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Choosing an electronic set that fully meets your needs is not an easy exercise. As a drummer, you will want to get a drum that gives that ultimate drumming experience. You will also want a kit that offers you flexibility.

The Strike Pro kit comes in a design that may cause you to mistake it for an acoustic kit. It comes in wood shells and mesh heads that make it look very artistic. Compared to other competing kits, Strike Pro looks more stylish.

Like other drums, it also comes in a compact stature. However, its electronic heads are larger in diameter compared to many other kits. As a drummer, you will enjoy a large surface area as you play it.

In this Alesis Strike Pro Review, we will bring to your attention all you need to know about this electronic kit.

Alesis Strike Pro Kit – Professional Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Strike Pro Kit | Eleven-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit with Adjustable Mesh Heads, 110 kits and over 1600 multi-sampled instruments

Dynamic mesh heads

Eleven piece electronic drum kit with large dual hop pads

Over 1600 multi-sampled instruments

Things we liked

Compared to many other competitors, it is relatively cheap
It has a solid and sturdy chrome rack
It comes in genuine wood shells
It has excellent sampling facilities

Things we didn’t like

It has limited chances for expansion
The Hi-Hat has some quality assurance
It does not have a dedicated audio surface
It does not offer the most accurate response

The best thing about this kit is that it gives great features at a very reasonable price. Features such as the solid chrome rack are very durable compared to other competitors.

Although the sound quality may not be among the best, its many professional features override this factor. Here are the features of this kit, as well as how it compares with other competitors.

Alesis Strike Pro Review

This kit is Alesis’ leading electronic kit. Its manufacturers unveiled it at NAMM in 2017. Since then, it has been the largest electronic drum set in the market today.

It is an upgrade of the famous Alesis Strike progenitor drum-kit. It includes one extra dual-zone tom pad plus three additional dual-zone crash cymbals. It can support up to 12 different pads and cymbals. 

It has many similarities with traditional acoustic drums. Its aesthetic qualities, its familiar layout, and the woods shells are just a few aspects that enhance the similarity.

Who is this kit best suited for?

This drum kit is suitable for both beginner drummers as well as professionals. It also has a full mesh set up that makes it super quiet. As such, it also ideal for use at home.

Moreover, this kit is very cost-effective. Compared to other competitors, its price is lower by almost half.

What is in the box?

Since this is an 11-piece kit, you will need to spend some time setting it up. It comes with many hardware that works together to give the best experience.

The complete package of the Kit includes:

  • One 14 inch kick drum pad
  • One 14 inch snare drum pad
  • Four 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch,  and 14-inch tom pads
  • One 16 inch ride cymbal pad
  • Two 14 inch dual-zone crash cymbal pads
  • One 12 inch hi-hat cymbal pad
  • One 4-post chrome rack
  • A drum module
  • One pair, drum sticks
  • One snake cable and wraps
  • One drum key
  • Single power supply
  • One assembly guide
  • The sound module
  • One GB SD card for internal storage

Features of the Alesis Pro Drum set.

This electronic drum contains several main features that make it a drum of choice for many drummers. Here are the details of some of them.

Drum Pads

It comes with a 14-inch dual-zone snare drum pad. This is good for you as a drummer since it allows you much space of play.

Moreover, by virtue of being dual-zone, it means you can play different sounds from the pad and the rim. You may not find this feature in many entry-level kits.

Pads for Alesis Strike pro Kit

One other key aspect of the drum pads is that you can tune them. This feature allows you to control the responsiveness of the mesh heads by either increasing or decreasing it.

However, the downside with these drum pads is that the adhesive that connects in the rubber cylinders becomes loose easily. Such could lead to poor triggering.

Electronic Cymbals

Alesis electronic kits comes with a 16-inch crash cymbal and three bouncy crash cymbals. Neatly hammered in their place, these cymbals provide a large bell-surface for you to play with.

Alesis Strike Pro Kit with Electronic Cymbals

You can also use the larger-sized bell to play different accents in a piece of music. You can also choke all the cymbals. The cymbals have locking washers that help to hold them tightly in position.

Connectivity Ports

At the back of the Strike Performance module, you will find all the ins and outs that you may require.  For the outs, they are about eight of them. You can use these to send you kit sounds to an external device, either during a live performance or in the studio.

This drum comes with an 8GB SD card.  With the SD card, you can import and export sounds as often and easily.

Also, it is entirely compatible with MIDI. Consequently, you can connect the kit to drum VST instruments.

Another crucial feature is that you can use a USB slot to connect the Strike Performance to any Mac or PC.

This electronic kit also comes with its own Strike Software Editor. This program gives total control of the sounds on the Alesis Performance module. With it, you can load your samples.

Moreover, coming with these individual ports is the main stereo out. The stereo out is very useful if you desire to connect your drum to monitors and PA systems. You can also play your drums in silence by connecting the stereo headphone out for quiet.

A 4.3-inch Color Display

The Alesis Module LCD Screen is quite a great sight to behold. It shows you a clear visual presentation of each kit that you are using. It also gives you information about the preset.

Looking at Alesis strike pro vs. Roland, this LCD looks far much better.

The sound module

Alesis kit has a very professional sound module by the name ‘the Strike Module by Alesis’.the module has physical buttons that you can use to change the settings as you like.

Sound Module for Alesis Strike pro KIt

Besides, you can also customize the sound of each pad. You can get that nice acoustic kit cymbal sound by increasing the reverb of the cymbals.

Amazingly, Alesis strike Pro has over 1000 different built-in sounds and 200 drum kits. From these, you can make as many different kits of your own as you desire.

Alternatives to the  Strike Pro

If you still want to look for an alternative, I suggest you go for Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit. It is a more compact kit, more stereotypical and a bit modernized. This kit could also be a cheaper alternative to the

Alesis Strike Pro review drum kit. Another option could be the Yamaha DTX562K. It comes with almost a similar price as the Alesis Strike Pro.

The primary downsides of the Strike Pro

Unfortunately, although the sounds on the Strike Performance are quite good, they may not be the best. You will also have to shop for your kick pedal and hi-hat stand. This purchase will become an extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to update Alesis Strike Pro?

There are a few steps to follow while updating your Alesis Strike Pro.
·        First, press and hold the RECORD button on the Strike module
·        Power on the module while still holding the RECORD button
·        The module will immediately change into a firmware update mode
·        Connect the module to your PC using a USB cable. Your computer will take a few seconds to detect the device.
·        Then, click the ‘SCAN FOR DEVICE’ button
·        After detecting the Strike module, click the UPDATE FIRMWARE button. The update begins immediately.
·        Don’t reset or disconnect your module until a prompt to do so appears Once all the process is complete, you move on to the second part of the update. Here, you update the kits, samples, and instruments.
·        First, switch off the Strike module power
·        Then, on it, as you always do normally
·        Allow it time to update and install the devices fully
To confirm the update, press the UTILITY button, followed by the F5-OS.

Is Alesis Strike Pro worth it?

Yes, Alesis Strike Pro is worth every penny you spend on it. It is a high-quality kit that is incredibly affordable as compared to others of the same category.  It also feels and looks like a real acoustic drum set.

Can I use a double kick pedal with Alesis Strike?

Yes, the kick drum pad can support a double kick pedal.

Does the kit come with a kick pedal, hi-hat stand, and throne?

No, you will need to buy them separately


Alesis Strike Pro electronic drum kit remains to be one of the most common drum sets among drummers. It is the to-go for kit for both beginners and professional drummers.

It comes at a very friendly price compared to other competitors like Roland. It is also a very high-quality electronic drum kit.

Although the setup process might be a little bit tedious, this drum kit will serve you well. The other challenge might be some occasional failure here and there.

Comparison with another drum sets you can read in this article: Best Electronic Drum Sets

Alesis Strike Pro Kit | Eleven-Piece Professional...
  • Ultimate response, no limitations: Professional eleven piece electronic drum kit with large dual hop pads, wood shells and adjustable mesh heads
  • Dynamic mesh heads: All mesh drum heads with Alesis’ exclusive multiple contact points and patented multiple sensor design evenly distributes sensitivity across the entire drum head
  • Superior module performance: Strike performance module with 4.3 full color lcd screen and individual outputs; All new sounds, 110 kits and over 1600 multi sampled instruments
  • Everything you need: 14 inches kick drum, 14 inches snare pad, 8 inches,10 inches,12 inches,14 inches tom pads; 16 inches triple zone ride cymbal, (3) 14” crash cymbals, and 12 inchesmoveable hi hat
  • Your signature sound, simplified: Software editor for creating custom kits/instruments, and importing; Wav files; on board sampling capability; 8GB SD card included for storing user kits

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