals? Generally, a standard stand should be able to support most cymbals out there. If you find your cymbals to be quite heavy, make sure you invest in a sturdier cymbal stand.

2) Swivel

All drummers can agree with me that a swivel is a crucial feature in any stand. Without an axis, it’s impossible to adjust the stand’s angle.

Also, it allows you to add extra pedals to your setup. Most of the two-legged and three-legged hi hat stands can swivel. Nonetheless, flat-base and no-leg models cannot.

The ideal hi hat with stand choice, in this case, depends on your playing style. A no-swivel model would do for drummers who like to keep it simple. On the contrary, a swivel is crucial if you expect to add extra pedals.

3) Resistance

Spring or resistance tension is also another critical feature in hi hat stands. The resistance controls the feel of your hi hat stand. As such, it influences your playing experience to some extent.

Nonetheless, different drummers prefer different amounts of tension. Therefore, it all comes down to your taste. Too much resistance, however, may cause you to tire quickly.

Fortunately, most hi hat stands will allow you to adjust the tension. Just fine-tune it to your preference.

4) Build Quality & Durability

In any element of hardware, the build quality is always a crucial factor. Well, the same applies when searching for an excellent high hat stand. Consider a model that features top-quality components and materials.

In most cases, you’ll encounter two descriptions: The single braced and double braced hi hat stands.

Single-braced hardware is standard (but not always) in medium weight hi hat stands. It’s pretty stable as the double braced hi hat stands. However, it’s somewhat less versatile.

If your budget allows, I’d advise going for a double braced hi hat stand. Why? For one, you can use your double braced hi hat stand as a double tom stand (pun intended).

Moreover, double-braced hi hat stands can not only take harder beatings but can also support more weight. Therefore, drummers who travel a lot should consider double braced stands for durability. But if you play soft rock, jazz, blues and such, a single braced hi hat stand is enough.   

5) Budget

Lastly, as you try to identify the best hi hat stand model for you, consider your budget. Ideally, tailor your budget to what you expect from a hi hat stand.

In the market, each hi hat stand comes with a different price, and the prices vary greatly. You will find a hi hat stand at a price below $100 while high-end models at over $600.

If a basic hi hat stand is what you are after, a simple and affordable cymbal stand should do. On the other hand, pricier options are ideal if you intend to gig regularly or add extra pedals.

6) Manufacturer

Word of advice: Never buy a piece of musical gear from an unknown manufacturer. Whether it’s an acoustic guitar, a midi keyboard or a hi hat stand, it doesn’t matter. Make sure your product is of good quality by acquiring it from a reputable manufacturer.

Take, for instance, manufacturers in this article. All of them have proven their worth. Not just by making top hi hat stands but also make some of the top-rated bass drum pedals, kits, and thrones to boot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Set Up A Hi-Hat Stand?

Have you previously set up a hi hat stand before? If not, it can be slightly confusing when you unbox your product. Well, it’s understandable. Luckily enough, there’s nothing to fret about as it’s not complicated.

A typical hi hat stand can be set up promptly only if you know what you are doing. First, loosen the bottom bolt. Second, widen the legs of the cymbal stand and retighten the bolt. By this, you establish the bass. Make sure the readily attached pedal is facing the seat.   

How do you set up a Hi-hat cymbal?

Below is a summary of the steps you can follow:

1.      Loosen the T-bolt then fold out the legs.
2.      Screw-in the rod
3.      Check the bottom cymbal washer and felt
4.      Slide your bottom cymbal onto the lateral cymbal seat
5.      Attach your top cymbal to the clutch
6.      After attachment, slide the clasp onto the rod
7.      Adjust the upper tube to your desired height
8.      Move the stand to achieve the best orientation with the other instruments.

Should I Buy My Hi-Hat Stand New Or Used?

Most drummers buy their equipment, including hi hat stands, second hand. In most cases, they do so to acquire professional-quality gear at a low price. 

However, I’d advise you against doing so. The reason being, a hat stand is just another piece of musical gear. In other words, it also wears out over time. Expect this, especially if the previous owner plays regularly and with enthusiasm.

A typical stand’s footboard is the most delicate. After several years of use, it may tend to stick.

How do I choose the best Hi-Hat?

Like any other product, different people like different hi hats. Nonetheless, hi hats are available in various sizes, weights and materials.

These factors directly affect the sound and pitch of your hi-hat cymbals. Smaller hi hats, e.g. 13” and 14” produce a more crispy and bright tone. Those with 15” or 16”, on the other hand, create a warm and dark sound.

Further, hi hats come in different materials, mostly cast and sheet. Cast cymbal production is, in other words, the traditional way of making cymbals. Orchestral and Jazz players find cast cymbals to be prestigious.

Sheet cymbals, on the contrary, produce brighter sounds. As such, they may be more appealing to rock, pop and metal drummers.


It doesn’t matter your style of playing. The fact is, every drummer deserves a top-quality hi hat stand. Luckily enough, there are lots of top hi hat stands in the market today.

At different price tags, you can find a decent hi hat stand with a basic design. You can even come across a two legged stand at a friendly price.

Find the one pick within your budget as you pay attention to your play style. I believe you can find what you are looking for in our five best hi hat stands.

In this review, the winning hi hat stand is the Pearl H930. It’s not only reliable but robust as well. Besides, it includes a lifetime warranty and has a smooth pedal action.


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