3 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums (Buying Guide)

A good pair of electronic drums goes hand-in-hand with excellent drumsticks. Usually, the sticks don’t come as part of a new electronic drum set. You need to purchase them separately. The market already has tons of drumsticks. But not everything offered in the market is appropriate for your needs. So, how do you select the best drumstick for your electronic drums?

In this post we will:

  • Compare the best drumsticks for electronic drums (and give you our top pick)
  • Walk through a complete buying guide for drumsticks for electronic drums
  • Answer some frequently asked questions about drumsticks for electronic drums

Note that there is little to no difference between drumsticks used on acoustic drums and those for electronic drums. After in-depth research, we have come up with a list of best drumsticks for electronic drums.

Comparison table:

Vic Firth 5A American Classic DrumsticksBest Overall 1. Vic Firth 5A American Classic Drumsticks
Best in quality
  • Teardrop wood tip
  • Hickory wood
  • American Classic 5A
Zildjian Nylon Anti-Vibe 7A DrumsticksBest for Fast Playing 2. Zildjian Nylon Anti-Vibe 7A Drumsticks
Best for fast playing
  • Slim profileHickory wood
  • Special DIP coating
  • Nylon tip
Zildjian 5B Nylon DrumsticksBest in Grip 3. Zildjian 5B Nylon Drumsticks
Best in grip
  • 5B size with DIP coating
  • Teardrop nylon tip
  • 16 inches long

Complete Review:


1. Vic Firth 5A American Classic Drumsticks – Best in quality


Things we liked

All the 5A American Classic drumsticks are well-balanced
The drumming sticks come in different sizes in case you need an upgrade
Has exceptional durability and strength
Great cymbal sounds
Suitable for professionals and beginners
Suitable for all electronic drums

Things we didn’t like

Not recommendable for lengthy and intense drumming

Vic Firth is the world’s number one high-end drumstick, made in the United States.

These sticks come with teardrop wooden tips, which give them rich cymbal sounds. They are excellent for every musical style.

This American Classic is of hickory, one of the best and strongest materials in the globe. Besides strength, hickory feels great in your hands and has exceptional durability. It can serve you for years in a row if you use it appropriately.

The sticks are incredibly light for fast and consistent playing. As such, they are appropriate for all modern genres. They are fit for both beginners and professionals. 5A is a standard size and is thus suitable for any electronic drum. Also, the sticks don’t slick or over-rattle your fingers and hands as you play.

Vic Firth has an outstanding tip design. It comes with an accentuated edge that produces a clear, crispy sound when playing the cymbals. It is also resistant to splitting and cracking. Vic comes with a thin nylon tip layer, which prevents slipping and supports quick rhythms.


2. Zildjian Nylon Anti-Vibe 7A Drumsticks – Best for fast playing


Things we liked

It is fantastic for beginners and grown-up kids
Suitable for fast playing due to its thinness and lightweight
The use of hickory wood gives it optimal durability
The anti-vibe feature reduces vibration and enhances the drumming experience
They don’t slip as you play
Great price

Things we didn’t like

Not suitable for hard-hitters
Since the coating is at the grip area, it tends to peel off fast

Zildjian Nylon is famous for its superb quality of sticks and cymbals. The anti-vibe system makes this drumstick unique among its counterparts. It helps in reducing vibrations and improving the feel of drumming.

The 7A is a lightweight and thin stick, making it ideal for beginners. Also, the sticks have a few inches of rubber at the back. These features ease handling and help minimize the risk of hand injury as a result of fatigue.

This Nylon Anti-Vibe drumming stick is of hickory wood and has a nylon tip. As such, it has the assurance of quality as well as longevity of service. It is 15.5 inches long and 0.5 inches thick. As such, it is ideal for drumming enthusiasts.

Zildjian Nylon comes with a black DIP coating. This coat has a sticky texture that feels comfortable and provides a firm grip to the holder. Also, it reduces friction and keeps your palms in perfect health.


3. Zildjian 5B Nylon Drumsticks – Best in grip


Things we liked

Causes no wrist pain after prolonged use
High quality which sticks to the end
Have a desirable length
Have a great grip
Nice balance and weight

Things we didn’t like

The DIP rubs a bit between your fingers
The coating is not long-lasting

Zildjian 5B are perfect electronic drumsticks with a length of 16 inches. Manufacturers use a unique black DIP coating on these sticks. As a result, they enhance the drummer’s grip allowing them to play without slipping. These sticks also have a larger diameter, which further increases its grip.

They come with a teardrop nylon tip, which enhances the sound of your cymbals. These sticks have excellent construction and balance. They give an incredible fatigue-free response every time you use them. 

Unlike most drumsticks, you can use the Zildjian 5B on mesh-style drum heads of your e-kit. They are high-quality products which last for years with good care. 

Buying Guide for the Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

Drumsticks for electronic drums come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and usage. Good sticks provide a means of enjoying every part of your drumming. Selecting the most appropriate one for your needs, especially for beginners, can be challenging. Here are a few factors to consider when making your selection.

1. What are some general tips for buying drumsticks for electronic drums?

Drumstick tips greatly influence the type and quality of sound you get from your e-kit. The most common in the market are wood and nylon tips.

Wooden tips are the oldest type of electronic drumsticks. They produce neutral but rich sounds on different drum kits. However, there are a variety of wood tips, each producing a different sound from the other. 

Nylon tips are the best preferred by drummers. Unlike wood, they don’t splinter, thus making them less harsh on playing surfaces. Also, nylon tips are less prone to wear and tear and have long durability. It is for this reason that nylon tip is desirable for modern drumsticks.

The size of the tip is also vital. Small tips produce robust sounds while large tips have a lesser definition but more volume.

2.  What is the best size drumstick to get for electronic drums?

Drumstick sizes have both numeric and alphabetic parts, for instance, the 7A and 2B. The numerals represent the stick’s thickness. The lower the number, the thicker it is and vice versa. For example, 2A is thicker than 5A and 7A.

The alphabetical letters represent the period in which the drums entered the market. There are three pre-dominant sizes; A, B, and S.

‘A’ is the oldest model and was initially used for orchestra drumming. These drums are thin and soft, thus recommendable for lighter drumming sessions.

Presently, the ‘A’ drums are not only restricted to the orchestra. They are applicable in different genres, with 5A being the standard stick.

The band players initially used the B drums and are still used to date. These electronic drumsticks are larger than the A-type, and they add power to your playing.

Street bands initially used the S type sticks. They are the thickest and bulkiest sticks. They also have incredible power and loud sound.

3.  What material should your drumsticks be made of for electronic drums?

The material of a drumstick influences its drumming sounds and styles. Wood is the oldest and most popular material. It is perfect for drummers who love to play fast.

Wood comes in different types. The most popular ones are hickory, maple, oak, and persimmon.

Oak is the hardest of all. It is dense and works well for heavy and powerful drumming.

Hickory comes second after oak in hardness and heaviness. Due to its average characteristics, it is the most used material for drumsticks. Another feature that gives it an advantage over the other woods is its elasticity. This feature helps reduce hand fatigue, making it suitable for all drummers, especially beginners.

Maple wood is the lightest, making it excellent for fast playing. Persimmon, on the other end, is the most beautiful and outstanding material for electronic drums stick. It is dense and heavy and produces deep lovely sounds. This wood makes special sticks, for instance, those used in a concert snare.

Apart from wood, carbon fiber is another common material used in making drumsticks. The most desirable characteristic of carbon fiber over wood is its durability. Also, it is more expensive than wood.


What drumsticks should a beginner use?

A 5A hickory drumstick with wooden tips is perfect for beginners. The 5A sticks are standard electronic sticks and are compatible will all electronic drums. The reason why hickory wood is preferable over other materials is that it helps to reduce hand fatigue.

What is the difference between 5a and 7a drumsticks?

5A are average drumsticks suitable for any type of drumming, though they mostly play rock.

7A sticks play marching bands, jazz, and other lighter musicals. They are smaller and thinner than 5A.

What drumsticks do professionals use?

There are no standard drumsticks for professionals. The type of drumstick to use depends on personal preferences and drumming requirements.

What are the best drumsticks you can buy?

The best drumsticks are 2B, 5A, and 7A. 2B because it is the most appropriate thick stick.
5A because it is an average stick for all electronic drums. 7A because it is the most desirable thin-sized stick.


Drumsticks are an essential part of a drummer’s life. They influence the entire drumming experience, whether you are using electronic or acoustic drums.

Therefore, extra care is necessary when selecting a pair of drumsticks. The type of material, size, and tips are vital factors to look for in your selection process.

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From our review, Vic Firth 5A American Classic Drumsticks emerges as the overall winner. These sticks produce incredible cymbal sounds. They are of hickory wood, which is a strong, dense, and durable material. Also, these sticks are fit for beginners and professionals.

They are also compatible with any electronic drum. As such, they are the best drumsticks for electronic drums and have high customer ratings on amazon.com. Buy yours today on e-commerce sites to earn incredible discounts.