How Electronic Drum Sets Work?

How Electronic Drum Sets Work

Maybe you have ever wondered how the best electronic drum sets manage to produce such an excellent chord. You have been trying to figure out how electronic drum sets work. Well, in the past, drummers were only limited to conventional drumming. However, with the onset of technology, many things have taken a turn for the … Read more

How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply For Drums

How to soundproof a room cheaply for drums

You’ve got a great set of drums, and you love to play, but perhaps your roommates and neighbors aren’t so keen on listening to you practice every day, and you need to find a way to soundproof your room.  How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply for Drums:  Install Carpet or Lay Down Rugs Hang Curtains … Read more

2 Ways to Connect Two Drum Modules for Better Sound Production

Connect Two Drum Modules

As we grow as drummers, slowly we become more choosy about the sounds and we start concentrating on the sound and quality of the music. The drum module is certainly a blessing for all the drummers out there. Then How to Connect Two Drum Modules? Read Now. However, for the initial few weeks, you need … Read more

Choose the Right Electronic or Acoustic Drum For Your Child

Electronic or Acoustic Drum

Introducing your kid to drumming is really a challenging thing yet fun. Like we know, the earlier the better can be implemented when it comes to learning a drumming kit. However, choosing the right one for your kid is a real headache. Whether electronic or acoustic drums for your kid is a question that needs … Read more

How Loud is an Electronic Drum Kit and Different Parts of It

How Loud is an Electronic Drum Kit

Electronic drum kits take the beating from the sticks and create vibrations, not sounds. These vibrations are then converted into music by the drum module. So, the electronic drum gear such as pads or cymbals does not produce any sound of their own. However, they still generate some thud sounds. The thud sounds come from … Read more

5 Clever Ways to Add Cymbals to Electronic Drums

add cymbals to electronic drums

The default gears in an electronic drum kit are enough for a start but not so enough as your skills grow. Over time, you may want to add a few or many cymbals to your electronic drums. The added cymbals may help you to produce more variety with your music. Or, the added cymbals could … Read more

5 Clever Ways to Add More Pads to Your Electronic Drum Kit

Ways to Add More Pads to Your Electronic Drum Kit

You probably are a gear addict or you have become a better drummer recently. This demands more drum pads added to your electronic kit. Find the 5 Best ways to add more pads to your electronic drum kit. Sadly, there are only so many trigger inputs but that’s not all gloom. Follow this guide and … Read more

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Electronic Drum Kit Without Overspending

Upgrade Your Electronic Drum Kit

The more your skills grow behind a drum kit, the more you would want to upgrade it to match your skills. Staying up to date with the trend and buying a new electronic drum kit is not always an option. So upgrading your current one is the way to go. Even upgrade your electronic drum … Read more