Pyle Pro Tabletop Electronic Drum Pad PTED01 Review

Are you a drummer who moves from one point to another doing your jam sessions? The Pyle Pro Tabletop electronic drum is among the best for a drummer on the go.

It gives you an opportunity to experience an exciting drumming session. Furthermore, it also offers some of the best professional sounds for any drummer.

Besides, the electronic drum has 25 preset kits on board, making it more responsive. The pads are unique for touch-sensitivity. They produce the sound depending on how hard you strike the pad. The built-in recording functionality enhances your drumming experience. 

Also, the electronic drum has preset songs to use while practising. This piece has more insight into this electric drum kit. We hope you will find the facts resourceful to your musical journey. 


Pyle Pro Tabletop Electronic Drum Pad


Things we liked

The recording functionality to assess your performance effectively.
The electric drum has great sound quality.
Compact, portable and affordable.
The product can still run on batteries.

Things we didn’t like

Complicated buttons on the panel.
The pedals appear to be unstable
Lower in quality than its competitors
It may not last for too long.


The Product Overview

The electronic drum sets have seven pads. The seven pads enjoy touch sensitivity. As such, the electric drum becomes ideal for providing an accurate response. These Pylepro portable drums set are an all-in-one type. The electronic drums have 25-built-in presets. 

The best electronic drum sets have computer software to get better results . The best electronic drum needs a PC you can connect properly. You connect the computer using the USB .They function as a midi controller for your favorite songs.

The best electronic drum is compact and will accomplish much like traditional drums. The pad digital drum kit is reliable for practicing to provide a drumming solution. 

Who is this kit best suited for?

The Pyle electronic drum kit is suitable for both professionals and drummers who are at entry-level. You must learn the basics of drumming using favorite computer software. The 7 pad digital devices are easy to use due to the responsive drum pads. 

As a beginner, you should focus on the built-in metronome plus the reverb effect. The features control the rhythm and enhance your drumming practice. Alternatively, you can use built-in songs for a better feel of your drumming practice. 

If you are a professional, you may maximize the features to drum the music. You can customize them to get even more functionality.

What is in the Box? 

What is in the Box, Pyle Pro Tabletop

The box features different hardware that joins to produce a coveted sound. They are as follows:

  • Seven touch-sensitive drum pads
  • 2 different voice metronome
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • 3.5mm jack output
  • 2-foot pedals 
  • USB MIDI output
  • Headphone jack
  • Percussion voices
  • 25 preset drum kits
  • Kick hi hat
  • Drum sticks

Features of the Electronic Drum

The electronic table top drum has various features for a better musical experience. Let us discuss the drum machines features in full detail.

Foot Pedal

The portable drum sets come with two digital foot pedal. They play an essential role in enabling the user to have a real feel of the drum machines. You can use the drum sets to maximize the hi-hat pedal and the kick drum.

The connection of the unit to the computer is straightforward. You can achieve that by using the USB cable. Interestingly, the pedals do not consume space. They will uplift the compact design of this table top drum kit. 

Headphone and USB Input

The design helps the user to pump up the volume of the drum sets. It makes the drum sets suitable for playing for the crowd. But that is not all. You can improve the personal drumming sessions with headphones. 

The headphones come in handy when you are practicing in silence. You may not want to disrupt the peace of your neighbors while at home. The good news is this electronic drum set is both for studio and home use. 

There is a LED display that enables you to access all options. Furthermore, the LED display illuminates the panel when operating in dark hours. 

The USB cable allows you to connect the drums table to your MAC or computer. Here, the USB cable functions as a MIDI controller to increase.

7 Drums Pad

The 7 pads drum kit runs on batteries. One can choose to go wireless by using 6 C size batteries. As you play it, it resembles the sound of an actual drum.  You can power them with the help of an AC adaptor.

7 Drums Pad

The 7 drum pads are customizable, lightweight, and portable. The 7 pad digital drum uses modern technology to enhance your drumming skills. The seven drum pads are touch-sensitive and responsive to every hit. 

You can play along with the prerecorded songs. Such songs may range from jazz, hard and soft rock, or even record their songs. 

Editing and Recording

The top features a control panel to manage all the functions. The LCD screen has software to get even the favorite rhythmn . You can set up the sound and save the presets. Hit the record button and create your first drum alone on the electronic drums.

Alternatives to the Pyle Electronic drum

When looking for the best option, the right one can be Alesis Compact Kit. (Full Review Here) The digital drum kit has powerful speakers and microphones in case of private practice. It has 50 practice songs and a fair price tag with many amazon reviews.  

Another option is the Yamaha DD75 Electronic Drum Pad. (Full Review Here) The best electronic drum has 8 touch-sensitive pad for expressive playing. It has built-in percussion voices being 5 user drum kits. The kits 5 user is versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the max wattage for the built-in speaker?

The best option should be 10 watts.

What makes PylePro portable drums popular?

It is a combination of various factors. It scores well on pricing. Furthermore, the musical instruments have touch-sensitive pads that are always responsive. The kick drum and hi hat are functional. They sound and play like a regualar drum.

What lacks in the box at the purchase level?

The box includes every component to make it operational. You can only buy the batteries separately if you must use them.


Pylepro portable drums have excellent features to play the drums. The designer developed to resemble sound like traditional drums. As such, one can produce high-quality sounds to promote your drumming skills.

The headphones are ideal for silence operations. There is computer software to customize settings that meet your needs. The Pylepro portable drums are friendly to both amateurs and professionals. The greatest asset in this Pylepro portable drums is the compact design. You can transfer it to any place and use it without electric power. 

Finally, the Pylepro portable drums are lightweight, therefore, easy to carry. The digital panel gives you access to different controls.