Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum Set Review

Are you looking for an entry-level cheap electronic kit? The Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum set price is one of the most favorable in the market.

Besides, it comes with some of the best features that are essential for a beginner. This electronic set produces high-quality sounds that you will like.

In this review, we will tell you all that you need to know about this kit.


Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum Set


Things we liked

The price is relatively pocket-friendly
Easy to set up and tune to your liking.
Its pads are soft  and have high sensitivity
Produces quality sound
Features a MIDI connectivity for connecting to a PC.

Things we didn’t like

May not be the best for live performances
The pad sensitivity is mostly at the center. It reduces as you move towards the edges
The snare pad does not feel real
Hi-hat clicks are too soft.

The Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum Kit review

The Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum set is an improvement of the previous SD5K.

The drum will provide you with a lively feel, thanks to its more than 300 realistic sounds and a highly expressive hi-hat. Moreover, its bass drum pad can accommodate a double pedal.

This electronic drum also features a dual-zone snare pad, a space for 30 user kits, and 20 preset kits. It is well able to produce high-quality sound. You will also like it since it comes with USB connectivity and at a very competitive price.

The Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum kit offers you an opportunity to record your tracks, just like many other electronic sets. It features a hand percussion option as well as live electronic pads.

This electronic kit also has a huge array of sample libraries, which makes it very useful. After playing your sing, you can trigger your choice of samples using the SD7K kit’s MIDI signal.

You can also opt for a more powerful sound by replacing the snare, kick, or toms. This drum also allows you to combine multiple samples.

Who is it Best Suited for?

The Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced acoustic drummers.

If you would lie to begin your journey to drumming without spending too much, you can consider this set. It will offer a drumming experience that is almost similar to that of an acoustic drum.

For the more experienced acoustic drummers, this drum will allow you to get a feel of electronic drum sets. The Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit is a great way to help you become a fully-fledged drummer.

What is in the Box?

  • A Drum module
  • A crash cymbal
  • A hi-hat cymbal pad
  • A hi-hat controller pedal
  • A ride cymbal
  • 3 tom pads
  • A supporting frame
  • A snare drum pad
  • A kick drum stand
  • A bass drum pad

Features of the Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum Set

The Sound Module

This set features 50 preset drum kits. These will come in handy, especially for beginner drummers to self-teach themselves drumming techniques.

Simmons SD7K sound module

Some of the preset drum kits include retro 1960s drum kits and the 1980s electronic synth kits. Others include reggae kits, modern rock drumming kits, among others.

Other than the preset kits, this electronic kits also features fifty preset MIDI songs. You can use these to practice music styles such as rock, reggae, jazz, and others.

The Simmons SD7K electronic drum set produces excellent sounds. The sound module has a headphone function that allows you to use headphones. That means you can use this set in your house comfortably without disturbing the neighbors.

The sound module also features a MIDI interface that allows you to connect to a computer for MIDI sampling.

Moreover, it features quarter-inch input and output jacks that are crucial if you want to drum along with your favorite music.

This set also allows you to connect to an external amplifier. This feature will come in handy in case you want to use this set in place of your traditional acoustic drum kit.

It also allows you to create your kits if you are not satisfied with the preset kits.


The Build

The Simmons SD7K electronic drum set comes with five drum pads.

This set also comes with three cymbal pads, including a crash, a hi-hat, and a ride. The drum pads are effectively sensitive, and you will love them.

The drum pads are of high-quality, which helps to offer you a professional feel. However, they may are relatively small, though okay for the price. The hi-hat comes with a floor pedal trigger.

The electronic drum kit also comes with a sturdy frame and rack clamps to help in enhancing longevity. This set also comes with an advanced design that improves playing ergonomics. Its design also helps to minimize the usage of space.

Alternatives to the Simmons SD7K Electronic Drum Set

In case you are not like this set, you can consider other options. Here are two of the most likely options.

The first alternative is the Roland Td-1K electronic drum set. (Full Review) This set comes with free-floating tools and rubber pads. It also has onboard training features, and it produces impressive sounds. Its price is also quite competitive.

The other alternative is the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit. (Full Review) This entry-level set features 60 built-in tracks and 385 sounds. Its sound is much better, though its price is relatively high.

The Primary Downsides


One of the major downsides of this set is that you will have to purchase some accessories separately. Some of what you will need to buy include a drum throne, drumsticks, headphones, or amplifiers.

Consequently, this translates to an extra cost. The other downside is that the cymbal pads are relatively less sensitive to quick drum rolls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of headphones can I use with this drum?

The Simmons SD7K electronic drum kit comes in a design that allows it to use various headphones. You can use any stereo headphone that has either a 1/8″ or 1/4″ jack.

Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of each pad?

With this kit, you can comfortably adjust the pad sensitivity. Ensure you read the user’s manual to get the step-by-step instructions on how to make the adjustment.  

Are there any specifically recommended drumsticks for use with this drum kit?

Yes. The manufacturers recommend that you use wooden sticks that are of standard size and weight. Such sticks will offer you the best sound and help to preserve your drum kit.


The Simmons SD7K electronic drum set is among the best drum kits in the market for beginners. It retails at a very friendly price has some of the best features.

It has MIDI connectivity to allow you to connect to your PC. Moreover, you can also connect your headphones for silent drumming.