5 Best Drum Gloves For Electronic 2021 [Buying Guide]

Every enthusiastic drummer knows how exciting yet painful playing this instrument can be. Drumming gloves are the accessories to prevent calluses and blisters and make playing comfortable with no pain. Many drummers prefer the thick covering to protect their hands. They can prevent lesions and improve your grip.

Check out some of the best drummer gloves in the market. 

5 Best Drummer Gloves Comparison Chart

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Drum Gloves Reviews

Check out or top picks for drum gloves:


1. Vic Firth Drumming Glove – The All-Rounder


Things we liked

Stretchy Lycra material for better fit around the fingers
Available in four sizes to cater to the needs of every drummer
Premium-quality Cabretta leather that lasts long and looks stylish
Synthetic mesh to give sufficient ventilation on the palm and the back
Comfortable and snug with complete support and protection during gigs

Things we didn’t like

Not for drum players looking to keep fingers free during performance
Not for drummers looking for the super jazzy look, though the colors are acceptable

The first product on our list of best drum gloves is the pair of drumming gloves by Vic Firth. It is an excellent set from one of the world’s renowned manufacturers of mallets and drumsticks, Vic Firth.

These drumming gloves, made of premium leather, will protect your hands and help to improve your grip. It features mesh on the palm and the back of your hands for complete ventilation during your performances.

The Vic Firth drumming gloves are available in multiple sizes to give every user what he is looking for. These high-quality drums will last really long, and they are perfectly designed for incredible support and protection for your hands even during regular gigs.

The stretchy material fits your hands like a second skin, and rubber pads on the forefinger and thumb provide excellent control. They are pocket-friendly, too.     



2. Ahead Drummer’s Gloves with Wrist Support – Fits Like Skin

Ahead Drummer's Gloves with Wrist Support


Things we liked

Hot Spot pads to give complete support to the fingers and wrists
Vents to prevent sweating of the hands
Designed to provide pressure points where strains and blisters take place
Sleek look for a professional presentation on the stage
Thin materials for a light and comfortable feel 

Things we didn’t like

Uncomfortable if the user’s hands are a little too large
Not for drummers who want customizable gloves

If you’re a pro drum player who mostly plays metal and hard rock, the professional drumming gloves from the house of Ahead is one of the best of its kind to prevent repeated strain on the wrists that can even lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s built to be twice as hard and durable as its competitors. It is used and recommended by professional drummers worldwide. It prevents calluses and blisters.

This pair makes drumming convenient for your wrists index finger, and thumb with the help of wrist supports and finger and thumb pads.

This isn’t just any generic pair of gloves that can be used by sportsmen. It’s specifically designed for drummers. The spandex, leather, and lycra give it a better grip and are also breathable enough to prevent sweating. It’s a stylish addition to your drum kit!  


3. Promark DGL Drummer’s Glove – Provides Superior Quality


Things we liked

The hook-and-loop strap around the wrist for a better fit
Cabretta leather is thin cut for a lightweight fit
8 protective pads for the palm and the fingers
Breathable mesh to prevent sweating
Available in four sizes for a snug fit

Things we didn’t like

A little on the pricier side
Difficult to perform finer jobs with fingers like using the phone

The next product on our list of the best drumming gloves is the Promak DGL. If you’re a drummer, you probably already know the name of Promak. It’s one of the biggest names in the industry, known for the exclusive mallets, drumsticks, and accessories of percussion.

So this pair comes with its goodwill. It is made of thin leather so that it fits you perfectly and you do not even feel a thing while playing.

This glove pair features a mesh that makes the pair breathable. It also has pads placed at 8 special points of the palm and fingers to give you complete protection against calluses and lesions, while giving you full support and better grip.

It is easy to put on and remove and looks super-stylish. These gloves are also durable, and available in multiple sizes, and even young drummers can choose their own glove pair.  


4. Zildjian Drummer’s Gloves – Offers Classic Look


Things we liked

Made of lambskin for highest durability
Perfectly designed to prevent blisters and calluses
Available in three sizes for snug fit
Great grip with no slips or clumsiness
Velcro straps for better fit around the wrist

Things we didn’t like

Not for drummers who want gloves with a jazzy look
Might take some time to get used to wearing them

Up next is the Zildjian drummers gloves, one of the best drum gloves designed for drummers at an affordable rate. Made of lambskin, this drumming glove pair is highly durable, and is designed with vents on the back to give all the perspiration a chance to escape.

The gloves also feature a sticky Velcro strap for easy wearing and removal. It has a rather classic leathery look in black, with a bright logo of the brand. 

These drummer’s gloves give you a snug fit, making it convenient for you to play with ease during every gig. They provide a good grip so that there’s no embarrassing slip of the drumstick.

This drum glove pair is a great buy to prevent painful blisters from forming on the hands during shows. Available in three sizes, these gloves are for everyone. They also offer the goodwill of the biggest drumstick and cymbal makers.   


5. Meinl Half Finger Drummer Gloves – Suits Every Budget


Things we liked

Light and breathable for complete convenience and no sweat
Black, leathery finish with a rugged and sporty look
Velcro strap to keep the drum gloves firmly on your hands
Half-finger design to keep the tips free for using finger pads
Great protection for the fingers at their base and around palms

Things we didn’t like

Ripping near the wrists reported by some drum players
May make a hand drum’s sound a little quieter

Another pair of drummer’s gloves that every drum player will appreciate, because of the blister-saving capabilities, is the Meinl Half Finger drumming gloves. The Meinl gloves are super-comfortable to wear when you are playing, with a stable grip for no slippage or drop of the sticks.

When you have back-to-back gigs, this pair can save your hands from getting tired and stiff by providing excellent support to the wrists and fingers. 

The gloves are lined with thick pads which make them last quite long, even after repeated usage. The drum gloves have a rugged look – something of a cross between a drummer’s gloves and a biker’s gloves.

The product is manufactured by a company that’s known in the music world for its cymbals, percussion instruments, and accessories. No wonder these drum gloves are a favorite of pro drum players. 

Why Drummers Need Gloves

A young drum player need some time to get adjusted to playing the instrument. Their hands are still not tough enough for the instrument to continue with regular drumming practice sessions.

Of course, it becomes a different ball game when someone starts drumming professionally. Back-to-back gis, studio sessions, venue runs – together, they can make the wrists tired. 

Here’s why drum players need gloves:

  • Better grip: Reduced slippage and better control over the drumsticks for stability while playing.
  • Prevent blisters and calluses: Gloves can protect the weak points on the hands to reduce lesions.
  • Prevents tiredness: The well-engineered and padded drum gloves support the wrists and prevent pain.  
  • Absorbs shocks: They are shock-absorbers, preventing vibrations from hurting your hands. 

What to Look for In the Best Drum Gloves

Look at the following qualities in gloves for drummers:

a. Material

Get drum gloves made of long-lasting and lightweight materials that sit on your hands just like skin and don’t make you too conscious while you’re playing.

b. Wrist Support

Check if the gloves for drumming provide clean protection to your wrists and prevent you from getting a strain in the wrist after long hours of performing. 

c. Ventilation

Playing can make your hands all sweaty. So, get drum gloves made of a breathable material, with vents and mesh on the palms and back for proper ventilation.  

d. Grips

Drum gloves should be able to help you develop better control over your drumsticks, particularly if you’re new. So pick drum gloves with a good grip, preferably made of rubber.

e. Pads

Drumming gloves lined with leather pads give your hands great cushioning and absorb shocks and vibrations from hitting the drums hard. They also last a long time.

f. Appearance

There’s a wide range of drumming gloves available out there, and you can take your pick. You can go with a traditional leather look or pick a rugged yet jazzy one.

g. Size

Drum gloves normally follow the US size . Ensure that the fit is perfect for you. so that they don’t start to feel uncomfortable while playing

Drum Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Why do drummers wear gloves?

Drum gloves prevent blisters and calluses on the palms and fingers of a drum player, as well as strains in the wrists. They can provide protection and support to the hands, besides helping to gain better grip and control.
Many people prefer to play without gloves. But for long performances, a pair of gloves can be helpful.

Why do drummers get blisters?

During long hours of performances, drum players often tend to hold the drumsticks too tightly. As a result, the drumsticks rub against the skin and cause them to develop blisters, calluses, and lesions. While loosening the grip while playing might help to some extent, you also need the right drum gloves.

Do a drummer’s hands bleed?

You may have watched the movie Whiplashed in which the drummer’s hands start to bleed profusely. While it was a heart-wrenching scene, it was exaggerated to a large extent.
The physical aspect was wrongly depicted. However, drum players can develop painful blisters and calluses that can be prevented by using drum gloves.


While it isn’t mandatory for drummers to use drum gloves. But, it’s a good accessory to keep your hands from getting tired or blistered. Our favorite is the Vic Firth Drumming Glove because it is an all-rounder – with premium quality and incredible look. It’s the best product you’ll get in this price range. However, if you don’t want to invest a lot of money, the Meinl Half Finger Drummer Gloves are the best choice.