7 Steps to Hide Cables of an Electronic Drum Set Like A Pro

Let’s face this…it is a challenge to organize and hide the cables of an electronic drum set. Fortunately, this challenge can be conquered.

It is normal to get frustrated amidst the huge number of cables that an electronic drum comes with.

This number of cables only increases as you introduce more modules to the setup. The cables may soon go messy and tangled if you fail to organize them well.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to hide the cables of an electronic drum set in a neat & clean manner. The end result will give you a professional setup and an increase in productivity.

Without further delay, let’s learn how to hide the cables of an electronic drum set. Here you are:

Hiding Electronic Drum Kit Cables

Follow the steps given in this guide in the same manner as laid out. This way, you will manage the cables of your electronic drum without losing the ease of using any of the modules. Let’s start:

  1. Start with plugging in the power cables and lead your layout from there.
  2. Organize the modules of your drum set the way you like it. We will layout the cables around the setup.
  3. If your drum set has more than one adaptor, attach them together with hook-and-loop tape. This way, the cables will come closer and become easier to manage.
  4. Bundle up the cables together with the help of plastic cable ties. Do not go nuts here. Just use the ties sparsely along the cables to give the bundle a good hold.
  5. While gripping the cables with plastic ties, loop around and tie the extra length of longer cables.
  6. Hold the bundle of cables together with the help of a spiral wrap. The wrap is my go-to solution to tie and hide the cables under it. This way, you will end up with a thick and uniformed group of cables.
  7. Finally, run the uniformed bundle of cables along with the most concealing parts of your drum setup. The end result will be all cables organized and hidden.

Voila! You are left with an organized layout of the cables of your drum set. In case you introduce new modules to your setup, run the new cables along the existing pathway.


You are not a novice anymore when it comes to how to hide cables of an electronic drum set. You know your way around how to take the huge amount of cables of a drum set and lay them out in a neat & clean manner. It is time to put your knowledge into action.

I would reiterate that even if cable management of a drum set seems like a laborious task, spare a good chunk of time to do this. The end setup will give you a productivity and creativity boost for sure.