Best Drummers of All Time?

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Best Drum Practice Pad

Whether you’re a beginner at playing drums, or a seasoned drummer, drum practice pads do everybody good. They are easy to carry around, aren’t as loud, and help you improve your drumming immensely. Even finger drum pads have become quite popular these days. This article will talk about drum pads in detail and answer the … Read more

Best Electronic Drum Cymbals

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10 Best XLR Cables For Microphones?

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Best Drum Pads For Your Home Studio?

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Best Drum Brushes For Your Drum Set?

Drummers use several techniques when playing music, and one of them is producing a frisky, swishy sound with drum brushes. They are predominantly used in Blues and Jazz music, but you can basically play any genre with them. If you want to add drum brushes to your set, you’re in the right place! We’ll give … Read more

Best Drum Heads

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Best Drum Mallets?

Drums, like all other percussion instruments, need special tools to be safely played. Although drumsticks are the most common tool used to play drums, mallets are perfect for when you need a louder sound or a cymbal swell. Every good drummer needs the best drum mallets in their kit so they can produce a variety … Read more

Best Drum Overhead Mics

Using an overhead mic is essential for recording the clearest sounds from your kit. Elevating the mic over the kit allows you to catch the best of all your instruments, so, having the best quality drum overhead mics is important. The better your mic, the better it’ll pick up ambient sounds and transients. This article … Read more

Best Kids Drum Set

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