Casio LD 80 Electronic Drum Set Review – What you need to know

Are you looking for a kit that is suitable for beginners and professionals? The Casio LD 80 drum set could be your best bet. It comes with features that will help you have a great drumming experience.

Moreover, it is a quality kit that you can comfortably use for both live and silent drumming sessions. This kit will give you so much that you will find it hard to distinguish it from the actual acoustic drum.

In this review, we bring to you all you need to know about this digital drum kit.


Casio LD 80 Electronic Drum Set


Things we liked

Casio electronic drum has lighting guide system
The drum uses touch responsive pads
It has multiple features and impressive sound
The drum uses MIDI cable

Things we didn’t like

Poor build quality
The kit is too small
Some important features are missing

Casio LD 80 Kit Review

Casio LD 80 digital drums set contains two pedals and seven touch-sensitive pads. Furthermore, this drum set comes with 76 sounds.

Casio LD features a lighting guide system that is essential for easy learning of the kit. Furthermore, these digital kits feature a recording function that allows you to record your drumming sessions.

The kit also comes with a USB/MIDI connectivity feature.

Who is this Kit Best Suited for?

Casio LD 80 drums are suitable for a variety of drummers. Firstly, it is an ideal product for beginners who want to begin their drumming journey. It offers a range of sounds to enhance the drumming experience. 

Also, Casio LD 80 drum is suitable for professionals and intermediate drummers, as well as for home practice. You can also use this kit comfortably for your live stage performances.

What is in the Box?

Casio LD 80 drum kit has the following components:

  • 2-foot pedals
  • Seven touch-sensitive drum pads
  • 100 rhythms
  • Recording function
  • Metronome
  • Stereo speakers
  • Three digital reverbs
  • Drum pad indicators
  • AC adapter
  • wood drum sticks 
  • MIDI 
  • Amplifier
  • C size batteries
  • super bass drum
  • A lighting Guide system

Features of the Casio LD 80 Drum Kit

From the lighting guide system to the touch response pads and the USB/MIDI connectivity, the Casio LD 80 comes with numerous features. Let’s look at them in details;

Drum Pad

Casio LD 80 drum set has seven touch-sensitive drum pads. Each of the rubber pads comes with a touch response feature that helps to improve your drumming experience.

The pad comes in standard sizes, which helps you to save space. Even more interesting is that these pads offer a more natural bounce to give a realistic feel.

The pad is either a dual or a single trigger. The single trigger pad is responsible for one sound, whereas the dual heads will produce two sounds.

The center pad has one sound while the other one is on the rim. They give similar nuances as you play this acoustic kit. 

Drum Module 

The drum module is the main control hub of this digital drum set. It features a USB/MIDI connectivity function, which is essential to a drummer.

The MIDI function makes this among the best drum sets that you can connect to external sources. The MIDI is compatible with many virtual instruments as well as recording software. Consequently, you can connect it to your PC or iPad.

Using the USB/MIDI connectivity., you can also load your WAV or MP3 samples that you will use to lay along. The other key function of the MIDI is that it allows you to record your performance as you do your jam session.

You can perform the mixing and recording thanks to this module. You can use the effects like reverb without using a microphone. 

Other than the MIDI feature, this kit comes with a lighting guide system. This feature is crucial, especially for beginners, because it helps them in easy learning of the drumming.


It has super bass drums whose diameter is greater than the depth. You can strike the bass drum with the wooded sticks. Normally, the super bass drum features a deep sound that is crucial in spicing up your music.

Hit hat

The hit–hat is a rubber material that covers the cymbal. You can tighten it to prevent over flapping. Furthermore, the hi-hat has three position modes. They may include open, half-open, and closed. 

You can use the foot pedals to navigate the modes. Notably, the foot pedals should have positional sensors to improve the performance. 

Construction Hardware

Casio LD 80 drum sets have seven pads and two pedals to enhance performance. This pad originates from gum rubber materials for a springy rebound. That element is vital to deaden the noise. 

The rim is soft; hence you will feel smooth as you play it. As you do extra triggering, you get improved sound from the device. However, the tom pad lacks the rim feature. The good news is that you cannot play these toms frequently.

This machine also comes with an AC adapter, which is crucial when it comes to powering it.

Tom Pads

Toms are popular as they help to achieve a good stick response. The pad comes from a combination of plastic, metal, and rubber. There is a mountable slot at the tower base to connect to the drum pedal. 

Each tom is spacious to accommodate a single or double drum pedal. Thankfully, the package has an additional bonus single pad bonus. Typically, the tom pad allows the player to make adjustments to the interface. 


If you still feel that you want more, you can consider other alternatives. Here a few of them:

The first alternative is the Alesis Compact Kit. The kit enjoys 50 practice songs for you to learn effectively. Furthermore, this digital drum contains amplifiers and speakers for better sound performance. The kit comes with reasonable prices and a warranty to cover the flaws.

Another alternative worth considering is the YamahaD65 Electronic Drum Pad. This electronic drum kit has eight touch-sensitive drum pads, which are key in expressive playing. The product has percussion voices that are useful while making recordings. Furthermore, it has stereo speakers to enhance sound performance. 

The Primary Downsides 


Despite being a good kit, this kit has several downsides. Firstly, it has complicated buttons on the interface, which may be a bit confusing.

Again, the build quality of this digital drums is slightly poor. Another downside is that these digital drums are too small for some categories of people. 


Casio LD may not be the best kit in the market, but it is still a darling to many drummers. This kit is crucial in ensuring that you get a great drumming experience.

Casio drum sets have pads with a touch response. Moreover, you can practice silently via headphones to maintain privacy. As a drummer, you can easily manipulate it to bring out the favorite rhythm and sound. 

If you are a beginner, use the training mode and advance slowly. The drum kit is suitable for your artistic work. At last, as you master the tips, you become an effective player.