RockJam Electronic Roll Up Midi Drum Kit Review

Are you looking for a cheaper but effective roll up midi drum it? The RockJam Electronic Drum Kit is one of the best you will ever get.

Over the last few years, these drum sets have been gaining popularity among drummers. The drum set is easy to use and relatively quiet, hence gives you great fun.

The RockJam Electronic Roll Up Midi Drum Kit Review is by no means the most sophisticated electronic drum kit in the market. However, its simplicity has made it the favourite amongst kids and adults who want to do casual drumming.

This e-drum comes with features that will offer you the best drumming experience. What is more! You can easily roll it up and carry it anywhere you want.

With this drum kit, you will also not need to worry about power supply. It comes with its batteries that will provide you with sufficient power supply.

In this review, we shall tell you all that you need to know about this drum kit.


RockJam Electronic Roll Up Midi Drum Kit Review


Things we liked

The electron kit has the best money value
The drum kit comprises built-in speakers
Comes with MIDI connectivity
Variety of drum sounds
A compact drum Kit

Things we didn’t like

Advanced drummers may not prefer the built-in speakers
Looks like a toy


RockJam Electronic Roll Up Midi Drum Kit Review

You will get this drum Kit in two versions. One comes with built-in speakers and a midi connection, and another does not have any built in speaker.. 

This drum kit features nine pads as well as a built-in speaker. It will also offer you multiple drum kits from which you can choose. Moreover, although small, it offers you the option to record your kits while drumming.

The best thing about it is that you can comfortably play the pads using your hands, thanks to their high sensitivity. This feature is one that you may not even find in many other high-end drum sets.

Another crucial feature that you will get is two pedals, one for simulating the hi-hat and the other for the kick drum.

Although electronic drum kits may not be the best on the market, they are a simple option. In addition to this, the Roll Up drum kit has good quality for its affordable price.

Who is this Kit Best suited for?

This roll up drum is suitable for both kids and beginners. Also, adults who want a quiet drumming practice will find the kit useful. This feature makes the kit ideal for use at home.

Professional players will also find this kit useful. Its components are impressive, bringing about a smooth drumming experience. Plus, the quality of the sounds of the drum is not something to underrate.

Furthermore, this drum Kit is affordable, thus suitable for you if your pockets are not that deep. It comes with a price that is almost half as that of its competitors.

What is in the box?

The drum kit package comprises nine drum pads with different sounds such as crash cymbal, closed or open hi-hat, and snare. Other items in the box include:

  • Midi connection
  • Two drum pedals
  • Power supply
  • Bult-in speakers
  • Drumsticks
  • Hi-hat cymbal pad
  • An Sd card for internal storage

Features of the Rock jam Electronic Roll Up Midi Drum Kit

This electronic kit consists of several features. They play an essential role as far as this device is concerned, and they include the following:

Roll the Drum Pads

This roll up drum kit comes with nine drum pads, which can expose you to the thrilling music experience. More to this, they have high sensitivity. Any slight touch produces a beautiful sounding.

The range of these sounds is wide. They include high tom, crash cymbal, low floor tom, ride cymbal, and many others.

Also, you can roll a thick pad, making your travels easier and enjoyable. They may not sound impressive at first. However, you can adjust the pads to get the quality sound that you want.

The Ins and Outs

Other components you will get in this drum set are its inputs and outputs. Though they are few in such an advanced device, they serve the purpose.

The Ins and Outs

This kit also comes with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack connection at its back. This feature allows you to enjoy your drumming sessions without having to disturb your neighbors.

USB connectivity is a very vital component to any drummer. With a USB connection, you can easily connect your kit to your computer and upload your customized sounds.

The USB connectivity in this kit also allows you to connect to your smartphones. As such, a budding musician will prefer this feature.


If you a drummer who moves from one place to another to do your jam sessions, you will definitely love this kit. This kit allows you to easily fold it up any time you want to travel or after your drumming session. The folding it up makes it easy for you to go anywhere you want with your roll up drum. Hence you will save time and cost.

Built-in Speakers

The Rockjam drum sets come in two different versions; those with in-built speakers and those that do not have. The advantage of using the one with in-built speakers is that you will not require any external audio system.

The sound quality, though good enough, may not be that impressive. But you can go for high-end models if you want a great sounding. 

Drum Sticks

Drum sticks are other essential parts of this device. They are of solid wood, engineered to last long as well as producing the best sounds.

Alternatives to the Rockjam Electronic Roll Up Midi Kit

If you are not satisfied with this Electronic Drum Kit, you can still opt for other alternatives. 

One of the drum sets you can go for as an alternative is the PAXCESS Electronic Drum set. It is as compact as the Rock jam. Plus, its sound quality is remarkable.

Another alternative could be Rock and Roll it Electronic Drum set. It features multiple drum sounds and also comes with professional demos. Moreover, it comes with instrumental accompaniment tracks and allows you to connect to MP3.

Downsides of the Rockjam Electronic Roll Up Midi Drum Kit


The main downside of this kit has to do with the sound quality. Although they are relatively good, you may have to shop for an audio speaker if you want quality sounds. Buying a speaker will thus come as an extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best electronic drum set?

The question may not be straightforward to answer. However, we have a variety of electronic kits on the market. Do your research well and select the one that suits you.

Does the Roll Up Kit come with the throne?

No. You will have to buy the throne separately.


The Rockjam Electronic Roll Midi Drum Kit remains to be one of the best kits for beginners. Also, professional players can find this drum set useful.

What I like most about this drum is that it is more advanced for such a small amount of money. Furthermore, its drum pads are very responsive. This aspect ensures that the drummer enjoys playing.

It might be challenging when setting the roll up the device, but it has the best performance. You can adjust its pads to get the desired sound. To be general, this is a device that you will not regret buying.