The 7 Best Drum Shield for Acoustic Sets Review for 2021

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy the best drum shield if you’re a drummer. But first, you need to understand how drum shields work. They work to quiet down the sound from the drum set. Unlike other instruments that need you to amplify their sounds, drums can emit more volume than necessary, thus drowning other instruments.

This calls for the use of drum shields. But not all drum shields yield the great results. Only the best drum shield will perform exceptionally well to reduce the volume from your drum set. Finding the best drum shield is never a daunting task if you know what to consider when shopping around.

This article reviews some of the best drum shields on the market. It also looks at the factors to consider when shopping for the best drum shields, and it answers some of the frequently asked questions. Be sure to read on for more information.

Comparison Chart

Smokin Ace Drum Shield 1. Smokin Ace Drum Shield
  • Reduces 40 of the volume.
  • Crystal clear acrylics material.
  • Shield for the cymbals.
Pennzoni Display Drum Shield Drum Screen Panels DS5 2. Pennzoni Display Drum Shield Drum Screen Panels DS5
  • Six acrylic panels.
  • High-quality plastic material.
  • A user guide.
Drum Shield DS5D Chrome Hinges 3.  Drum Shield DS5D Chrome Hinges
  • High-quality acrylics material.
  • Full-length hinges.
  • Assembling guide
Pennzoni Display Drum Shield DS4D 4. Pennzoni Display Drum Shield DS4D
  • High-quality material.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Quick installation.
Drum Shield DS65 Living Hinges 5. Drum Shield DS65 Living Hinges
  • Crystal Clear Acrylics
  • Assembly guide.
  • 5 panels included.
Drum Shield DS4 6. Drum Shield DS4
  • Full-front coverage.
  • Crystal Clear Acrylics.
  • Assembly guide
Clearsonic Isopac B Isolation Booth 7. Clearsonic Isopac B Isolation Booth
  • User guide.
  • Excellent air exchange.
  • High-quality material.


Full Review Product


Best Overall

Things we liked

High-grade plastic material
It has a 40% noise reduction
It’s Durable, flexible, and compact
Metal mount for any cymbal stand
It works with any cymbal size

Things we didn’t like

Not ideal for the entire drum set

There are many types of drum shields but none on the list is like this one. It is for the cymbals. It works great to reduce up to 40% of the volume. As such, it balances the volume of the cymbals with that of the other components of your drum setup.

It is an excellent alternative to a full drum shield. It offers full coverage to the cymbals and is customizable to fit any cymbal stand. It is also transparent to allow your audience to view your excellent playing skill.

Its wrap-around design makes it decrease the frequency travel to the surrounding microphones and vocal instruments. As a result, your microphones will have uninterrupted functionality, thanks to the cymbal shield’s efficient performance.

The high-grade plastic material isn’t just transparent but also durable. This makes the drum shield for cymbals very durable. The shield is flexible and light so that you can always transport it to where you’ve set up your drumming instruments.

The metal mounts are a lifesaver if you’re looking to attach the drum shield to an extension boom arm. The metal mounts also ensure you can attach this drum shield to any cymbal stand. If you have a 10 x 24-inch Cymbal and 14-inch hats, this shield is for you.

Medium and large cymbals can also have efficient shielding by this drum shield. It is an excellent shield for the cymbals, and it’s worth the investment.

Best for the quality

Things we liked

Six acrylic panels
High-quality plastic material
It comes with a user guide
Impressive volume control
Large panels for full-length coverage

Things we didn’t like

The sound reduction percentage is unclear
Shipment outside the USA might be impossible

This Pennzoni display is an excellent drum shield for drumming set up. This is a product that comes with six drum shield panels to cover the drum set. The crystal clear acrylic panels are very durable because of their material.

The panels are identical since they have the same measurements. Each acrylic drum shield measures 5 feet long and 2 feet wide. Therefore, this drum shield offers moderate coverage to keep the volume in balance.

The drum shield panels have a thickness of ¼ inches, making the panels sturdy enough for improved durability. The thickness also ensures your drumming volume is within the acceptable limits.

The drum shields come with five full-length plastic living hinge for holding the panels tightly together. The hinges also easily attach and fold for easy installation. As such, you can set them up to have impressive drum sound reduction.

Assembling the drum shield panels is a total breeze, thanks to the installation guide that it includes. But be careful with the plastic film that protects the panels from scratch. If you peel the film off, you will be unable to return it.

Usage versatility is another benefit of this drum shield. You can use it on a drum set, drum kits, and drum and bass. If you need excellent noise control, this product that comes with six acrylic panels might be ideal for your drums.

Best Versatile application

Things we liked

High-quality acrylic material
Six panels for a full-length enclosure
Assembling guide
Deflectors for noise-reduction performance
Versatile application

Things we didn’t like

The setup takes a bit longer

This drum shield ds5d is another excellent option for noise reduction when the drums are too loud. The drum shield ds5d has what it takes to keep the volume under excellent control. First, it’s a six-section drum shield. What this means is that you get six crystal clear panels for your drum sets.

The material of choice for the panels is phenomenal. As a result, the panels work efficiently to keep the volume down. They also display an impressive design. The panels are large enough to offer full-length coverage for noise-reduction performance.

Each panel measures 48 inches long and 24 inches wide, with a thickness of ¼-inch. You can be sure of impressive durability from these measurements. The drum shields come with 12 bright chrome hinges or a living hinge that easily attach or hold the panels together.

This product also includes sound deflectors that help keep the volume under control. Assembling the panels is a no brainer, especially with the assembly guide that comes with the product. Be sure to know your drum sets’ measurement to shop for the right-sized drum shield panels.

The drum shields come in handy when working with other musical instruments. This drum shield has you covered whether you’re looking to enclose your drum sets, drum kits, drum, and bass. It is a versatile shield that is ideal for drummers.

Best for the Price

Things we liked

High-quality material
Price affordability
Quick installation
Impressive product durability
It includes deflectors

Things we didn’t like

Might not cover larger drums

This drum shield comes with deflectors that keep your musical instruments in checks and balances as far as noise-reduction performance goes. As a drum shield for sound control, it includes five full coverage acrylic panels.

The 24″ x 60″ panels have a thickness of ¼-inch for impressive sound control and volume reduction. The bright chrome hinges make sure the drum shields enclose your drum sets. As a result, your musical instruments will produce a volume that’s within the acceptable range.

The five full-length panels have deflectors as we’ve already seen. Together, they have a total height of 6 feet. The 5 I are also crystal clear, meaning this product is an excellent shield view for drum sets in a church.

The deflectors also transform the product into a drum cage that showcases impressive sound reduction. Your nearby musical instruments will not have frequency interruption for impressive functionality. Professional sound engineers in a musical studio commend the drum shield panels for their impressive noise reduction.

The ghi-quality acrylic material is credited for this admirable performance. What’s more, users love how versatile this product is. The chrome hinges make sure the panels tightly enclose your musical instruments for a non-disruptive sound volume.

The 24 x 60 inches product dimension a full-length drum coverage. As such, this is yet another excellent drum shield for a drum kit, drum set, and other musical instrument setups.

Best for easy assembling

Things we liked

The hinges guarantee easy assembly
You get 5 panels
Highly durable acrylic drum shield
Impressive sound reduction
Works with drums and other instruments

Things we didn’t like

The stage volume reduction percentage unclear

This is one of the drum shields with 5 panels, each measuring 2ft x 6ft. The panels are made of crystal clear acrylic and are high-quality. This is essential for sound engineers looking to reduce the sound from their acoustic drums.

The 5 drum shields are Put together using full-length plastic living hinges. The hinges also help to reduce the sound of your instruments. Besides sing this drum shield on acoustic drums, you could also use it on instrument types, including electric instruments.

The 6-foot total height ensures each component of your drum kit has sufficient noise-reduction shielding. Therefore, this product offers an impressive drum setup coverage, drum kit coverage, and bass coverage.

Although you can find drum shields that come with square corners, this one comes with round corners. The panels also have a ¼-inch thickness, just like any other panel. This ensures a prolonged service life and impressive drum sound reduction.

With the 4 plastic living hinges, this product perfectly encloses an acoustic drum. As such, it is an excellent drum cage option if the drums are too loud. Its transparent material makes it a drum screen that is ideal for churches.

Best Crystal Clear Material

Things we liked

High-quality crystal clear acrylic material
Full-front cover to reduce the sound
Quality hinges for easy assembly
The shield comes with the user manual
It is very affordable

Things we didn’t like

It doesn’t include the drums
The shield doesn’t work with larger kits

Unlike a 4 section drum shield, this one is a 5-section drum shield. What this means is that you get 5 drum shield panels for your acoustic drum. This drum shield ds4 has living hinges that convert it into a drum cage.

Therefore, you can be sure to use it as a drum shield, drum screen, or a drum bass shield! It is a full front coverage drum shield that is awesome for churches. But other professional drummers can also use it since it works excellently to control the sound from the drums.

Besides, the shield’s crystal clear acrylic panels allow the audient to view the professional drummer’s drumming skills. Drumming enthusiasts can then learn from their idols. Each panel measures  60 ×24 feet. The panels are large enough to keep the sound within the cage so that other instrument players don’t find your drumming disruptive.

The ¼-inch thickness ensures no excessive sound escapes the cage, thus keeping the sound from the drums on the low. The shield is ideal for drummers with mid-sized drums. It is one of the drum shields with a reputation to protect, and might meet your expectations!

Best air exchange

Things we liked

High-quality material
Large for larger setups
Excellent air exchange
Impressive sound reduction
It comes with a user guide

Things we didn’t like

Assembling the shield might be a challenge

This is an isolation booth for larger drum sets. Like other drum shields on the list, its panels are also made of high-quality material. As such, the isolation booth works well to provide unmatched drum setup coverage, drum shield performance, and protection from the frequency from other instruments.

The panels have a total height of 6.5 feet tall and are 6 feet wide and 7 feet deep! But the S5-2 baffles have a total of 5.5 feet in height. This creates an open space around the rear side of the booth. The space is essential for air exchange so that the drummer doesn’t suffocate while striking the drums.

You get six panels if you opt for this booth. The AX12 extenders that are located on the front works with the S5-2 baffles on the rear side for booth breathability reasons. This product is the optimal option for drummers with much larger drums.

Installation might be a challenger for some drummers, but the assembly guide might ease the installation process. It is a great investment for professional drummers looking to work in a music studio.

Buying Guide

The Material of the Best Drum Shields

Perhaps the first thing you want to consider when shopping for drumming instruments is the material. A product’s material determines how well it functions. The material also has a direct impact on the product’s durability.

As such, the material of your drum shield is an essential factor to consider. Be sure to look for acrylics since it is the excellent material for a shield. It excellently reduces the sound from your instrument. It is also durable, meaning your drum shield will serve you for years to come. Therefore, acrylics is the material to choose from when you’re out shopping.

The type of drum shield

There are a few types of drum shields. You can get a full coverage type, a full-front type, and a partial front type. The choice for a particular style depends on how effective you want your drum shields to perform. It is easy to tell which one you’re looking to buy based on the panelling.

Full coverage panelling is ideal for drummers looking to sit in a booth while honing their music skills or striking the drums in a church environment. This shield type also offers maximum volume reduction. It’s your best option for the best noise cancellation or reduction.

The full-front coverage type is more common and has the panelling sitting around the drum set’s front side. Professional drummers highly recommend this panelling setup for drummers with a lot of instruments in front of them. The partial front shield is also great but doesn’t offer the best sound reduction performance.

The Measurements of the shields

The acrylic shields provide a means to control your drums. But their measurements determine their effectiveness as far as volume reduction goes. Drums with shields measuring 24″ x 6ft are reasonably volumed and don’t drown other setup instruments.

2ft x 60 inches is an ideal panelling measurement if you’re looking to excellently reduce the volume from the drums. But you can be sure to look for larger shield panelling if you have larger drums to work with. Again, it trickles down to your drum sizes. Therefore, be sure to order a product that will efficiently cover the drums.

Ease of Installing the Crystal Clear Acrylic panelling

You should never have a hard time setting up the shield so that it covers the drums. Your shield will have a chrome hinge or living hinge for easy installation. Your shield should also include an assembly guide to help you out whenever you find trouble setting it up.

Since you want an easy to install shield, be sure to shop for one that includes an installation guide document. The hinge does an impressive job of holding the panelling together for remarkable volume reduction. Be sure to choose hinges that cover the panel’s entire length if you want an enhanced performance as far as volume reduction goes!

The Design of the Drum Shields

The shields also come in various designs. You can get some with a 4 x section panelling. You can also get some with six-section panelling. A 4 x section panelling shield is more comfortable to install, especially if the panelling measurements are not large, say 60 x 24 inches.

But fewer panelling sections means your product isn’t going to have the best performance. Therefore, be sure to check the panelling sections before buying any product for the acoustic instruments. This will ensure you get the coverage that your acoustic instruments need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a drum shield do?

A drum screen is a tool that audio engineers use to control the sound from drums. You could say it is a structure that encloses drums to keep the volume under control. As a result, the sound from the drums will not overwhelm the sound from neighboring instruments.

The drum screens also have deflectors that ensure the sound remains within the booth. The deflectors are, therefore, an essential component of any shield.

Which Drum is the best?

You can be sure to find excellent drums if you visit amazon com. But it’s hard to declare that a particular product is the best since one product may meet the user’s needs and fail to meet the needs of another user.

If you’re a participant in the Amazon e-commerce platform, you might find the Eastar 22 inch Drum Set to be incredible. It is affordable and has all the components that a professional drummer needs to hone his skills. You can also find an incredible drum that meets your playing need and style.

How do you make a drum shield?

You can make your DIY drum shield if you have the right information. YouTube could be a great resource for people who like to get their hands dirty. The videos posted on YouTube offer something that’s more than entertainment.

You can also be sure to surf the web and find information linking to amazon com products. You can also read blogs that dive deeper into how to make functional shields for your instruments. Be sure to scour the internet for any piece of information on how you can make your shield from your home workshop.

How do you soundproof a drum room?

There are a few tricks you could use to soundproof your drumming room. But first, you will need to seal off some of the air leak gaps in the room. Be sure not to seal every opening since this will affect the air circulation in the room.

Also, be sure to reinforce the door with a fiberglass panel. The panel makes sure no sound leaves the drumming room, thus soundproofing the room. But that’s not all. Ensure you add acoustic foam on the walls and the ceiling as well. To top it all up, cover your windows with thick drapes.


Finding the best drum shield is easier if you know what to look for when shopping. Fortunately, your search for the best drum shields might be shorter since this article has gone through some incredible shields for drummers.

The article has also included a guide to help buyers find the best shields on the market. Therefore, finding your ideal product might be more convenient, even if you don’t find it on the list.

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