5 Best Drum Rug And Mats(Buying Guide) 2022

Can you feel your drum creeping forward during your performance? We all know how things can spiral downhill from there! The only solution to prevent the movement of your bass drum is to use the best drum rug available in the market to place beneath your drum.

A drum rug can decorate the stage during your performance, add stability to the drum kit, prevent it from skidding or creeping, and protect the floor from scratches.  But what’s the best drum rug in which you should invest as a new drummer? Don’t worry, because we are here to find you the best drum rugs. 

 Roland V-Drums Mat – Medium  1. Roland V-Drums Mat – Medium
  • High-quality, non-flammable material
  • 3 layers to absorb extra noise
  • Immobilizes drum
51.18 x 47.24
Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat - The Ultimate Drum Mat 2. Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat – The Ultimate Drum Mat
  • Pocket-friendly3 layers to absorb extra noise
  • Stylish and unique look
  • Patented design to prevent bass drum creeps
12 x 5 x 12 Inches
On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat 3. On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat
  • Lays straight without curly corners
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great for on-stage gigs
48 x 48/72 x 48
Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug 4. Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug
  • Durable material with a strong fabric top
  • Provides excellent stability to the drum kit
  • Plenty od space for the instrument and your legs
78 x 63.5
 DW Drum Rug 5x7 Feet 5. DW Drum Rug 5×7 Feet
  • Stylish and minimalistic
  • Strong and durable material
  • Flexible and easy to transport
60 x 84

Best Drum Rug List for New Drummers 

There are several drum rugs available in different sizes and price ranges. Here’s a list of our favorite drum rugs for you to pick from!


1. Roland V-Drums Mat – Medium


Things we liked

Durable and heavy-duty, with 3 layers of felt, nylon filament, and urethane resin
Designed by world-class music instruments company, Roland Corporation
Prevents noise and vibrations and absorbs shocks
Velcro tape to help fold the rug for greater portability

Things we didn’t like

A little on the expensive side, even though the drum kit mat is worth the price

Are you having trouble playing your drums because it keeps moving on the surface? What you need is the Roland V-Drums mat. This product will safeguard the floor from scratches, reduce the impact of high frequency and loud noise. So, if you’re planning to practice in an enclosed area, this product is perfect. 

It is a heavy-duty rug to place beneath the drum set and is excellent for those who like a minimalistic look. It’s available in two sizes and is made of a flame-proof material. It has a strong structure layered with nylon filaments, with urethane resin to add softness for the reduction of noise and absorption of shock.   

Interestingly, the manufacturer of this drum mat, Roland Corporation, is internationally reputed for its incredible musical instruments. Their experience in the music industry is a massive advantage while designing the rug. You can rest assured that this drum rug will solve all your problems. 


2. Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat – The Ultimate Drum Mat


Things we liked

Patented rug design to lock the drum’s pedals and seat
Self-adhesive security strips with Velcro, designed especially for drums 
Compact and light – the perfect replacement for conventional large drum mats 
Easy to fold and carry around in a carriable case that comes with it 

Things we didn’t like

Doesn’t cover the entire drum setup area, though without reducing its effectiveness

A music accessory that’s designed by an industry expert is always the best that you can get for a drum kit – and the Black Widow drum mat is one of the best drum rugs in this price range. It has a revolutionary design that prevents your drumset from slipping or creeping, even if you’re playing a particularly aggressive beat! 

This Black Widow drum set rug is flexible and portable, and using it is really easy. You can replace the traditional drum rug with this mat as it’s lightweight and locks the drum pedals. It is specially designed for drum sets and is easy to carry around when you have to travel from one gig to the other.

Remember that this Black Widow non-skid drum rug is primarily designed to go under the seat and the pedals of the set., and has a unique shape. It successfully secures the whole instrument in place, immobilizing it completely. It’s made of high-quality material with long-lasting stitches to give you extended durability.


3. On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat


Things we liked

Thick and durable PVC material that doesn’t fray quickly
Available in two different sizes for unrestricted performance
Lightweight, easy to roll up, and comes with a nylon bag for easy portability
Non-slip drum rug design for an excellent grip over the floor to keep the instrument in place 

Things we didn’t like

Green logo at the corners of the black mat that may not go with the drum set

Are you tired of heavy rugs for your drum mats? Are you looking for a rug that’s lightweight and portable? Then the On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire mat is the solution for all the bass drum creeps that you have been dealing with. It’s the perfect product to keep your drum set from moving when you are playing on it. 

The drum rug is made of PVC, which is a high-quality and durable material. The corners don’t fray easily while folding and unfolding the drum rug. The mat is perfect for you if you have to travel a lot, as it folds and unrolls quite easily. The rug grips on to the floor firmly to eliminate all movements. 

The drum kit mat is designed to provide plenty of space for your feet, drum, and some drum stands so that you are comfortable during your performance. Besides, It has two velcro straps with which you can keep it rolled up securely when the mat is not in use. It also comes in a nylon bag for transportation. 


4. Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug


Things we liked

Made of durable rubber with a tightly woven fabric cover for firmness 
Excellent grip on the floor to prevent slipping and boost the stability of the bass drum 
The black surface can be decorated and personalized with graphics
Huge surface area to accommodate large setups and convenient performance  

Things we didn’t like

Not easy on the pockets, though it’s an excellent drummer’s rug 

For regular performers who are fed up with bass drum creeping on the stage, the MDR-BK drum rug from the house of Meinl Cymbals is an excellent product. The Meinl drum rug is designed with a non slip material that will last for a long time with a fabric cover on the top. It offers lots of space for large drum sets.

The rug has a blank surface that you can decorate and customize with graphics of your choice for a personalized touch. It’s a super-flexible mat that you can roll up easily at the end of a gig and tuck away in the back of your vehicle. It’s quite easy to store and transport this mat after the performances.

When you place the bass drum on this mat, the drum spurs of the instrument sink into the surface of the mat. Thus the equipment will not budge from its place, even when you give a full-on energetic drumming performance. The tightly woven fabric surface is also great for absorbing unnecessary shock.  


5. DW Drum Rug 5×7 Feet


Things we liked

Non-skid rubber bottom to keep the mat and the drum in place
Perfect for both studio and stage use
Stylish look with high-quality and attractive silver logos
Soft and flexible and can be carried around easily.

Things we didn’t like

Curling up of the edges after extended usage

The last product on our list of the best drum rugs is the mat from the house of DW, one of the experts in this area, whose name itself is sufficient proof of the quality of this mat. Once you start using it, you’ll realize that it’s a great rug made of industry-grade material for extended usage during shows, recordings, and practices.

The rug has a chic black look, which becomes even more stylish because of the silver logo of the brand. If you’re a fan of a minimalistic look, then you’ll love it in this manner. Or, if you want to jazz up the look to match your bass drum, you can customize its plain black surface and add graphics to the rug for a personal touch.

The bottom surface is lined with non slip rubber, and it allows a firm grip on any kind of floor, preventing it from scratch and unnecessary harm. It is perfect for the stage, studio, and personal space. This drum rug is large enough to give you plenty of leg space to help you to perform freely.

Best Drum Rug Buyer’s Guide 

Now you know the best drum rugs available in the market. But what qualities should you look for at the time of buying them? It’s simple, really. While getting a rug for your drum set, you need to check the size, portability, budget, and quality. Check out:


The first thing to check at the time of buying bass drum rugs is its size. You need to match it with your drum set. So, make sure that the drum rug you purchase is not too small for your drum set and not too large for the stage if you’re going to use it during your performances. A standard drum rug designed for a 5-piece drum set is 4”-5” broad and 5”-7” wide. But you can choose something larger.


Your drum rug is not some fixed accessory that you can place in the room where you practice and forget all about it. It needs to be put on the stage, at auditions, in studios, and everywhere you take your drum kit. Naturally, you need to get a rug that’s lightweight, flexible, and portable. Even if you want to keep a separate rug just for your gigs, it needs to be foldable and kept in a car in between concerts. 


Drum rugs need to be of good quality so that they can handle the weight and movement of your drum set while protecting the floor from scratches. It should be made of a durable material like PVC, and have a non-skid material with a firm grip so that it can serve its primary purpose, i.e., prevent the drum set from creeping along the surface in the middle of your performance. 


An essential factor at the time of buying a good drum mat is the price of the product. Your budget plays an essential role here, of course. There are different price options that you can choose from. Of course, a higher price indicates a good material and durability, as well as specialized features for drums. But don’t spend unnecessarily and exceed your budget just for the sake of it. 

The basic purpose of all types of rugs is the same. So, find out if you need a specialized drum rug with features like weighted corners and shock absorption, or if a regular rug will do in the initial stage. A drum rug has a firmer grip to eliminate drum creeps and may have weighted corners to prevent skids. You’ll need to decide what kind of a drum rug is best for you, based on your usage.   

Frequently Asked Questions About :

Drummers, especially new drummers, might have some questions about buying a new drum rug. So, we have tried to answer a couple of frequently asked questions for you. 

How can the drum rug be prevented from skidding?

A good bass drum rug usually has a good grip and is made of a non-skid material. However, it’s made skid if you put it on an extremely slippery surface or another carpet. You can place a non slip pad beneath the drum rug. Non slip shelf liners made of rubber or some double-sided tape for carpets are available easily.

Can drum rugs affect the sound of the drums?

A drum rug can have a dampening effect on your instrument’s shell. As a result, it can change the tone produced by the drum. It can absorb the sounds of the highest frequency. This is a helpful feature when you’re performing inside enclosed areas.  

Is it mandatory to get a rug for drummers?

Bass drums tend to keep skidding or creeping, especially when it is put on a slippery surface. This can significantly deteriorate your performance. Besides, rugs can also prevent scratches and grubs on the floor. So a drum rug is a must for every drummer.   


Now you have our reviews of our favorite drum rugs and the answers to all the questions you might have about buying this product. You also know how to pick the best drum rug within your budget. Remember to buy something that provides stability to your drum and looks cool at the same time!  

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