Roland TD-1DMK Review – What you need know

Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK is one of the most exciting electronic kits to use in the market. It comes with a plug-and-play simplicity that makes it a great option for younger drummers.

The Roland TD-1DMK V drums are a go-to option for many drummers who are not looking for complicated electronic kits. It is a kit that s easy to learn and suitable for use even in late night practice sessions.

Are you looking for a kit that you can grow with as a drummer? This electronic drum set could be the best option to add to cart and carry home. It will help you to transition from a beginner to an advanced drummer comfortably.

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about this drum set.


Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit


Things we liked

Compatible with both single and double bass pedal
Features melodics App for V-drums
Coaching functions
Pocket-friendly price
All mesh pads

Things we didn’t like

Drum module is limited
Has only 15 preset kits
You can create custom sounds

Roland TD-1DMK Review

As a brand, Roland has a name in the music instruments industry. For years, it has been producing mid and high-level electronic drums.

The TD-1DMK provides a fulfilling drumming experience in a compact way.

Who is this product for?

This electronic drum set is suitable for those intending to start playing drums. This drum kit is very easy to set up, highly compatible with any space. It is also easy to move around the simple, yet great kit. As you start your drumming journey, you will find this set good for practice.

This Roland TD-1dmk V drums also help students become a better drummer and master the sense of rhythm. Are you in a band, and you would like to become a better drummer? This kit will be of great help in helping you get there.

It responds quite well to your playing and will help you greatly in learning. If you are looking for a quiet kit for playing in your apartment, this is good for you. It is an all-mesh heads electronic kit that can you can play without disturbing your neighbors.

Advanced drummers can also play this kit, as long as they do not expect advanced features.

What is inside the box?

  • An 8 inches snare
  • A hi-hat control pedal
  • A 10 inches hi-hat
  • A four-post drum stand
  • 3 6 inch tom pads
  • A 10-inch crash cymbal
  • A kick pedal
  • A 10-inch ride cymbal
  • An AC adaptor
  • A double mesh head

Key Features of the TD-1DMK?

The Sound

The Roland TD-1 module comes with only 15 play along preset kits. The sound module includes a variety of expressive drum kits connected to Roland V drums software.

The built-in sounds are great, especially for beginners and for practice.

The built-in sounds also cover various genres of music. The simple yet powerful module includes melodics for v drums as well as onboard coach functions.

The Kit comes with Dual-ply mesh heads which are tension adjusted and offer nuances of your playing for a quiet and realistic drumming experience.

This kit also allows you a sounding collection of drums, that give you the feel of playing acoustic drum heads. For a quieter playing, you can use your headphones or monitor speakers.

Roland module

The Snare and Tom Pads

This electronic drum features a setup of snare and toms. If you do not need a full-sized drum kit, this kit is just right for you.

The kit features double mesh pads for a snare that are quite tough enough. Consequently, the mesh pads can last for long without needing any replacement.

This kit also comes with an eight-inch diameter snare drum pad that has two trigger zones. Each zone produces a different unique sound.

It also features three toms that are single zones, with each measuring 6 inches.

Another great feature of this kit is that you can tune the ply mesh heads. As such, it allows you to produce various sounds and betters the feel when you hit them.


The kit has compatible choice of kick pedal, including double kick pedals and single kick pedals. This drum set’s rubber bass drum is compatible with both types of pedals.

The kit’s bass pad comes as a small soft oval-shaped pad that has sufficient space for the beaters. This feature is crucial in that it helps to save on space. You will not need to get too big space for your drum kit.

All that said, the TD-1 DMK’s bass drum pad is part of what makes this drum set unique. At this price, other drum sets mostly have a pad-free pedal only.


The Cymbal Pads

This Roland V-drums TD-1DMK comes with two rubber cymbal pads. They include a crash and a ride, plus a rubber hi-hat pad.

This kit’s cymbals are highly responsive when you play them. Also, they are dual-zone, allowing you to hit either the bow or the edge.

Another great feature that the cymbals are chokable. All you need to do is press their edge. This electronic kit comes with a separate hi-hat control pedal. With this feature, you get a variety of closed and open sounds.

The Frame

Roland TD-1DMK comes with a solid frame that holds everything together perfectly. The frame is also wide enough and similar to other Roland kits’ frames.

Roland TD-1DMK frame

The frame also allows you a moderate adjustment; thus, you can change the height and the cymbals placement. If you are not okay with the bass drum height, this feature lets you adjust it comfortably.

Although not a very significant feature, the frame serves all drummers well. Moreover, it can comfortably hold in place all the members of this set.

Alternatives to the Roland TD 1DMK kit

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Downsides of the TD 1DMK Roland

The major downside of this kit is the inability to customize the drum sounds. This kit comes with only 15 preset drum kits, and that all. It does not allow you to edit the kits nor to mix-and-match samples like in other modules.

The other downside is that the rubber bass drum is relatively noisy. You will have to look for ways to silent it if you do not want to make noise to your neighbours..


The Roland TD-1DMK is a great electronic drum kit for a beginner. It comes with all the features that a beginner requires to improve their drumming skills.

This kit’s mesh head pad absorbs the energy for a faithful rebound and quieter performance without disturbing your family. Other key features here are the chokable cymbals and the compatibility with both single and double pedals.

If you have always dreamed of playing the drums, then add to cart this kit that comes with melodics drum training software is great for you. Also, the kit is great for late-night practice sessions after work.

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