Alesis Command Mesh Review And Other FAQs

The introduction of the Alesis Command Mesh Kit has been a sigh of relief to many drummers. It comes with value for money, so you do not have to break your bank to get a quality drum kit.

This product ranks between a basic entry-level electronic drum set and a mid-range kit

The command kit comes with a drum module that looks almost the same as the superior Crimson II module. It also comes with mesh heads on the bass drums, which is rare for entry-level kits. It is a feature that you may also struggle to get in mid-range kits.

In this review, we explain to you all you need to know about Alesis Command Mesh kit.


Alesis Command Mesh – Easy assemble kit


 8 inch mesh kick drum tower with kick drum pedal

10 inch dual zone mesh snare 

Control midi using on board USB


Things we liked

It is very affordable
It has a huge sound library
It comes in a compact design
It has a user-friendly control module

Things we didn’t like

Its hi-hat has a springy feel
The hardware for mounting the bass pedal is not that good
The 10-inch pads are lightweight and not very durable
Ride cymbal has no playable bell area

In the Alesis line-up, this electronic drum comes in between two other drum kits. They include the Alesis Surge and the Alesis Strike.

The Alesis cymbal kits come as a standard five-piece- plus-cymbals kit. They entail three 8-inch tom pads, 10-inch snare pads, and 8-inch bass drum pads.

The drum pads also uses mesh heads. These are just a few of the many features that make this drum set so popular among drummers.

Alesis Command Mesh

Alesis Command is an 8-piece electronic drum set, with five drums and three cymbals.  It is an upgrade of the already famous Surge Mesh kit, and it entered the market on 23rd January 2018.

With more than 600 sounds and 70 kits, this product gives a remarkable drumming experience. It delivers a professional level of sound, flexibility, and feel.

Who is this product for?

This kit is for drummers who are seeking value and not looking for the cheapest option. It comes with a bass drum and mesh head.

As such, it is most suitable for professional drummers who are transitioning from acoustic to electronic kits. Price-wise, it is not very favorable for beginners as there are cheaper options out there.

What is inside the box?

  • 8” mesh kick pad with a drum pedal
  • 10” dual-zone snare pad
  • Two 8” dual-zone toms and one 8” dual-zone floor tom
  • 10-inch crash with choke
  • 10-inch ride cymbal pad
  • 10-inch hi-hat with a foot pedal
  • Drum module with 600 sounds and 70 kits. 50 kits come pre-set while 20 are user-customizable
  • USB/MIDI output
  • Connection cables
  • Drum sticks
  • Drum key
  • Hook and loop fasteners

What are the key features of the Alesis Command kit?

The Command Kit has several high-end features that make it a drum of choice to many drummers. Here are a few of them:

The Pads

The command kit mesh-head pads will offer you a great feel. They have a soft mesh that helps to minimize noise, hence ideal for a quiet place.

Alesis Command kit the Pads

The snare is 10-inches in diameter, and the toms are 8-inches. They help to make this a very compact drum kit. As such, you can use the Alesis command kit in a small room.

The bass drum pads are very firm, and they accommodate any pedal.

The Cymbals

The Command Kit cymbals are 10 inches in diameter each. The four-post chrome rack holds its stands in position. As such, you can change the height as you deem necessary.

Likewise, you can also position the cymbals well by adjusting the angle of each one of them. One other thing about the cymbals is that you can choke the ride cymbal and the crash as you play.

However, the cymbals do not have a bell trigger. Consequently, how hard to strike the pad determines how the bell sample gets triggered.

Command Module

The Command Module is similar to that of the Alesis Crimson II kit but quite easy to navigate. You may not even require to read the manual to know how to customize the preset kits.

Command Module for Alessis Command Mesh

You can easily select a pad, change its sound, and even edit its volume.

Moreover, you can also use a USB flash drive to load your sounds into the module. However, you will need first to format the drive to a FAT32 file system. The module can help you with this formatting.

On its own, the module holds up to 15 MB files internally. In case you want to increase the memory, you can trigger sounds from the USB drive.

Informational YouTube Tutorial

Alternative to the Alesis Command Mesh kit

If you still would like to get an alternative to this kit, you can consider the Roland TD-11K. It comes with a mesh snare as well as three rubber tom pads.

However, although the bass drum is also a rubber pad, it has no mesh, like in the command kit. Besides, it can accommodate a single and a double drum pedal.

Downsides of the command kit

One major downside of this Command Kit is that its cymbals are quite small. They are only 10 inches in diameter each. Consequently, even if you tighten them with the cymbal unit, they still tend to flop about.


Can I record my performances on the Command Kit?

Yes, this electronic drum kit has a recording feature. You can also save your recording to the module’s built-in memory, USB drive or memory stick.

Can I play along with an external audio device?

Yes, the kit comes with an input module where you can connect your audio device. As such, you can listen to your favorite tunes from your phone or MP3 player.

Does the Alesis Command module come with play-along tracks?

There is plenty of play-along songs in the Command module. Each song comes with a drum part and accompaniment. You can also adjust the volume accordingly.

Can I connect my Command kit to a computer?

Yes, it comes with a USB/MIDI connection that is compatible with virtual instruments and recording software. It works well with all modern PC without having to download software or drivers. 


The Alesis Command Mesh is an incredible electronic kit. It is far way cheaper as compared to other drum sets of the same class.

It comes with fantastic features like mesh heads and USB/ MIDI connectivity. It has plenty of in-built play-along songs, and you can also connect your audio device.

It is one of my all-time favorite electronic drum, and I simply love how it plays.

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