Alesis Compactkit 4 Review Which You Need Read

Simplicity and affordability are the key distinguishing features of Alesis Compactkit 4 from other electronic drums. It is a remarkable introductory electronic drum set for children and aspiring drummers.

Compactkit 4 is one of the most portable electronic drums. You can carry it anywhere and play using 6 C batteries instead of electricity. It comes with four velocity-sensitive drum pads that deliver the realistic feel and sound of acoustic sets.

The goodness of this electronic drum kit is incredible. Read on to find out more.


Alesis Compactkit 4


Things we liked

It is very affordable
It is easy to use
It comes in a high construction design
Comes with 70 percussion voices
Has 50 play-along songs

Things we didn’t like

It only has four drum pads
It has no foot pedals
It lacks key advanced features

Alesis Compactkit 4 Review

This tabletop electronic set has all it takes for a young drummer to become a super-star. It comes with a built-in game function and dozens of built-in rhythms and songs. In total, it has 50 play-along songs, 70 percussion voices, and 10 effect voices.

Compact 4 electronic drum kit has an incredible music coach feature. It teaches the drummer how to play along with the in-built rhythms and songs by displaying notes on the LCD screen.

Moreover, this drum set has a built-in speaker and headphone output.

Who is this product for?

Compactkit 4 is ideal for young, beginner percussionists. It is a ready-to-play set without a band because it comes with a variety of play-along songs and rhythms.

Also, you can learn and practice as often as you want with the aid of the built-in drum coach and the LCD screen. These tabletop electronic drums are also ideal for someone looking for portable, affordable entry-level kits.

What is inside the box?

  • ·        Compactkit 4 with four velocity-sensitive drum pads
  • ·        Two drum sticks
  • ·        User guide
  • ·        Power adapter
  • ·        Warranty manual
  • ·        C batteries (not included)

What are the key features of the CompactKit 4?

Unlike many other drum kits that occupy a large space, Compact 4 fits perfectly well in minimal space.

The CompactKit 4 also comes with various inbuilt features that are very helpful to a beginner. Its interface is also very user-friendly. Here are some of the features of this electronic drum kit:

Velocity drum pads

The Alesis Compact kit 4 comes fitted with four velocity-sensitive pads. These pads allow you to capture each of your ambits as you play. The sensitivity of these drum pads will enable you to capture even the minimal ambit.

Velocity drum pads for Alesis Compactkit 4

You can also use it as an alternative Tempo/ Tap to set the tempo of the song tracks you plan to play. You can achieve this by hitting any of the drum pads 2-3 times.

However, remember to hit them as per the time signature of the song you want to play. Your last 2-3 strikes on the pad set the tempo of your song automatically.

The command module

The other key feature of this drum set is the 70 percussion voices and 10 effect voices that it comes with.

Although its song collection is not one of the best, looking at its price tag, it is just good enough.

This portable drum kit electronic also comes with 50 play-along songs. The songs are vital in helping a beginner to develop playing skills.

The 50 play-along songs are a great feature since it offers the beginner many options to play with. The drummer can also switch between kits and personalize sounds to the desired preference.

The 50 play-along songs Alesis Compactkit 4

In these electronic drums, you will also find a recording function. You will be able to use this to record your playing and performance.

The recording will go a long way in helping you to realize any mistakes. It will also help you to make improvements where necessary, therefore, improving your skills.

Dual Power supply

Compact 4 electronic drum kit also comes with a dual power supply feature. As such, you can power it using either an AC adapter or batteries.

The importance of this feature is that it makes this kit portable. You can carry it along with you and play anywhere without a power adapter. All you will need to have are the batteries.

Drum Coach Feature

The primary function of the coach feature is to show notes and displays instructions on the LCD screen. As the drummer, you will then be able to follow, which ensures you get a wonderful learning experience.

To use this feature, all you need to do is select your preferred background track.

You then switch the drum coach on and play along as the notes get displayed on the LCD screen.

The LCD screen will display a rhythm pattern for you to imitate. This feature is quite awesome for learning and introducing yourself to the basics of playing drums.

The Alesis Compactkit 4 also comes with a game function. This function will help you to improve in areas such as stroke strength and following the tempo. It will also help you to play in the right time signature using the metronome.

Alternatives to the Alesis Compactkit 4

If you are a beginner or would like to consider another alternative kit for your kid, you still have options.

One alternative to Alesis Compactkit 4 is the Yamaha DTX402 drum set. It is ideal for kids and beginners. It comes with 287 high-quality drums and percussion sounds. Besides, it also comes with 128 keyboard sounds.

Your child will also have the pleasure of using computer connectivity. All your child will need is a USB cable.

The other alternative is the Paxcess Electronic Drum set. It is portable and very child-friendly. It comes with 8 Demo songs that your child can use to play along.

Downsides of the Alesis Compactkit 4

Alesis compact four electronic drum kit does not come with foot pedals. Consequently, it may not have the real feel of playing a drum set.

The other weakness of this drum kit is that it only has four drum pedals. With only these four, your creativity will be highly limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I use batteries to power the Compactkit 4?

No, the drum kit comes with a 9V DC 800mA power adapter, which should be the primary source of power. The C batteries are alternatives if, for instance, there is a power outage or you are in a place where electricity is not accessible.

How does the coach feature in Compactkit 4 work?

The sole purpose of the coach feature is to help you learn the basic drum patterns. To access the feature, first press on the coach. Then, choose the ‘select a pattern’ option. Press the start/ stop button to start playing.

When the session ends, it displays your score as 000-100%. The coach restarts itself three seconds after finishing a session. To stop playing, press the start/ stop button.

Can you hear the drums without using headphones?

Though Compactkit 4 kit has a headphone port, you don’t have to use headphones every time you play. The kit has in-built speakers, which allows you to hear the drum without headphones or external amplifiers.


In conclusion, the Alesis Compact 4 Electronic Drum Kit is the right choice for kids and beginners. It is very easy to use since its controls are not complicated.

Also, with 70 percussion voices and 50 play-along songs, it is an excellent bet for practicing. However, it may not be ideal for pros since it lacks key advanced features.

This drum set is also very suitable if you do not intend to spend much on a drum kit.