5 Best Electronic Drums under 1000 for 2022 with Buying Guide

The constant evolution of electronic drums brings them closer and closer to the realistic feel of an acoustic drum set. The best electronic drum sets come with a wide variety of sounds, USB, MIDI & Audio connectivity features, and preset patterns.

They also have superb volume control features and the freedom to load your samples. As a result, electronic drum kits are suitable for all drummers – beginners, intermediates, and pros.

However, e-kits come with various features and prices to suit the needs of a specific category of drummers. As such, deciding on which one to buy from the market varieties can be overwhelming.

Below is an in-depth review of the best electronic drums under 1000. It also has a detailed buying guide and frequently asked questions on electronic drums. 

Comparison Table

Alesis Command Mesh Kit – Best Sound Library 1.  Alesis Command Mesh Kit – Best Sound Library
  • Built-I sequencer
  • Command Drum Module
  • 8-piece drum kit
  • 4-post Chrome rack
  • 600 sounds, 60 tracks, 70 drum kits
Roland TD-4KP Kit – Best Portability 2.  Roland TD-1K Kit – Best Portability
  • TD-1 Drum Module
  • 5-piece drum kit
  • 25 preset kits
Roland TD-1DMK Mesh Drum Kit – Best Mesh Pads 3.  Roland TD-1DMK Mesh Drum Kit – Best Mesh Pads
  • 15 preset kits
  • Dual-ply mesh heads
  • Melodics App
  • TD-1 Drum Module
Yamaha DTX402K – Best Drum Module 4.  Yamaha DTX402K – Best Drum Module
  • 5-piece drum kit
  • 4-post rack stand
  • Drum throne
  • 287 drum and percussion sounds, 128 keyboard sounds
Yamaha DTX432K – Best Sound Quality 5.  Yamaha DTX452K – Best Sound Quality
  • 8-piece drum set
  • 4-legged rack
  • DTX402 Touch App
  • 287 percussion sounds

Review for Each Drum Set

1.  Alesis Command Mesh Kit – Best Sound Library

The Alesis Command Mesh Kit is ideal for any drummer. The reason being, it is a quality electronic drum set under 1000. Moreover, it checks all the boxes of an ideal entry-level pick and a mid-range drum set.

Alesis Command Mesh Kit | Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads, Chrome Rack & Command Drum Module with 70 Kits, 600+ sounds 60 Play Along Tracks, Custom Sample Loading and USB/MIDI Connectivity

Further, this Command Mesh Kit is an upgrade of Alesis Surge Mesh Kit and Alesis Nitro mesh kit. Just like the Alesis Surge kit and the Alesis Nitro mesh, it’s also an 8-piece electronic drum set with three cymbal pads and five drums. It then includes 70 kits and 600 plus sounds. Through these, expect some remarkable drumming experiences. 

The kit’s flexibility, sound quality and feel are nothing but professional. The drum set’s mesh-head pads, for instance, have an excellent sense. Simultaneously, the soft mesh helps lessen noise, making the kit playable even in quiet environments. 

It features two 8-inch dual zone mesh tom pads, one dual-zone floor tom, and a 10- inch dual zone mesh snare. The dual-zone snare and the toms make the Alesis command mesh kit pretty compact to fit in small rooms. You’ll also like the bass drum pads. Besides being sturdy, they are also compatible with any pedal.

About the cymbal pads, they each are 10” in diameter. As you play, it’s possible to choke the crash and the ride cymbal. Other than that, the cymbal pads also allow angle adjustments on each of them for the perfect setup. Some drummers, however, find the cymbals to be too small.

Nonetheless, the cymbal pads lack a bell trigger. And for that reason, triggering the bell sample depends on how hard you hit the drum pads. Also, all the stands are very sturdy. Thanks to the four-post chrome rack that also allows height adjustments.

The command module resembles that of the Alesis Crimson II. Luckily enough, it’s much easier to operate. You may not even have to refer to the manual to learn how customizing the preset kits is done. It’s also very straightforward to choose a pad, edit its volume and even change its sound.

Loading your sounds to the module is also very straightforward. This kit comes with a USB/MIDI connection compatible with most recording software and virtual instruments.

All you need is to format your USB flash drive to a FAT32 file system. And, the module can prove to be helpful with the formatting. 

With an internal memory of 15 MB, the module’s storage is limited. Consider triggering samples and sounds from your USB driver if you intend to increase the memory.

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Very reasonable price
Features a compact design
User-friendly control module
Huge sound library
Top-quality mesh-heads
Sample playback feature
Quick to set up


Springy hi-hat feel
Ride cymbal has no playable area
Kick pad a bit noisy

2.  Roland TD-1KP Kit – Best Portability

Are you looking for the best electronic drum kit that surpasses typical entry-level kits out there? If yes, Roland TD-4KP is one of the best electronic drum sets under 1000. It’s not the cheapest kit model in the market, but it’s worth every dime. 

Roland TD-4KP Portable Electronic V-Drum Set

Its first impressions are that of a streamlined and very compact electronic drum set. Also, setting up the drum rack then mounting the drum pads and cymbals is direct and effortless. And after doing so, you’ll quickly notice how the kit covers a very minimal surface area.

Besides the small size, the kit is surprisingly lightweight as well. It’s only 27lbs in weight. As such, it’s an ideal kit for drummers that do live gigs or move around much.  

The TD-4KP is a 5-piece electronic drum set that includes three tom pads, a snare drum, hi-hat, bass drum, ride and crash cymbal. Its hi-hat displays an entry-level hi-hat design. The snare and tom pads, on the other hand, are identical. On top of that, they feature rubber material and have plastic fittings. Therefore, expect the kit to be quite clunky and noisy. 

It’s remarkable how some high-end models allow drummers to swap any parts that feel somewhat inferior. Luckily enough, the same applies to the TD-4KP. This drum kit is expandable to cater to any upgrades. For instance, it’s possible to replace the snare pad with a better PD-8. The latter also features rubber but is less noisy than the stock pads on the TD-4KP.

As for the bass drum, it’s quite impressive. The reason being, its design makes it playable with a real bass drum pedal. Even more impressive, this pad works with any of the standard bass drum pedals in the market. Nevertheless, it doesn’t support double bass drum pedals.

The drum kit then features the TD-4 drum module. Apart from the 25 preset drum kits on the module, it also allows drummers to save their own. Moreover, it delivers different ways you could use to modify your sounds. Not only can you alter the sample length but the pitch to boot. 

Further, the module includes both a coach function and a quick record function. The coach function incorporates exercises by Roland. Through these, you can perfect your timing and improve your playing. The quick-record feature is handy in recording your session by touching a button.

The one major downside of this kit is that customers complain of being unable to add extra drum pads to the module. The drum module lacks an extra input which leaves you stuck with one ride and one crash.


Excellent triggering response
Very compact and light
Versatile drum module
Impressive sound quality


Kick pedal is sold separately
Sacrifices playability for portability
Quite clunky and noisy
Does not allow you to add extra drum pads

3.  Roland TD-1DMK Mesh Drum Kit – Best Mesh Pads

Do you look forward to beginning playing drums? Or rather, are you a student who wishes to master the sense of rhythm? Well, if that’s you, Roland TD-1DMK is the best electronic drum set under 1000 to consider. 

Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set

The TD-1DMK is not a full-sized drum kit. Instead, it includes a setup of dual-zone snare pads, tom pads and a kick pad. Also, it consists of double mesh pads that prove to be pretty tough. As such, they can withstand regular use for long without needing to replace them. 

Then again, the kit boasts a snare drum pad with an 8” diameter. Besides that, the snare pad also features two trigger zones with each producing a unique and different sound. It then incorporates three single-zone tom pads with each measuring 6” in diameter. 

Also, its ply mesh drum heads are tunable. By tuning them, you produce different sounds and enhance the feel as you hit them. What’s more, the ply mesh heads allow tension adjustments. You can modify them for a realistic and quiet drumming experience.

Moreover, it features highly-responsive dual-zone cymbals. The dual-zone of the cymbals means you can hit either the bow or the edge.

Remarkably, the TD-1DMK incorporates a notable rubber bass drum. The kick pad is not only compatible with a single kick pedal but a double-kick pedal as well. The bass pad is more of a soft and small oval-shaped pad with enough space for the beaters. Thanks to this feature, you can set up the TD-1DMK even in a small room. 

It then includes two rubber cymbal pads. Besides the ride, there’s also a crash cymbal and a hi-hat rubber pad. Unlike other counterparts, Roland’s cymbals are very responsive when playing them.

It’s also worth mentioning that it has dual-zone cymbal pads. So, you can hit either the edge or on the bow. Also, note that each of the cymbal pads is checkable by pressing the edge.

The kit also includes a separate hi-hat control pedal. By this, you can access a variety of both open and closed hi-hat sounds. The kit’s frame is sturdy enough to hold everything together seamlessly. Simultaneously, it also encourages some adjustments, including the height of the cymbal pads, snare, etc.

This electronic drum set then features the Roland TD-1 drum module. Inside its internal storage, it has only 15 preset play-along songs. With such built-in sounds, it’s easier for beginners to practice. Besides the sounds, the module also provides onboard coach functions and a melodics App for V drums.

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It supports both double and single bass pedals
Coaching functions
Melodics App for V-drums
All mesh drum pads
Reasonable price range
Straightforward to use
Excellent build quality


The drum module is limited
Only 15 preset kits
Lacks a hi-hat stand

4.  Yamaha DTX402K – Best Drum Module

Yamaha is, without a doubt, among the most renowned manufacturers of top-quality musical equipment and instruments. Fortunately, their DTX402K is one of the best electric drum sets under 1000. This kit is another ideal entry-level option out there.

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit with Drum Throne

The DTX402 series includes some nice upgrades to the previous DTX400 range. It is a 5-piece electronic drum kit. In other words, it consists of a hi-hat, three toms, snare, bass drum, crash and ride cymbal. 

As you’d expect, the Yamaha DTX402K features a 4-post rack stand. Other than ease of setup, the rack stand firmly holds all cymbals, drums and the drum module. Also, all the cymbals and pads use cables to connect to the DTX module.

The three toms and the snare come as 8” rubber pads. On the other hand, each cymbal measures 10”. The rubber-gum material making all the pads delivers stick bounce with less noise. And, its consistency is almost as that of an average practice rubber drum pad.

The kit also includes two controller foot pedals, one for the bass drum and the other for the hi-hat. Both pedals have a free-standing design, and they don’t attach or fasten to the rest of the kit.

This allows you to place them at any positions that suit you best. In the same way, all cymbals and drums allow both angle and height adjustments.

On the DTX module, you have access to a total of 415 drum sounds. These vary from cymbal packs to keyboard sounds, digital samples and acoustic kits. Then again, there are ten built-in play-along tracks that you can practice with the various kit styles. The module also grants you total control over the songs. You can even alter their voices and tempo as you wish.

The DT402K also integrates Yamaha’s coaching feature. With ten different functions, you can enhance your skills on the drum kit. It also includes a tempo check. This feature is practical in helping you keep time and maintain consistency.

As a bonus, the DTX402K comes with the DTX402 Touch App for your smartphone. Through this app, you have access to drumming tutorials. Also, the app can video record your session and sync the audio straight from the module.


Practical and stable rack stand
Several training functions
Very sturdy build
Includes the Touch App for smartphones
Wide range of drum sounds and kits


Stick vibrations on your hands

5.  Yamaha DTX452K – Best Sound Quality

If improving your drumming techniques and skills is what you want, try the Yamaha DTX452K. Like most electronic drum sets under 1000 in this review, the DTX432K is another excellent entry-level kit. 

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set (DTX432K)

The drum is an eight-piece model. It combines Yamaha’s technology and quality to come up with its features. Even much better, this kit boasts a reasonable price range. It is hence accessible even to beginner drummers who may be on a tight budget.

It’s important to mention that it’s the DTX402 model that powers the DTX432K. As such, it also includes 287 percussion sounds and acoustic drums with accent articulation. Besides the sounds, the kit also comes with ten tracks alongside ten custom kits to deliver the desired style.

The pads feature large 10” hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals. Even more impressive, the crash pad incorporates a choking feature. Unlike the previous model, the DTX432K boasts better drum pads for fun practice and excellent playability.

Outstandingly, the drum kit includes a KP65 kick pad and a Yamaha FP6110 belt-drive bass drum pedal. Through these, you’ll achieve the real kick drum feel. It also comes with the remote HH65 hi-hat controller pedal, which helps produce the half-open hi-hat sound. This feature is a selling point for most high-end kits.

Like its predecessor, the DTX432K has a four-legged rack. With this, it firmly holds the module, cymbals and drums for a memorable drumming experience. 

As an added advantage, this electronic drum set boasts the free DTX402 Touch Android and iOS App. Using this app, you can enjoy the training and editing functions. Moreover, the app allows you to explore the module, record tracks and undertake other custom tasks.

This electronic drum kit also includes on-ear stereo headphones. These headphones allow you to practice even in your apartment with minimal noise. Another great feature is the kit’s quick setup. It’s possible to unpack all the parts and play in minutes.

What’s more, the DTX432 features a padded drum throne. With top-quality synthetic leather, it’s not only reliable but durable to boot. The kit’s sound quality is also quite impeccable.


Includes private practice headphones for quiet sessions
Durable drum kit 
High-quality drum sounds
Quick to set up
Supports self-assessment functions
Works with both iOS and Android
Includes a padded synthetic leather drum throne


It lacks a rim on the snare for playing
Although it’s a lightweight model, it can still take a hit

Buyer’s Guide for Best Electronic Drums under 1000

Over the past few years, electronic drums have become increasingly popular, thanks to their convenience. Many top brands in the industry strive to produce the best electronic drum sets to capture a larger audience.

As a result, you will find tons of these drum kits under 1000 on the market. So, how do you know the best kit for you? Below are key factors to consider when buying the best electronic drum sets under 1000.

Your Drumming Level

Before buying an electric drum, the first thing you should do is to identify your drumming level. There are three drumming levels; beginner, intermediate, and pro.

You will find that the features of electronic drum kits under 1000 advance from one level to the other. For instance, a beginner kit lacks some vital features present in an intermediate or pro kit. As such, it is recommendable to buy a drum set that matches your skill’s level to utilize its features fully.

In most cases, the best electronic drum set for beginners is the cheapest among the three. It comes with a basic module and fewer features. However, it is the best e-kit to learn drums and practice at home as it comes loaded with coach functions and play along tracks.

If you spend a little bit more, you’ll get yourself an intermediate e-kit. This kit comes with a more advanced module with better sounds and editing function. It also has sturdier software and allows the import of samples.

Another step up, and you are in the professional kits category. Pro kits are the best electronic drum sets in the market with premium drumming technology and hardware. They have the most realistic feel and response.

With a pro e-kit module, you can edit sounds to perfection and tweak sound parameters in seconds. You can also add virtual tape to dampen a tom and convert a small space to a cathedral.

Amazingly, a pro electric drum has plenty of room for expansion and experimentation. It is the best kit to use in the studio and on stage. Of course, all these top-notch features come at a higher price range.

If you are looking for affordability and quality, we have fantastic electronic drum sets under 1000 in this review.

Drum Heads

Electric kits come in four main types of drum heads.

The first and oldest type is the rubber pads. They are effective, cheap, and work for an acoustic kit as well.

The second type is the Mylar heads. They use a similar material as the one used on an acoustic drum set. Though these drum heads have a more realistic feel than rubber pads, they are louder than mesh and silicone heads. Also, their popularity of use in electronic drum sets is gradually diminishing by the day.

The third and most preferred type is mesh drum heads. They comprise synthetic material stretched over a ring, a similar design to a real acoustic drum set. These drum heads are more sensitive, effective, and quieter. However, it is recommendable to buy high-end mesh pads as opposed to entry-level ones.

Finally, we have the Silicone drum heads. They are less bouncy than their counterparts, and playing them is a breeze. However, these heads are less common, and you can only find them on a few Yamaha models.

Among the four, we highly recommend mesh heads. If you can’t meet the budget for all your pads, get at least one for the snare pad.

Drum Accessories

Every electronic drum kit varies from the other in the contents included in the box during purchase. Here are some of the items you need to buy apart unless you get a seller with an all-inclusive bundle.

Drum Sticks

You cannot play electric drums or even acoustic drums without drum sticks. The good news is that any standard drumsticks will work for your e-kit. If you are unsure of the type of drumsticks to buy, experts recommend size 5A with nylon tips.

ARLX Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick, Maple, 2 Pair
ARLX Drum Sticks

Drumsticks with wooden tips are not recommendable as they splinter after some time. As such, they can end up damaging your drum heads.

The sticks vary in size and weight. For instance, size 5B is heavier while 7A is lighter. We, therefore, recommend that you do the due diligence before purchasing your pair of drumsticks.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums.

Drum Throne/ Stool

Poor ergonomics when drumming can be detrimental to your posture and back. The only way out is by getting a good drum throne.

An ideal drum stool offers freedom of movement, comfort, and stability. Unfortunately, good drum thrones are expensive, but it’s worth the investment.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Drum Throne, or you can check the article what you need to know before you buy Drum Throne.


When buying an electronic drum, you should confirm if it comes with a set of headphones. If not, you will have to buy them separately as they are a crucial necessity.

Electric drumming headphones offer great sound isolation and also protect your hearing. In-ear monitors for drummers can also work well instead of headphones.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Headphones for electronic drums.


All the best electronic drum kits under 1000 don’t come with built-in amplifiers. You can only find this feature in a few entry-level kits. Instead, they have a headphone feature which only supports the individual practice.

If you plan to play your kit on stage, with a group of people, or without headphones, an amplifier is a must. Fortunately, the e-kits modules have an audio cable port through which you can connect your amplifier or speaker.

Other key accessories that may lack in an electronic drum set are a kick pedal, and a hi-hat stand. In some instances a kick drum and hi-hat pedal too may be missing. Therefore, be sure to compare and countercheck the accessories lists of various kits. An electric kit that comes with two or more of these accessories is worth buying. It is cost-effective and time-saving.

Be sure to check out our list of the Best Amp for electronic Drum.


If space is a matter of concern, you should pay close attention to the actual dimensions of the electronic drum set you intend to buy. Some electronic drum kits are versatile and adjustable, while others are not.

There are a variety of drum kits designed to fit in smaller living spaces. When researching on such, use the term “compact,” and you will get an array of choices.

You can also go for an electronic drum kit that has a collapsible stand. This feature allows you to fold your kit after use and store it away in minimal space. You can place it on top of other things in a room or under the bed.


What is the main purpose of your electronic drum set? Do you intend to use it at home, in the studio, or on tours? There are different electric drums suited for each purpose. Tour kits are often light in weight, while studio or home kits are a bit bulky.

However, some kits double up as home/ studio and also tour kits. Therefore, it is important to set your goals right from the onset. Do you need lightweight equipment or one on the heavier side?

Reviews and Rating

Reading customer reviews is an important milestone in identifying the right electric kit to buy. However, it is recommendable to stay open-minded throughout the research process.

You will find many online reviews rating a product one-star simply because of a packaging issue or a missing part. Some may be genuine, but in other cases, the missing part may not be in the description list.

Read reviews but be sure to make a sober judgment on each. Also, research widely and make a pro and cons list for each product. Doing so will help make a final decision on which kit to buy.

Drum Sound Module

The sound module is the brain of the kit. It is where all sound processing and production takes place. It also houses controls for all the cymbals and drum pads.

Alesis Command Drum Module
Alesis Command Drum Module

Ensure that your kit’s drum module has high sound quality. It should also be versatile in the number of user & factory presets, available sound instruments, and sound editing.

If you are looking to improve your drumming and musical skills, you should consider training features. They include; built-in metronome or click track functions, play-along tracks, recording & playback, and training exercises.

Another important feature to consider in an ideal drum module is audio inputs/ outputs. These ports include a 1/4” output for connecting an amplifier or mixer and a headphone output to play along. Some modules feature two 1/4” output ports – Right and Left/ Mono. You may also need an adapter in case the port sizes are not compatible with your gadgets.

Computer Connectivity

If you intend to use your electronic drum set to trigger virtual instruments in your PC, USB/ MIDI connectivity is paramount. If you need to connect your kit with MIDI devices, check its specifications to see if it has a dedicated 5-pin MIDI port.

Most modern kits may lack the 5-pin MIDI ports, but they use USB ports to receive or send MIDI data. Ensure that you go for an option that best suits your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, mesh heads or rubber pads?

The choice of drum heads depends on personal preference. If you are a hard drummer and are looking for a sturdy surface to practice on, rubber pads are an ideal choice. However, if you are a light drummer and prefer quiet practice, mesh heads are the best.

Do I need headphones for my electric kit?

Yes, headphones are a must-have if you want to hear your electric drums and for quiet practice. Alternatively, you can connect your kit to an amplifier to make it a bit louder for other people to hear.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eVery few entry-level models come with built-in speakers, usually just for practice.

How are the best electronic drum kits powered?

Electric drums come with an AC power adapter for plugging into a wall socket. However, there are a few battery-powered electronic drum sets. The problem with such kits is that they have smaller modules and hardware.

Are electronic drum sets good for both beginners and pro drummers?

Yes, they are perfect go-to kits for beginners and pro. Electric kits feature an array of drum sounds which allows drummers to explore different genres and tones.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThey are also compact, convenient, quiet, and comes with a variety of coaching functions.

What are drum triggers?

They are devices attached to drum heads to trigger external sounds. For instance, you can attach a drum trigger to a floor tom. Every time you hit the tom, it triggers another sound through the kit’s drum module. You can use triggers on an electric or acoustic drum set.

Can I switch between an e-kit and acoustic drum kit?

In your drumming career, you may need to switch to an acoustic kit at one time. This change should not be a problem at all. However, you may initially encounter a few challenges, but you will pull through with learning and practice.


Electric drums are a go-to option for seasoned drummers, professionals, and complete beginners. They open up a whole new world full of varieties of drum and percussion sounds. They allow you to learn, practice, explore and be creative as you advance from one drumming level to the other.

This best electronic drum sets review aims at guiding you on purchasing a kit that best suits your needs and budget.

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