Pyle Pro PTED06 Electronic Tabletop Drum Machine Review

Are you looking for a good and pocket-friendly electronic kit? The Pyle Pro PTED06 Electronic Tabletop Drum Machine could be the answer to your search.

This kit comes with impressive features that will offer you an excellent drumming experience at a very affordable price. What’s more, you can set it on any flat surface and start to play it right away. 

With this kit, you can choose from three hundred preset sounds. More intriguing is that you can edit and save your records for self-assessment. Additionally, you can connect this kit to a computer for further editing and mixing.

The Pyle Pro PTED06 Electronic Tabletop Drum kit comes in a compact design. It is flexible and can work on batteries like other portable kits. 

This review will bring to your attention all you need to know about the Pted06 Electronic drum kit. 


Pyle Pro PTED06 Electronic Tabletop Drum Machine


Things we liked

The electronic drum can work on batteries
The table drum is flexible and versatile
The table drum kit comes with digital and impressive user-friendly features
You connect your headphones to the  drum machine
The electric kit is affordable compared to its competitors
Has built in sounds

Things we didn’t like

Supplied cords are short
The table Top machine does not offer the most accurate response
Pedal can be wobbly

Pyle Pro PTED06 Electronic Tabletop Drum Machine Review

The electronic drum can generate over 300 sounds. Also, the digital kit comprises of seven sensitive pads and two-foot controllers. Included here are the tom-toms, snare, cymbals, hi-hat, and the kick.

The electronic drum kit comes with 65 banks, computer connectivity, and 120 songs. As you play, you can also adjust the temple, rhythm, EQ, and volume. 

With this table electronic drum kit, you can play through hand percussion mode. Alternatively, you can use the included drum sticks to play. For efficient playing, you can monitor this system through onboard speakers or your headphones.

If you are a beginner, you can make use of the Learning Mode to build your skillset. Plus, the system can work on batteries, though it is also rechargeable.

Who is this table drum kit best suited for?

This digital tabletop drum machine is suitable for both kids and beginners.

Also, older people who want a smooth and quiet practice will also like this digital drum machine. This aspect, therefore, makes the tabletop drum kit ideal for use at home.

Professional can also use these drum kits. The digital features are impressive and easy to use. In addition to this, the table drum set can produce sounds of good quality.

Something also to note is that these table drum kits are affordable, thus suitable for any musician who wants something pocket friendly.

What is in the box?

This five-piece kit comes with a full package of hardware that works together to give you a smooth and thrilling experience. The package includes the following components:

  • A digital sound module
  • A pair of play sticks
  • Digital Sd card for internal storage
  • The tom-toms hi-hat
  • Digital snare 
  • Wall power adapter
  • The hi-hat cymbal
  • The built-in sounds
  • Dual power source
  • Limited one-year warranty


Features of the Pyle PTED06 Electronic Tabletop Drum Machine

This all-in-one pro pted06 tabletop drum kit includes many features and specifications. These components are impressive and easy to use, and they include: 

7 Drum Pads

The Pyle Pted06 electronic kit comes with seven drum pads. The drum pads enable you to play anything you want, from hi-hat cymbals, snare drums, among others. Besides, these drum pads are very responsive.

7 Drum Pads Pyle Pted06 Electronic Tabletop

The seven touch-sensitive drum pads also allows you to produce a wide ray of realistic drum audio.

Led Digital Display

There is a sizeable led display unit at the bottom of the tabletop drums, surrounded by button controls. This screen is bright enough; hence you can see it during the day or night.  

Hand Percussion Mode

Since the pads are sensitive, you can play the Pted06 Drum Machine using your hands. As such, you will not require much energy to play. Even without the drum sticks, you can efficiently play the kit.

Dual Power Source

Another great feature of these drums is the dual power source. You can power this drum set using batteries or the included AC adapter. With this, you can use these drums anywhere you want.

The Built-in Sounds

These table drums come with a vast sound collection. The sound collection includes over 300 drum sounds and others from the cymbals.

These tabletop drums allows you to enjoy customizable sound. It offers you sound configuration adjustment features.

Mac or PC Connectivity

The digital kit allows you to connect with a Mac or a computer. Thus, you can mix and edit your recording to suit your needs. 

Pyle Pted06 Electronic Tabletop Drum Machine connect

Other features of this digital Pyle Ptde06 table kit include:

  • Learning Mode ( for beginners)
  • Base and volume adjustments
  • Digital foot controllers
  • Digital Headphone connectivity
  • External device connection

A Youtube Information Video of Pyle PTED06 Electronic Drum Machine

Alternatives to the Pyle PTED06 Electronic Tabletop Kit

Besides the Pyle Pted06 Drum kit, there are other options that you can consider.

The first alternative is the Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit. (Full review) This kit comes with 100 built-in sounds, all from different genres. It is a good drum kit for a live performance.

The other alternative you can consider is the Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum. This kit is both affordable and can produce good quality sounds as the Pyle Pted06 Kit.

Primary Downsides of the Pyle PTED06 Tabletop Electronic Drum kit


Although the Pyle Pted06 Electronic Kit has got impressive features, it may not be the best on the market. The pedal can be wobbly, leading to a lack of natural feel when playing the electronic drum kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the kit include a kick pedal and a throne?

No. You will have to buy them separately.

For how long will you use the batteries as a source of power?

The batteries can serve an extended period. Besides, this drum machine is rechargeable.


Pyle pted06 electronic drum kit is one of the most preferred pieces of equipment among musicians. Both professionals and beginners can find it useful.

It has the best money value than its competitors and is also one of the high-quality electronic drums. You can use it both indoor and for outdoor activities.

Despite the wobbly pedal, this kit will serve you long enough. The other challenge maybe could be its lack of natural feel. However, this is a common problem across all electronic drums.