DW 9000 Double Pedal Review – Power Bass Pedal

Are you looking forward to being or remaining at the top of your drumming game? The DW Double Pedal comes with customization and response to offer you just that.

Unlike the Single pedal series, with this double series, you can comfortably achieve power and speed by morphing between Accelerator and Turbo modes.

This double pedal comes with an onboard EZ Infinite Adjust cam that allows you to achieve all that.

Moreover, you can achieve a profound personalization level by switching between the dual chain-drive and the nylon straps.

This Double Bass drum pedal series also comes with other premium features that you may not find on the single pedal.

You will be able to enjoy greater momentum during the upstroke as well as the downstroke. All this is thanks to a free-floating rotor.

The DW 9000 series comes from a company that has a reputation for making quality hardware. DW has also been around for many years.

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know.


DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal

DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal w/Bag


Things we liked

Design is solid and durable
The cam has infinite adjustments
Excellent build quality
Offers a good grip with the non-skid rubber
Highly responsive

Things we didn’t like

Highly costly
Tension springs reduce the adjustment space

DW 9000 Double Pedal Review

The Double series features some of the most patented innovations. Some of these include the free-floating rotor-drive system, infinitely adjustable cams, and rotating swivel springs.

The features ensure there is a direct transmission of energy to optimize the stroke for increased power and precision. This double bass drum also comes with a multi-bearing system that minimizes friction to improve the feel.

 The left pedal of this double bass drum comes with a single post design. With this, you can personalize the hi-hat pedal for quick changes.

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Who is this product for?

The DW 9000 series is perfect for use by both professionals and semi-professionals. Many top professionals prefer using this bass pedal because of its unequaled combination of speed, feel, and power.

The Floating Rotor technology makes it very quick and responsive. On the other hand, it is versatile enough for use in any environment thanks to its Adjustable Cam.

Because of these unique features, double bass series has become one of the most sought after pedals. Its quality is also superb and has helped to make it a darling of professional drummers.

What is inside the box?

  • A Drum Key
  • Ball Bearing Hinges
  • Floating Swivel Spring
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp
  • Non-skid Rubber Pad
  • Floating Rotor
  • Chain Drive
  • Nylon Straps
  • Nylon Carry Case     

What are the Key Features ?

Floating Rotor

Many ordinary pedals have a fixed rotor that is attached to the drive shaft. However, this is not the case with the DW 9000 pedal series. The DW 9000 is unique in that it uses a floating rotor system. This system is fantastic in that it ensures there are fewer points of friction.

Too much friction slows the movement of the pedals. As such, the floating rotor system ensures that you get a smooth stroke every time. It also ensures that you achieve the ultimate in quiet and smooth playing.

The Free-Floating Rotor drive system grants the shaft an independent movement apart from the rotor to achieve all these. Consequently, it directs the pedalboard energy direct to the beater.

EZ Adjust Cam

In most of their other pedals, DW allows you to choose a cam from their different options. Each cam offers you a different playing feel.

However, the DW 9000 series does not offer drummers this option of choosing cams. Instead, this double bass pedal drum comes equipped with an infinite adjustable cam.

This cam allows a drummer the accelerator Drive, the turbo drive, or anything in between.

The adjustment is quite easy; all you use is a screw on top of the rotor. As you turn the screw, the cam profile gradually changes.

If you adjust the screw fully to one direction, you will get the Accelerator Drive. On the other hand, if you turn it fully to the other side, you will get the Turbo Drive profile.

While at Accelerator Drive, the stroke length becomes less. However, there is an increase in the amount of power that gets to the bass drum pedal, and you will use less power. This drive is the best when you require a high level of control and speed.

On the other hand, you get a smoother and more linear response from the Turbo Drive. Here, the amount of power driven to the bass drum equals the stroke you make on the footboard. This drive gives you a high degree of consistency.

These two profiles often fit many drummers. However, if you still want a more customized feel, you can still get it using the infinite adjustment.

Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp

One challenge of Bass pedal drums is when the playing area is not quite flat. Also, at times the bass pedal may tend to sit at a strange angle.

The DW drum bass pedal comes with a tri pivot toe that helps to take care of that. The clamp makes use of three different rubber gripper pads. One of the gripper pads is above the hoop, and the other two below it.

Each of these gripper pads has a full 360 degrees of rotation. This full rotation is critical in that it ensures that they rest flat against the hoop.

Also, it ensures that they can comfortably accommodate the different angles and positions present for a solid grip.

As such, the most crucial role of the toe clamp is to ensure that the pedal remain connected to any kick pedal hoop.

Rubber Base Plate

Drummers Workshop used a layer of Velcro in its previous generations of 9000 series. The layer of Velcro on the underside of the pedal had an excellent grip on the floor.

However, when it came to adjusting or moving the pedal, the grip was so firm that drummers found it difficult. This extremely firm grip led to drummers drifting away from Velcro.

Fortunately, DW has gotten rid of Velcro and replaced it with a non-skid rubber surface. The rubber base has a firm grip and does not tear your carpet after the show.

Moreover, this chain-driven series offers you a pair of spikes that are retractable on every pedal. You can use these anytime you need extra grip.

Other Features

This double bass pedal also comes with a patented floating swivel spring system. This system ensures there is increased efficiency during the downstroke and return stroke.

Another feature is the Ball Bearing Hinges design that helps to deliver fluid footboard action.

Another feature on this bass pedals is the Single Post Casting design. This feature facilitates easy movement between the pedal and hi-hat. It also allows a drummer to play the pedals independently or simultaneously.

When you need manual for this Bass Pedal click here.

Alternatives to the DW 9000 Double Pedal

In case you are not fully satisfied with the DW 9000 Double pedal, you can also consider other alternatives. Here are a few of them

The first alternative is the Tama HP310LW Double Pedal. It is among the pedals that offers you incredible responsiveness and allows you to adjust the beater angle. Consequently, you can set it in your best position for a perfect stroke.

Another alternative worth considering is the DW 3000 Double Bass Pedal. This bass pedal drum is sturdy and can withstand numerous vigorous movements. Its toe clamps are also adjustable.

Downsides of the DW 9000 Double Pedal


There is very little to mention about the weaknesses of this pedal series. However, here are just a few of them.

The placement of the tension springs offers a challenge, especially when you want to make adjustments.

The tension springs are right inside the upright support posts; this reduces the space available for you to put your fingers.

This challenge, however, will mostly affect you if you have bigger hands. Nonetheless, it is still a manageable challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to adjust the bass drum pedals

To adjust the bass pedal, set the throne height to ensure your thighs and shins are at the correct angles. You can accomplish this by merely spinning the seat.

Adjust the beater’s motion range to ensure that it suits your playing style. You can do this by naturally adjusting the angle that it sits on.

Also, adjust the pedal tension by using your finger to turn the crew. This increases or relaxes the tension of the spring, hence adjusting the pedal’s tension.

How to set up bass drum pedal

To set up your pedal, begin by setting the beater position at 10 degrees towards you. Setting this at a higher angle towards you will hit your shins.

Also, avoid angling your beater in a straight-up position. Such a position will deny you a good momentum swing striking the head.

For the spring tension, set it according to your personal preference. For a start, you can set it right in the middle.


The DW 9000 series double pedal is among the best bass pedals in the market. It will offer you a combination of speed, power, and feel.  

Again, it will offer you increased efficiency during the downstroke and return stroke. If you are looking for a double bass pedal, you can consider this one.