5 Best Electronic Drum Brands You Must Know Today

In every great musical performance, drumming is vital. Drums add a lot of taste to the musical performance. However, choosing the best electronic drum brands can be a challenge.

In the current world, there is a significant shift in the musical world. Many drummers are shifting from acoustic drums to electronic drum kits. Buying an electronic drum set is advantageous since it is more advanced than an acoustic drum. A good drum set will give you a better drumming experience.

In this review, we shall discuss some of the best electronic drum set brands.


The Roland has been one of the famous brands in worldwide studios if you are looking for the best electronic drum set. The company has been a manufacturer and distributor of various electronic musical instruments. It has  gained a name in the market for the manufacture of keyboards and synthesizers.

Moreover, it manufactures electronic percussion sounds, guitar products and other digital recording equipment.

For instance, TD 27kv is one of the great drums for you that comes with mesh heads. Its dual inputs can support various pads and triggers. The mesh heads are tunable and have rubber-coated rims. Its drum module comes with fifty preset samples.

Consequently, you create a hybrid kit that has more chord possibilities. Besides, it gives you studio-quality multi-effects. Likewise, you can add your custom tones, backing tracks, and loops using an SDHC card.

Roland TD-50KV V-Pro Series is a fantastic kit with a TD-50 (full review) module that has Prismatic Sound Module.

Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums is also among the 10 best electronic drum kits from this brand. It is also among the 7 Roland TD series of drums.

Other than the high-end drums, Rolland is also famous for entry-level sets. Some of these include the Roland TD 1k entry-level V drum set and the TD-1DMK Kit (full review). These sets produce a sound that is similar to that of high-end Roland V drums.


Yamaha brand is one of the most diverse musical instruments creators worldwide. The primary focus of these products is quality, state-of-the-art design, and exceptional craftsmanship. In the current world, the Yamaha brand is among the famous drums set producers.

In most stages and studios, Yamaha drums have been the best choice. For any playing type, Yamaha has four electronic drums series. The DXT 400 series is the most ideal for beginners. The DXT700 and DXT502 series are suitable for all levels of players. DXT900 series is perfect for professional musicians.

But, Yamaha has many electric drums for you to choose from. So, your personal choice and needs lead you to your most suitable set.

The DXT562K Yamaha electronic kit consists of all DTX-PADS for toms and a snare drum. Also, it has a hi-hat pad, and a hi-hat stand, thus facilitating exceptional playability. Besides, it is expandable, and you can connect it to a PC for additional versatility.

The DTX790k set is excellent for more power and options. This system has upgraded hardware, hence giving you an acoustic set feel and look. However, it has hundreds of additional effects and sounds for you to choose from.

Yamaha’s electric sets are perfect for great performances. They have revolutionary configurations and effects, excellent quality, and sleek designs. These sets give you the versatility and freedom to create the music of your choice.


The Alesis Electronic Kit designs are to assist you in discovering your musical inspiration. Thus, they give you the combination of the perfect sound. As a result, you can find your vocal grove.

These Electronic Kits come in wide varieties. As a result, they enable you to have the most suitable kit. Your taste and needs play a vital role in discovering the excellent one for you.

Besides, they have a variety of price ranges as well. So, it becomes easy for you to get one at your most affordable rate. The brand pioneers new technologies at a fair price as well. For instance, the mesh drums kit new advancement kit. Its price is relatively low, thus making it affordable to most individuals.

Besides, these electric drum kits are Versatile. So, you can use them to attain the necessary satisfaction.

For example, Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit (full review) is the most famous from Yamaha. This eight-piece kit comes with features such as free-floating bass drum pedals. As a result, these best electronic drum sets are suitable for any style. Therefore, this kit suits both beginners and veterans equally.

Other kits from the same brand include the Alesis strike pro (full review) and the Alesis command mesh (full review) that has a drum module of 600 sounds. Its bass drum pad is also very firm and comes with mesh drum heads and dual-zone mesh pads.


The Donner brand is among the manufacturers of affordable drums in the market. They come with numerous sounds to give you a wide variety of choices. 

For instance, Donner DED-200 Electronic drum kit is one of the best Donner brand kits. It is one of those with a very low price range in the market. It’s a full kit with a tom-tom, drum pads, kick pad, hi-hat, ride, ride cymbal and crash. It has a kick drum with a kick pedal, and a hi-hat pedal as well.

Donner DED-200

Also, this kit’s drum module comes with about 30 demo songs and 25 sounds for easy practicing and producing. As a result, it is ideal for beginners or kids.


In the recent past, RockJam Drum kit has been gaining traction. The products are simple, quick, and quiet. However, they give you a fantastic drumming experience. Besides, they are affordable.

But, there are other more sophisticated drumming items in the market. So, this is a simple option that is excellent for kids. It gives them the necessary musical satisfaction need. Besides, adults who just want a casual drumming go for this brand.

The sets come with an in-built speaker and nine rubber pads. These qualities improve your drumming experience to a higher notch. Also, the brand has multiple different drum kits that you can choose. The sets enable you to record the playing and listen back to it later. As a result, it is ideal for training. 

Besides, the kits have sensitive enough cymbal pads, which are perfect for hand playing. This great feature allows you to play the drums without the drumsticks. It enables you to connect the headphones and play the drums quietly. You can add music into these drum kits and play along to the music as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Electronic Drum Brands

What is the Best Brand of Electronic Drum sets?

There are several brands in the market today. The five brands we have discussed above are among the reputable ones in the market.
However, Yamaha, Alesis, and Roland have a greater reputation than the rest. They have been famous since the days of acoustic drums.

Which Brand of Drums is the Best?

The right drum brand is determined by factors such as your drumming level, the amount you wish to spend. Also, it is determined by whether you plan on buying an e-drum or an acoustic drum set.
However, an electronic drum set that has mesh snare heads and a USB MIDI is a sure deal.

Which is Better, Roland or Yamaha electronic drums?

There is very little difference between what these two companies offer.

However, if you more into generic sounding, you can opt for Roland since they hardly produce any acoustic drum kit. They are good for original sounds.

On the other hand, Yamaha is good for both acoustic and electronic drum sets. Each e-drum from Yamaha comes with sampled acoustic lines.

What is the Best Electronic Drum Kit for Beginners?

There are several high quality drum sets for beginners, which include the Yamaha DTX 450K.

What brands of electronic drums are as good as Roland?

Based on our experience, Yamaha and Alesis are two other brands we felt are as good as Roland. They have been around for quite a while and also have a similar reputation as Roland


Whether you are buying an acoustic kit or an electronic set, it is crucial that you acquire it from a reputable brand.

The brands we have discussed above have been in the market for many years. Consequently, you can hardly go wrong with them.