Alesis Sample Pad Pro Review

Alesis Sample Pad Pro Review

In recent years, Alesis has come up with excellent drumming equipment. These include electronic drum sets and sample pads with remarkable features and prices. Luckily enough, the Alesis Sample Pad Pro is not an exception. With it, there is no limit to your sonic creativity. This full blown electronic drum kit is a step-up version … Read more

Alesis Strike MultiPad Review

Alesis Strike Multipad Review

Alesis Strike Multipad is an electronic drum pad that’s not like any other. Besides its obvious high-quality build, Alesis Strike Multipad is also versatile. It also works as a sampler and looper, giving you a vibrant sound that will transform your music production career. It gives you excellent percussive power in a single device without … Read more

Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit Review

Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit

You can always hone your musical skills without waking the entire neighborhood. If that’s what you’re after, consider investing in electric musical instruments. Drum kits such as Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit would be a great option due to low noise levels. But don’t go on a random shopping spree without knowing the model to … Read more

AKAI Professional MPC Live Review – All in Machine

AKAI Professional MPC Live review

AKAI Professional MPC Live II is a unique production unit. It is the first MPC to feature a built-in stereo studio monitoring system. As such, you get to hear every detail of your production. It comes with a multicore processor, stereo speakers, 16 RGB MPC Drum Pads, and a rechargeable battery. It also has an … Read more

Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Review – Best for Beginners

Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set

Donner 200 is an 8-piece electronic drum set featuring five drums and three cymbals. This entry-level electronic drum kit delivers high-quality realistic drum sounds, thanks to its all-mesh heads. The most impressive feature in this drum set is that it has 15 main preset drum kits, but you can choose from the 225 provided timbres. … Read more

Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller Review

Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller Review

Native Instruments Maschine mk3 drum controller review comes from a company that makes top-notch music software and hardware. It makes an ideal professional drum controlling pad. Besides, it is both intuitive and very friendly to beginners to boot. This machine boasts much praise from various producers and musicians. in this article, we’ll see if the … Read more

5 Best Electronic Drum Brands Reviews

Best Electronic Drum Brands Reviews

In every great musical performance, drumming is vital. Drums add a lot of taste to the musical performance. However, choosing the best electronic drum brands can be a challenge. In the current world, there is a significant shift in the musical world. Many drummers are shifting from acoustic drums to electronic drum kits. Buying an electronic … Read more

Alesis SR18 Review – Read Before you Buy

Alesis SR18 Review

Alesis is a renowned manufacturer of top-notch drum machines. Their SR18 model is no different as it’s an upgrade of the great SR16.    This product comes with high-quality percussion & drum sounds, LCD backlight, and a responsive tempo. It also has an excellent build quality, preset patterns, controls, and an alternative power source, batteries. … Read more

Paxcess 7 Pads Electronic Drum Set Review

Paxcess 7 Pads Electronic Drum Set Review

Are you looking for a practice kit that is both high-quality and of a pocket-friendly price? The Paxcess electronic drum set could be a good deal for you. This product comes as a good practice kit for a beginner or your kid to enjoy music. With many reviews and availability on Amazon, you can add … Read more