3 Best Drumming Shoes for 2021 (Buying Guide)

For you to make the most out of your drumming sessions, you will need the best shoes. When considering the best drumming shoes, comfort should come on your list.

Drumming shoes will enable you to hit the pedals powerfully, unlike when doing it barefoot. They also give you more confidence and control of the pedals.

There are many varieties on the market. However, not every shoe you see in the market is suitable for use. This article reviews for you three best drumming shoes you can consider buying.

Comparison Table for Drumming Shoes

Vans Authentic - Best for Long drumming Sessions 1. Vans Authentic – Best for Long drumming Sessions
  • Has metal eyelets
  • Has rubber sole
  • Sturdy canvas uppers
Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars – Best Affordable 2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars – Best Affordable
  • All-star’s rubber sole
  • Smooth rounded top
  • Wrap-around strip
Vans Men's Slip-On Shoes – Best in simplicity 3. Vans Men’s Slip-On Shoes – Best in simplicity
  • Slip-on suede uppers
  • Padded collars
  • Elastic side accents

Best Shoes To Wear For Drumming


1. Vans Authentic – Best for Long drumming Sessions


Things we liked

They have a breathable upper canvas
They are very durable
They have an extra inner sole cushioning
They allow for ankle mobility
They protect your feet against blisters

Things we didn’t like

The laces are not among the best
Quite expensive compared to other similar makes

Are you plain trousers and shirt drummer? These drumming shoes could be best for you. They are classy and will be a perfect fit for your dress code.

Again, these shoes come in a simple design. They are also flexible, effective and stylish.

They have a low top lace-up profile that is sturdy canvas uppers. Moreover, they also have signature waffle rubber soles.

These shoes are unisex. They come in different sizes for both men and women. They also come in different colours.

Besides all that, Vans Authentic shoes are very durable. Many drummers attest to the fact that you can use them for years without tearing.

They are also common among drummers because of their lightweight. You will not have to drag your feet as you walk or as you drum.

They are also well-fitting. As a drummer, you will be able to pedal smoothly without any challenges.

Their exterior is of soft canvas. As such, it makes the shoe breathable and spares you from much heat on your feet.

They come with a low-top arch design. As such, they allow your ankle to make a wide range of motions during your drumming session.

If your drumming sessions take long hours, you may want to consider these ones. Although not ultimately comfortable, they will never give you blisters.


2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars – Best Affordable


Things we liked

They are breathable, so your feet remain dry
The soles are flexible and have a little grip
They are very affordable
They come in many different colors
They are very comfortable
They are lightweight

Things we didn’t like

They may look very casual for some drummers
There are reports of sole separation after repeated use

These shoes have a breathable converse upper. You will not want to put on a shoe that will leave your feet sweating after your session. Chuck Taylor’s ensure that your feet are sufficiently aerated.

They are among the best because of their comfort. Even if you keep hitting those hard pedals for hours, your feet will still feel comfortable.

The other advantage of these shoes for drumming is that they are unisex. You need not worry about your gender, as long as the shoe fits you well, you are ready to go!

Since they are unisex, they come in different sizes for both men and women. You are sure to find the right size for you, whether you are a man or a woman.

If you are looking for those of different colors, you will get them here. They come in so many different colors; you will be spoilt for choice.

The good news is that you can also use them for other purposes. You can use them for your exercises or even for running. They will still offer you the same comfortable and ideal results.

Do not be conned by imitations; you can get your pair or pairs from the Converse official shop on Amazon.


3. Vans Men’s Slip-On Shoes – Best in simplicity


Things we liked

They are very comfortable
They come in different colors
They are very grippy
They come in a simple design
They are quite cheap

Things we didn’t like

They can accumulate dust quite fast

If you are a drummer who loves simplicity, Vans Men’s Slip-On Shoes might be the right ones for you. They come in a very sleek design and are very straightforward.

They are favorite with many drummers because they rank in the middle in most aspects. Price-wise, they are neither too costly nor too cheap.

Again, when it comes to quality and thickness, they are neither at the top nor at the bottom. In other words, these are average and affordable to any drummer.

They do not come with shoelaces. As such, all you require is slip your feet in, get your job done, and then slip them out. This feature makes them favorable to many drummers.

You may also want to buy them because they are very fitting. As long as you get your right size, they will firmly grip your feet.

Vans Men’s Slip-on are also effortless to clean. You need not worry that they will get dirty since you can always make them look like the new ones.

One their major downside is that they are not as durable as other types. However, if you handle them with care, they can still last for quite a long time.

Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for shoes for drumming is not as easy as it appears. There are plenty of recommendations out there based on individual experiences.

Some people will find sneakers, trainers or just general shoes great. Others recommend playing in socks or barefoot.

Though this works for most of them, you cannot overlook the overriding features and benefits of using shoes. The kind of shoes you put on determines your overall performance and comfort.

After in-depth research, we have compiled the key factors you need to look for before you make a purchase. Check them out in the discussion below.

1. Grip

The nature of your drumming will determine the amount of grip you need on the pedal. Consequently, it dictates the kind of shoes you are to wear.

Grippy shoes add more power to your strokes since your foot won’t slide off the pedal. Slippery shoes are best suited for fast playing.

Nonetheless, you should go for shoes with a moderate grip that slides easily. Too much traction can mess up with your performance quality and speed. It happens because your foot tends to stick longer on the pedal than it is necessary.

2. Material

The type of material determines the amount of comfort you get from your shoes. Lousy ones or boots will give you blisters after a gig.

The most recommendable characteristic of drumming shoes’ material is flexibility. Breathability is another crucial comfort feature for sweaty feet.

Suede, canvas, and thin leather are the best options. They wear in easily and have a natural feel.

3. Weight

A perfect performance requires your feet to be as light as possible. It is for this reason that some drummers prefer playing in socks or barefoot.

Playing with shoes on is recommendable as it gives you better control ton the rhythm. So, you should look for those that are lightweight.

4. Type of Sole

Go for those that have a flat sole. Heels change the shape of your foot, thus affecting your drumming style. Also, avoid those that have a tapered shape.

They tend to translate into heels when on the pedal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are drumming shoes?

These are unique kinds of shoes designed for wearing when you want to play your drum comfortably. Their shape, weight, material, and grip aim at enhancing a drummer’s performance, speed, and comfort. Wearing them could have a great impact on how good you play your drums.

What shoes does Neil Peart wear?

Neil first wore the Urbann Boards drumming shoes at a performance in a Rush tour. After that, the company developed the Urbann Neil Peart Signature shoe.

Why do some drummers wear gloves?

The primary reason why drummers wear gloves is to avoid blisters after a long performance. Also, gloves enhance one’s grip even with sweaty hands. They are good if you want to play your drum well.


In conclusion, wearing the right shoes is essential for you as a drummer. Go for those that are very comfortable to your feet and which will not cause you blisters.

Also, buy shoes that are lightweight and which will allow your ankle to move freely. Do not forget that the best shoes for drumming should be breathable.

For this review, Van Authentic Men’s shoes are the winners. They are great, simple, flexible, and good-looking. Besides, they are also very durable and lightweight. They are breathable and well-fitting shoes.

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