4 Best Drum Module for 2021 with Buying Guide

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It is an undeniable fact that many drummers are settling for the best electric drum sets. It is so because there are massive benefits that will flavour your music as you involve it.

Firstly, the drum set electric offers recording services. Furthermore, the electronic drum set will give you incredible sound quality.

This article will discuss the electronic drum modules that have excellent sound libraries to meet your needs. 

Comparison Table for Best Drum Module

Roland V-Drum TD-50 Drum Module - Best overall1.Roland V-Drum TD-50 Drum Module – Best overall
  • Excellent build quality
  • Detailed sound experience
  • 10 record channels
Yamaha DTX700 Electronic Drum Module - Best in functionality2.Yamaha DTX700 Electronic Drum Module – Best in functionality
  • Wide sound library
  • 1268 individual drum
  • 42 effects onboard
Roland TM-6 PRO Drum Module - Best in portability3.Roland TM-6 PRO Drum Module – Best in portability
  • Six trigger inputs
  • 500 one-shot sampled sounds
  • 80 ready-to-use drum kits
Roland TM-2 Acoustic Drum Module - Best for the price4.Roland TM-2 Acoustic Drum Module – Best for the price
  • SDHC card slot
  • 162 Ready-to-Play Pro Sounds
  • Powered by batteries or included AC adapter

Review of the Best Drum Modules

1.Roland V-Drum TD-50 Drum Module – Best overall

Things we liked

Unlimited sound modeling options
Exceptional functionality and build quality
Detailed sounds and lifelike experience
400 expressive and dynamic instruments
Records 10 channels

Things we didn’t like

The product is costly
Not the most compact unit

Roland V-Drums TD-50 Roland drum module happens to be among the most advanced drumming tool in the world. Such a product will suit both studio work and live performance. The drum set will offer a detailed sound that is more expressive in a drum module. 

Besides, Roland TD-50 has an advanced processor and prismatic sound modeling. The two combine to offer impressive sounds. Additionally, the electric drum has limitless modeling options for every single sound. 

Again, the electronic drum module has more than 30 built-in multi-effects and an onboard EQ. Furthermore, electronic drums have high-resolution processing that offers detailed, resonant, and expressive sounds. As such, the player will encounter an inspiring and immersive experience. 

Roland V Drums have detailed customization on board. You can model it to your preferences. For instance, you can change the cymbals’ diameter and tune the drums. Thankfully, these electronic drum modules have 17 inputs and eight balanced direct outputs. 

The Roland TD-50 electronic drums set will not be complete without an SD card out. There is also a stereo mix to enhance your drumming experience. The user can use SDHC cards to import your libraries. 

Roland V Drums allow one to record ten channels over a USB. You will not require any interface. Moreover, you can perform audiophile drum recording in the comfort of your home. 

2.Yamaha DTX700 Electronic Drum Module – Best in functionality

Things we liked

42 effects onboard
64MB onboard memory for sample importing
1268 individual drum
Wider sound library
Helpful practice features

Things we didn’t like

Limited editing options
Low quality onboard features

The Yamaha DTX700 drum module is unique as it has a diverse range of onboard sounds. These drum modules have 128 high-quality drum kits and percussion sounds. The presence of the 64MB onboard memory is necessary for importing sound samples. 

Yamaha DTX700 electronic drum module has the most impressive interface which is intuitive to use. The user can scroll through various drum sets easily. Even better, the user can adjust individual sounds using 42 onboard effects. You can custom them to your preferences. 

The electronic drum module has excellent build quality, which is enjoyable to use. You will also spice your music by adding onboard functionalities. You can always appreciate its wider sound library.

One can use these drum modules to build hybrid drums. Interestingly, it will also perform as a standalone drum set module. The module can accept 12 drum triggers. Also, it has stereo master outputs and USB connectivity.

Since the product is versatile, it will offer the value for the top dollar spent. Furthermore, the device will provide a range of lifelike tones out of the box. There is an aux input that will connect the external CD and the MP3 player. 

Last but not least, the module boasts of programmable click tracks. The drum kits have a high-performance metronome to enhance user experience. 

3.Roland TM-6 PRO Drum Module – Best in portability

Things we liked

The drum kit is simple and easy to use
Multiple ranges of quality sounds
Three volume control knobs
80 V-drum kits on board
Six trigger inputs

Things we didn’t like

Inadequate features to justify the price

Roland TM drum module is a special model that boasts of 500 samples. Interestingly, you can use the samples right out of the box. Additionally, this drum module has the functionality to load your samples. The electronic drum modules are useful for live performances. 

You can diversify your sounds by customizing onboard options. The electronic drum modules use six trigger inputs. Furthermore, this product has greater flexibility to enable creating hybrid drums. You can build your set up by incorporating additional pads, pedals, and triggers. 

Roland TM-6 Drums have a perfect build quality to support a hybrid drum kit up. The product is simple, smart, and compact. 

You can involve the module in delivering a fast volume response. The SD card will enable you to reproduce signature drum tunes. 

You can still use recorded sound when performing live performances. However, you can make them impressive when blending with built-in sounds. The module has 268 onboard sounds for expressive performance. 

Also, the product has three sound modify knobs. It will control the volume, the pitch, and other effects. The powerful layer is great in customizing sounds. As you perform, the LED indicators will assist you in understanding your parameters at a glance. 

4.Roland TM-2 Acoustic Drum Module – Best for the price

Things we liked

The product can run on batteries
The SD card loads sound samples
Incredibly simple to use
Portable, lightweight, and compact
The drum modules have an affordable price tag

Things we didn’t like

Survives on only two trigger inputs
Not dependable as drum brain 

Roland TM- 2 is a useful device yet simple. Most importantly, it is the best electronic drum for live performances. Additionally, this electronic drum is lightweight and portable. The user can custom loops, backing tracks, and WAV sound through an SDHC card. 

The drum module has an ultra-compact size that is easy to operate. The drum set electronic has excellent build quality. More so, the product has two trigger inputs meant for external pads. As such, it will facilitate you in creating a hybrid drum set easily. 

The manufacturer equipped Roland TM-2 with 162 professional sounds. Beyond that, it has an SD card slot for loading your drum tones, loops, and sound effects. You can blend your sounds and internal sounds for multiple effects. 

The drum modules are simple and easy to use. You can use it to build a versatile drum module in a hassle-free way. It will mount on the hi-hat stand easily. The drum module can run on either electricity or batteries for greater flexibility. 

You can combine with the available technology to reinforce the volume quality. The Roland TM-2 has triggers, a range of modules, and pads. They will work to give you a perfect set up. 

Buying Guide for the Drum Module

The features of the drumming tool will affect your performance. You should purchase the best module to maximize your skills. However, you are likely to miss the mark if you overlook certain elements.

In response, you should give it a systematic approach. You can examine the module by using the below elements. They will provide you with an edge when acquiring your suitable device. 

a) Sample Library

The sample library controls the real sound that the pads produce. The lower spectrum will have less than 100 sounds. The high end will exceed 1000 sounds. Suppose you want a beginner kit, pick low samples to overcome confusion.

If you are a professional drummer, settle for a higher number. High-end kits will allow one to import custom samples. It should also enable the user to create designate custom presets. 

b) Pad Materials 

Pads can come from different materials. Rubber pads are ideal in absorbing volume. Furthermore, they will register a decent impact on the strike. Rubber happens to be an affordable and durable option. 

Rubber is dense, so perfect in volume reduction. As such, it is safe to use it while practicing at home. However, you will require much effort to strike and produce a sound. Other materials will behave differently. 

c) Number of Pieces

The number of pieces refers to the total components in the drum set. The standard ones have eight pieces. They are one kick drum, a snare drum, three atoms, and a ride cymbal. Also, it has the hi-hats and a crash cymbal. 

The kit will become more expensive if it has more pieces. Also, more pieces will guarantee you better performance. 

d) Number of Response Zones

A high number of electronic kits will feature pads. As a result, they will have a single response zone. Such a design implies that it will release the same volume regardless of where you hit the pad.

High-end kits may have two response zones. They allow the user to create different drumming styles. It is an advanced feature that can be troublesome to novice drummers. 

e) Input /Output Options

Electronic drum kits do not have speakers. You may need a pair of headphones, an amp, and a computer. They have a headphone jack to facilitate your listening. There re MIDI port will connect the kit to different devices. 

Also, a kit will feature varying output options. You can use the USB port if you want more complex recordings. 


You must understand your needs before you acquire the best electronic drum. Many products come with varying features to accommodate your suit your preferences. This write-up helps you to avoid underbuying if you are a newbie. 

You will also overcome the underbuying scenario if you are a professional. The list above has the best drum module for you. Happy drumming!

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