5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Drum Throne

A drum throne is an instrumental tool for a drummer. If you are to be effective during your jam sessions, you need to make an informed choice in buying a drum throne.

Here are a few factors to consider before you buy a drum throne.

Ideal Drum Throne Height

Height is very crucial when playing your drum set. It varies from one drummer to the other, depending on what works for you. However, the appropriate height should allow for your leg’s free movements to an angle of 145 degrees. So, when setting your throne’s height, your hipbone should be slightly above your knee top.

The ideal height of your drum throne will give your leg a natural position. As a result, you will not strain your muscles when playing. Thus, do not sit too high or too low on your throne. This scenario prevents you from straining your back when playing.

Also, the ideal height of the drum throne will depend on its adjustability. Therefore ensure that you buy a drum throne that has fine adjustments.

The standard drum throne height stands at 5’10. If you are of this height, a good range of seats will be suitable for you. Besides, taller people will go for specialty tools. The tools are available, but you should first research what will work for you.

The ideal height for a drum throne will not limit your flexibility. Due to this, your motion range will not suffer. A comfortable height will allow you to play your drums without straining your back.

Drum Throne Memory Foam

Well-cushioned memory foam is something to consider when shopping for a drum throne. It should include a stop-lock that is adjustable. This feature will allow for your optimal height seating when playing the drums.

You can adjust the memory foam throne in two ways, either by hydraulic means or friction knobs. The latter holds the drum seat at the height of your desire using friction. You use your hand to turn the screw or friction knobs. Hence, this method is easier for fine adjustments.

The use of hydraulic adjusters is the best compared to friction knobs. They include flat tabs that will raise your seat on pushing them down. On the other hand, lifting them will lower the memory foam set.

Avoid throne foams that use nuts and bolts as their locking system. They will limit your height options and can easily become unstable and wobbly. 

More to this, the memory foam throne should include a double-braced tripod. The tripod’s feet have to be of rubber. Therefore, there will be no skidding when playing the drums. Again, ensure that the drum foam throne you want to buy is portable. 

Drum Throne Round vs. Saddle

When it comes to drum thrones, you can choose either a round or a saddle seat. Round seats have cylindrical shapes, while saddle seats assume the shape of motorcycle seats.

Different drummers will go for different seats, depending on the seat’s sturdiness and comfort. Whether you go for a saddle or a drum throne round, ensure it allows free leg movement while drumming.

You can also choose to buy either a round throne or a saddle with a backrest. According to many drummers, a backrest is essential in offering lower back pain relief. A backrest also helps to enhance the comfort of your throne.

Kindly note that if a drum throne will cost you slightly higher than one without a backrest. However, you may realize later that the addition is worth your bucks.

The prudent thing is to do thorough research always before you decide on which throne to buy. In most cases, you should do a test on the seats. Doing this ensures that the drum throne you take home holds value.

Either round or saddle, also ensure that the throne you buy is adjustable. This feature is very crucial when it comes to height adjustment. Therefore, make sure the adjusters will be easy to use.

Drum Throne for Back pain

A good backrest is another factor of consideration when looking for the best drum throne. Due to this, choose the appropriate shape of the seat. More so, the seat should also have proper cushioning.

Many drummers prefer contoured seats because they are better. They allow for natural movement of the body preventing leg fatigue. The two features work together for a perfect jam session.

The best drum throne should include fast height adjustments. This aspect allows you to change your seat position to the comfort of your desire.  

The appropriate drum throne enables you to align yourself with the drum kit. Due to this, you will have no back problems when drumming.

The best drum set has to be stable while playing. A squeaky throne will interfere with your jam session. Plus, it will increase fatigue, making you strain your back, causing back pains.

The drum seat has to spin with ease. This kind of throne will be the best choice since it will reduce spinal strain. The best drum throne should accommodate the weight of your body.

It ought to be sturdy enough as well heavy-duty. A perfect backrest will also reduce the chances of back pains. So, choose a drum throne that will give your back excellent support.

Drum Throne vs. Office Chair

You can break down a drum throne and put it in a case for hardware storage. The same is not possible with an office chair. Though they are foldable, you cannot transport them easily compared to the drum thrones.

When it comes to comfort, both drum thrones and office chairs can offer you that. The only problem with office chairs is they can become an impediment to your free arms movement while drumming. 

There is a full movement range in legs with the drum throne. As a result, you can reach your drum kit in comfort. A stationery office chair cannot allow you to move your body parts.

Like drum thrones, office chairs allow for adjustment except for stationery chairs. So, you can decide to buy an office chair instead of a drum throne. But, the office chairs will limit you from moving your drum kit from one station to another.

Finally, a drum throne is sturdy enough to handle various mishandling during transportation. In this case, the typical office chair fails. These kinds of chairs are delicate for heavy movements.

In general, an office chair cannot fit well the place of a drum throne.

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