5 Best Drum Throne in 2021 with Buying Guide

As a drummer, you may not enjoy your jam session if you have the wrong drum throne. Drum thrones play a significant role in ensuring that you effectively execute your drumming. They do this mostly by providing comfort and stability that a drummer requires.

For this reason, a drummer should be wise in choosing the best drum thrones. This article will bring to your attention five of the best drum thrones in the market today.

Comparison table for the Best Drum Throne

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style – Best for back support 1. Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style – Best for back support
  • Height adjust between 20-28”
  • Rubber feet
  • Memory lock
ROC-N-SOC Drum Throne – Best for Comfort and stability 2. ROC-N-SOC Drum Throne – Best for Comfort and stability
  • Height adjust between 18-24”
  • Bicycle-style cushion
  • Free spinning
PDP by DW 700 Series Drum Throne – Best pocket-friendly 3. PDP by DW 700 Series Drum Throne – Best pocket-friendly
  • Height adjust between 20-25”
  • Lightweight
  • Large rubber feet
Gibraltar 6608 - Heavy Drum Throne – Best for live performances 4. Gibraltar 6608 – Heavy Drum Throne – Best for live performances
  • Height adjust between 18-24”
  • Double braced
  • Memory lock
Drum Throne Stand by Griffin - Best for tall people 5. Drum Throne Stand by GriffinBest for tall people
  • Height adjust between 18-23”
  • Padded seat
  • Double-braced legs

Review the Best Drum Throne


1. Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style – Best for back support


Rock Solid double braced leg base

Super foot solid foundation rubber feet

Super-lock cast seat fastening system


Things we liked

It has a backrest that makes it very comfortable
It is suitable for tall people
The rubber feet prevent it from scratching the floor when in use
It can support heavy weight

Things we didn’t like

It is not ideal for traveling because of its weight
It is relatively expensive

This drum throne is among the unique thrones in the market today. It is among the few that come with a back rest. If you are looking for a drum stool with back support, then this is your go-to drum stool.

The package once you buy is inclusive of a back rest, a cushion, and the support. Gibraltar 9608MB Bike seat is an ideal drum throne if you do not want to compromise on your spine’s health.

This throne also has one of the highest height adjustment. You can adjust the height from 20 to 28 inches. As such, tall people will find it ideal and comfortable.

Moreover, this stool comes with a memory lock. Once you have adjusted your height, you can fasten it using this lock and the fastener.

You can focus on your jam session without any distraction that comes with the cushion moving up and down. Among the Gibraltar products, this throne has the heaviest base.  It is for this reason that its quality is quite high. It is highly durable and one of the best brands from the organization.

Because of the tough support and its sturdy backrest, it is heavier than other thrones. It weighs around 21.3 lbs. It can support people of different weights comfortably.

 Moreover, it is not easy to transport because of its weight. As such, it is suitable for use indoors or live performances.

 Another essential feature is that it has rubber feet.


2. ROC-N-SOC Drum Throne – Best for Comfort and stability


Welds are 100% guaranteed

Free spinning seat 

Contoured bicycle seat-style


Things we liked

It has a wide base that can accommodate people of any size
It is comfortable
It is very stable
It comes in different colors
You can adjust its height

Things we didn’t like

It does not come with a back support
It is slightly expensive

If you are looking for a comfortable drum, this is the ideal drum throne for you. This drum throne has made for itself a name in the market.

It has a very wide base that measures 24.5 x 20.5 x 16 inches’. Such dimensions for a base are large enough to accommodate a person of any body size. The dimensions also increase stability, making this drum throne universal for most drummers.

The further increase it steadiness, this drum throne weighs 14.75 lbs. With this weight, this drum throne can comfortably support a person of any weight. It is for this reason that this product has gained much popularity among many drummers.

Many drummers are also looking for drum thrones with adjustable heights. Compared to other thrones, this drum throne offers you the best height adjustment. You can comfortably adjust the height from 18” – 24.” This means that this drum throne is a perfect fit for people of all heights.

The other crucial feature that this seat comes with is a cushion that looks like a bicycle seat. The cushion comes in an ergonomic design. If you are doing long drumming sessions, this cushion will be crucial in ensuring you do not get leg fatigue.

Comfort is one primary feature that every best drum throne should have. Roc-n-Soc’s soft, durable bicycle-style cushion makes you comfortable for hours. It is no wonder that this drum throne rates highly for its comfort and stability.

A good throne should allow you to spin freely during your jam session. This is among the thrones that have just taken care of that. It comes as a freely spinning seat that is essential to reduce spinal strain when your body twists.

It also comes with a shock absorber of nitrogen gas. This feature offers you that subtle bounce you need to reduce back fatigue.


3. PDP by DW 700 Series Drum Throne – Best pocket-friendly



Sturdy double-braced legs

Solid 1″ Base


Things we liked

It is relatively cheaper
It is of high quality
You can adjust the height
Easy to travel with or carry along
It does not make noise when you pull it because of its rubber feet

Things we didn’t like

It can support only a limited weight
It has a round seat which may be uncomfortable to sit for long hours

Are you a drummer looking for an affordable drum throne? PDP by DW is the right drum throne for you. With this throne, your limited budget should not be a hindrance to you enjoying your jam session.

Amazingly, this drum throne combines both affordability and quality. It is a high-quality drum throne that can support a weight of up to 225 pounds. Many people weigh somewhere around this weight. As such, this drum throne is ideal for the majority.

However, the weight of this drum stool is only four pounds. It is, therefore, quite light and thus limited in the weight that this round drum can support.

On the flip side, the lightweight makes this drum throne portable. If you are a frequent traveler or are in a band that travels often, this is the go-to drum stool.

The drum throne is also very flexible. By folding the legroom, you will have folded its legs, and you carry easily carry it with you. Once you fold it, you can make it even more portable by detaching the base. You can then fit it comfortably into a van or a car and carry it along.

As a drum throne, it is also very stable. With a wide base of 18 x 16 x 16 inches, it is highly stable and can comfortably support different people.

Another feature that contributes significantly to this throne’s comfort is its cushion. Its round throne consists of a high-density cushion that is of high-quality fiber. The spongy cushion is thick, hence good in terms of comfort.

Moreover, it has double braced legs that have large rubber feet. They are key to ensuring sturdy support. You can also adjust the height of this drum stool to fit you comfortably.


4. Gibraltar 6608 – Heavy Drum Throne – Best for live performances


Top grade foam

Adjusts from 18 to 24 inches

Motorcycle Style Vinyl Seat


Things we liked

It is multicolored
It can support different weights
It has a memory lock to secure the seat’s position
You can adjust the height
It is portable

Things we didn’t like

It is quite high for children and short people

If you are looking for the best drum throne for live performances, Gibraltar 6608 is your best choice. It a heavy-duty stool and is also good for personal use.

Gibraltar 6608 is a lightweight drum stool that weighs only 8.82 lbs. As such, it is highly portable, and you can move with it from place to place.

Gibraltar 6608 is a drumming throne that can support people of different heights and weight comfortably.  Its measurements are almost as that of most other thrones. It is a throne that you can share among many people.

When you buy this stool, it will be in three pieces. It has a base, a cushion, and a post to join the pad to the support system. The base consists of double-brass three-legged supports. These supports are very sturdy and can hold a weight of up to 200 pounds.

 The good drum throne also comes with a memory lock to secure the post that attaches the base’s seat. It ensures that once you adjust the throne, it remains secured in that position. You can thus rest at ease without fear of falling.

Its cushion is of a top grade foam to offer a drummer maximum comfort. It has a motorcycle seat. This shape helps to prevent muscle pulls that come as a result of poor sitting posture.

Like some other thrones, it is also height adjustable. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the height from 18 to 24 inches. Whether you are short or tall, this is among the drum thrones that can comfortably cater to you.

If colors attract you, this throne also comes in multi-colors that you can choose from.


5. Drum Throne Stand by GriffinBest for tall people


Thick Cushion

Chrome Plating

Percussion Ready


Things we liked

It is shiny thus beautiful for those who  love beautiful thrones
It is durable
It is lightweight hence you can travel with it
It has a rotating cushion
It is height adjustable

Things we didn’t like

It cannot support any weight above 215 lbs.

This drum throne comes with a padded seat the measures 12 inches in diameter for comfort.

One of its key features is its adjustability. You can adjust the height of the Griffin drum throne from 18 to 23 inches. The height adjustment is key in ensuring that your body is comfortable as you do your jam session.

Just like many other drum thrones, Griffin drum throne weighs only six pounds. With this weight, this drum is easy to carry along with you as you move from one place to another.

Its flexibility is also enhanced in that you can disengage the seat from the stand. Separating these two parts makes it easy for you to pack it if you are in transit.

This throne is also sturdy. It comes with a 25 millimeters thick pipe at its base that can support up to  215 lbs. However, it is not strong enough to support any weight higher than this.

When using this drum throne, you can move into any direction without having to stand up. Its cushion that can rotate at the base makes this movement possible.

This feature is important, especially if you are playing a set of drums. It means you can reach any of them without any difficulties. Turning your whole body becomes self-distracting, and it’s essential to avoid it.

If you want to transport the drum stool, you can also fold its base. Alternatively, you can crumple it and carry it with all its parts still attached.

Buying Guide for the Best Drum Thrones

Investing in a good drum throne is not an option if you want a remarkable drumming experience. A wrong drum throne can spoil a once-in-a-lifetime gig. It can also cause unnecessary back pain and fatigue.

Below are key factors to put into consideration when buying drum thrones.

Seat’s Comfort

You are likely to use your drum throne for a couple of hours in a row. As such, you need a comfortable seat to carry you through without strain. The primary factors that influence the comfort of a chair are the seat’s shape, size, and padding.

Drum thrones come with either round seats or bicycle seats. Round seats tend to work well for drummers who move around frequently.

Bicycle seats are ideal for continuous sitting. They have contours which may limit one’s movement, even though they have less friction and thus suitable for musicians.

When looking for a drum throne, ensure that it has enough surface area to sit on. Small diameters are fit for slim drummers, while plump individuals require larger diameters.

A thick seat’s cushion is preferable over a thin one. It enhances comfort even with prolonged hours of sitting. Ensure that the cushion’s filling is high-quality stuff to enhance durability.

Height Adjustability

Drum thrones come with different heights. They can be adjustable or non-adjustable. It is not recommendable to buy a chair that has a fixed height. It might not be the right fit for your height and that of the drum.

An adjustable drum throne is an ultimate deal. You can customize its height to suit the occasion. Finding a perfect sitting position enhances good posture. It also ensures that you legs are not dangling on the floor, thus promoting good blood circulation.

The most common height-adjustments are pneumatic and hydraulic systems. To ensure your chair sticks to the desired height, it must have a lock feature. Either a memory lock or a wingnut is a good choice.

Adjustability keeps your spine comfortable and eliminates fatigue.  


An ideal throne should offer optimal support to the user despite the intensity of their motions. Drum thrones have three or four feet. The three-feet design is the most common. It is appropriate to use on any floor as it wobbles less.

A four-feet throne is ideal for tall and heavyweight drummers. The higher you lift the chair, the more support it requires.

Ensure that the feet have a sturdy construction and are non-slip. Rubber and plastic are good anti-slip materials.

Also, the weight capacity of a drum throne is key in enhancing comfort and stability. Ensure that the throne you intend to buy is within your weight range.


Many drum thrones don’t have a backrest because this is an optional feature. However, it is an incredible feature that is worth trying. If you have existing back pain, a drum throne that has a backrest is the most appropriate. It lessens the pain and helps you concentrate on what you love most.

You don’t have to wait until you get back pain to buy a drum throne with backrest. It helps you maintain a good posture, thus preventing back pain.

When choosing a backrest, ensure that it is adjustable. As such, you can adjust it to a height that gives you optimal lumbar support.

Also, you can opt for a detachable backrest if you travel with your gear regularly. Such gear is easily portable because you only need to take it off and pack. In such a scenario, ensure that the entire drum throne is lightweight to ease transportation.


Can I add a backrest to my drum throne?

Yes, a drum throne works incredibly well with a backrest, and you can add one. There are plenty of universal backrests that are compatible with almost all drum thrones.

However, some drum chairs are not compatible with any backrest. Confirm whether your chair has a post section attachment area before purchasing a backrest.

Alternatively, you can buy a drum throne that has a pre-fitted backrest.

Between round seat and bicycle seat, which is better?

Both seats are excellent, but the choice depends on the user’s personal preference. Round seats are great since they ease movement and provides support to your underside thighs.

Bicycle seats are also good because they cause less friction and allows proper blood circulation.

How do I care for my drum throne?

Maintenance and cleaning of a drum throne depend on its construction material. Vinyl and leather seats are easy to wipe. Also, you should not expose them to direct sunlight for a long duration. Other fabrics may require intense cleaning or vacuuming, polishing, and waxing. Always follows the manufacturer’s guidelines of care for your specific product.


In conclusion, having the best drum throne is essential for a drummer. Good drum thrones will ensure you fully enjoy your jam session. Moreover, drum thrones offer you the comfort that you require in your drumming.

For this review, Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat is our most favorite throne. It is among the few drum thrones that come with a backrest to protect your spine.

Moreover, it is also quite sturdy and can support any weight. This throne also stands out because of its high height adjustment of between 20 to 28 inches.

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