How to Hold Drum Sticks – The Mainly Grips

Unquestionably, knowing how to hold drum sticks properly is vital for every drummer. So, drum stick holding should be the first class in drum lessons.  It is essential to enhance your learning curve.

You can have the best drum sticks and fail to attain the maximum bounce.  Also, you can fail to get the full drumstick control if you don’t grasp them right. Therefore, proper stick grip allows you to play the drums with power and efficiency.

However, there are two main ways of holding drumsticks, as we shall see in this review. I will disclose some basics on how you can hold your drumsticks properly.

Types of Drum Sticks Grip

Matched grip

The matched style is the main stick grip type for most drummers. As such, in the recent past, this grip type has become standard for most music styles.

In this method, you use the grip type in both hands to hold your drum sticks. Compared to traditional grip, a matched grip method is very easy to learn.

Thus, most beginners use it for self-learning drum lessons and corrections. Your instructor can just send you the instructions on your email address, and you start practicing.

This stick grip has a systematical nature. Hence, it enables you to compare stick stroke and placement of both hands. As a result, the learner can adapt the placement of their weaker hand to their strong one.

When you need more from your drumming, the matched grip method is the most preferred. The matched position for your left hand is suitable for high volume rebound.

Besides, the position in question is great for rim shots, and strong snare drum strikes. It doesn’t cause excess shock to your forearm and wrist.

So, if you want to play the modern genres of music, use the matched grip method. It has three main versions, which come with different advantages. Therefore, you should learn them all in your drum lessons. Here are the three versions:

American grip

Arguably, using the American grip version is the easiest to play your drum set. It offers a fantastic mix of control and power. With the instructions in your email address, you can practice it on your own.

First, you need to raise the left hand and ensure its palm is facing down. Besides, its index finger should be pointing forward. Your hands should be about two inches above the snare drum head.

Then, curl the index finger in to make its tip less or more aligned with your palms edge. Grasp your drumming stick under your index finger. Ensure the finger in question comfortably wraps around the rod as if pulling a trigger.

As you hold your drum stick, you should find the balance point. As such, it will effortlessly rebound from the drum and bounce as you play. With the best drum sticks, the balance point is at about two-thirds from the stick tip.

The next step is placing the thumb on the side of your drumstick. As a result, you will be able to able to grasp the stick in place. Also, it gives you extra control while playing.

Then, wrap your little, ring, and middle finger onto the drumstick. Ensure they don’t prevent the stick from bouncing back. Instead, they should offer comprehensive support.

Repeat these steps on your right hand. Now, that is how to hold drumsticks using the American Grip version.

German grip

The German grip is another version of the matched grip way to hold your drumsticks. It enables you to play your drums louder.

So, you need to grasp the sticks at their balance point. Then, ensures your palms are parallel to the surface of the drum. Fold your middle fingers under the rod so that they can support it comfortably.

The next step for this version is letting your elbows bend out. As a result, this position will give you the required control and power. Thus, you will be able to use your sticks properly as you play.

While striking, you should turn your wrists downward with a striking motion. Make sure the sticks have a good bounce when they hit the drum. In case they don’t, you should adjust your grip position slightly.

French grip

French grip is the last version of the matched grip way of holding your drumsticks. In comparison to the other two versions, the French grip offers extra dexterity and control.

It is unique from the other two, as it requires you to use the fingers mainly. In the first step, you need to grab your drumsticks at the balance point.

Then, let your hands’ palms face towards each other. But, they should be far apart from each other to make you feel natural. Your pinky, ring, and middle fingers should provide support for the rod.

Now tuck your elbows into a comfortable position. Once your hands are relaxed, you can start drumming. However, you should use your finger to strike.

Traditional grip

The traditional grip way is unique from other drum grip styles. First, you need to raise your non-dominant hand palm side up. Then, put the stick between your thumb and index finger.

However, ensure the stick finds its rough balance point. Let your hand support it roughly at the point in question.

Then, wrap your index and thumb fingers around the stick. Your traditional grip should have a solid playing control.

Now rest the bottom part of the middle fingertip on the side of your stick. Next, place your pinky and ring finger under the rod. Grasp the other stick with the grip that is most comfortable for you.

Finally, you can start playing your drum set. But, in the traditional grip, you strike using the wrist motion.

Frequently Asked Question How to Hold Drum Sticks

How do you hold drum sticks for speed?

A matched grip drumming method is easy to learn. With the right instructions, which can be sent through an email address, you can start practicing. Also, it offers maximum stick control, thus making it suitable for fast stick movement.

Why do drummers hold their sticks differently?

Drummers grasp their drumsticks depending on the genre of the song they are playing. Also, different stick grips give varying stick controls. Besides, they affect how you strike the drum.

How do you hold marching snare sticks?

While playing a marching snare, the drum is always tilted. Therefore, you should hold the sticks in question in a traditional grip. As a result, it will be more convenient and effective.


As a drummer, you should learn all the stick grips, regardless of your drumming style. Learning both traditional grip and matched grip furthers your drumstick control and feel.

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