6 Must-Have: Accessories for Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drum accessories are vital for perfect drum playing. They complement your electronic drum and improve the playing experience. So, you have to be specific about what you want for you to choose the best accessory. For instance, drum monitors only amplify your kit and not expanding your setup.

We shall disclose various electronic drum accessories here and their significance as well.

1. Drum Sticks

You need to consider a variety of factors while choosing the best drumsticks. Selecting the right wood is essential. Every drum stick wood gives you a different feel.

This difference is due to how it flexes, absorbs, or transmits vibration.

ARLX Drum Sticks
ARLX Drum Sticks

Hickory wood is impact-resistant and flexible as well. Maple is lighter, thus can accommodate a larger diameter. It sounds sweeter and brighter on cymbals and drums. But it is not durable.

Although oak drum sticks are heavy and dense, they transmit vibration more. Oakwood sticks are durable and have a darker, more significant, and cymbal sound.

Laminated Birch sticks are heavy and durable. They produce a deep tune from cymbals and drums. 

Drum sticks come in various shapes as well. Barrel shapes have a flat and wide contact surface. As a result, they produce a dark and robust contact sound. A corn tip shape has a large contact surface that creates a mysterious but full cymbal sound.  Ball tips create a bright contact sound.

Oval tips produce a tune that is between the ball and barrel tips. 

The stick thickness affects the drum tune as well. You can know the width by checking the model numbers. Sticks label “A” are thin compared to the B’s. The higher number symbolizes smaller sticks. Therefore, a 7A stick is thinner compared to a 5A stick. 

So, while choosing a drumstick, you should try them out first. Such practice will give you the stick feeling. Such tests will assist you in making the right decision. 

2. Drum Bags

Protecting your drum is essential. A drum is a significant investment that you can’t watch it go to waste. So, you need to have a drum bag for the safety of your drum.

Gearlux 5-Piece Drum Bag Set
Gearlux 5-Piece Drum Bag Set

But, there are many drum bags in the market. So, selecting the best can be a challenge.

A hard casing is one of the things you should consider. You can get them from plastic or fiber materials.

Some of these hard casings have linings while others don’t. Cases with form linings offer the best protective solutions.

Soft bags are light and tight, thus offering a perfect fitting. Due to the reduced weight, you can easily carry your drum in such a casing.

Hardware cases are the most suitable in terms of durability. They have reinforced wheels for smooth movements. Also, they have tough materials and sturdy embroidery. As a result, they last longer and offer your drum the best protection.

Because of the high price for cymbals, proper protection is vital. Besides, their fragile nature requires a quality bag or case. So, you should look for a casing that will hold your cymbals safe. Also, the packet should facilitate easy transportation.

3. Drum Rug

A drum rug is another very crucial drumming accessory for any serious drummer. A drum set can scratch, chip or leave marks on the floor.

Aucuda Drum Rug Drum Mat
Aucuda Drum Rug Drum Mat

Moreover, a drum set will tend to move away from you as you play without a drum rug. Consequently, a drum rug will come in handy in helping to secure your floor.

You will need a drum rug in the recording studio, at home and even on stage. Investing in a good drum rug will keep you away from potential aggravation.

Keep in mind that the size of your drum set will also determine the size of the drum rug. Generally, the standard size of a drum rug is 5 by 6 feet. This size is ideal for most 5-piece drum sets.

However, other larger drum sets may require larger drum rugs.

Also, remember that drum sets are constantly in contact with the floor. As such, look for a drum rug that is durable. It should not tear, rip or be pierced easily.

Again, if you travel a lot, your drum rug could be exposed to much abuse during your travel. Consequently, it should be of a material that can withstand life on the road.

4. Drummer Gloves

Although not all drummers put on gloves, they are still essential accessories of drumming. Their use ranges from practice sessions to live shows.

Vic Firth Drumming Glove
Vic Firth Drumming Glove

Drumming gloves help mainly to prevent one from getting blisters, especially after a prolonged performance. They also help to absorb the shock caused by the impact of drumming sticks.

Also, they help to enhance your grip on the drumming sticks. With gloves, you can effectively do your drumming even with sweaty hands.

Good drumming gloves should offer you protection and durability. Drumming is always a rigorous activity. As such, many gloves tend to wear out fast, and many hardly last past a few years.

Moreover, good gloves should be well-fitting. You would not like to do drumming with loose gloves as this will make you very uncomfortable. It would also significantly affect your grip on the drumsticks.

Gloves that are neither too small nor too large will also give you comfort. They should be so comfortable that you will not even think about them as you play.

Lastly, ensure that your gloves allow you the best flexibility and control. Your fingers should be able to move comfortably without being confined to a fixed position.

5. Drum Shield

Drum shields are drumming accessories that are very critical to audio engineers.

At times, the sound of the drums may be too loud. Consequently, it may overshadow that of the vocals or other quitter instruments.

Drum Shield DS4 5 Panels
Drum Shield DS4 5 Panels

Audio engineers use drum shields to ensure that there are no such sound issues. As a result, it is prudent that you choose wisely this vital accessory.

Among the crucial features that you should consider when buying a drum shield is its acoustic absorption. A good drum shield should have a feature that enables it to absorb sound and minimize the reflections bouncing off the screen.

High-quality drum shields are paired with sound-absorbent materials. These materials increase the acoustic absorption ability.

Moreover, consider the durability of a drum shield before buying it. One that has a robust construction has a greater chance of lasting longer.

For the screens, loo for the ones that are of thick acrylic material.

Again, the size of the drum shield is critical. Buying a very small or a very large one may not give you the desired drumming effects.

Buy a drum shield that perfectly fits around your drum set. Measure the drum set area before you buy a drum shield.

6. Drumming Shoes

Drumming shoes are among the essential drumming accessories. While some drummers prefer to use their daily shoes or sneakers, professional drummers opt for shoes designed for drumming.

A good drumming shoe should have a good grip but is not too tight. A good grip ensures that your feet do not slide from the pedal. In turn, this ensures that you have more power for your strokes.

Emerica Men's The Reynolds Low Vulc
Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Low Vulc

A good drumming shoe should also offer you flexibility, breathability and comfort. Choose a shoe that has excellent material. It will guard your feet against becoming sweaty or developing blisters due to lousy shoes.

Some of the widely preferred materials include Suede, Canvas and thin layer.

Consider also the weight of your drumming shoe. Your feet need to be as light as possible to facilitate effective striking. Good drumming shoes should, therefore, be lightweight.

Do not forget to look at the sole of the drumming shoe. A flat sole is safe for your feet and allows you a comfortable drumming experience.

Lastly, though not very important, is the appearance of the shoe. Go for a drumming shoe that fits your personal style. Opt for a shoe that is appealing to you, not forgetting that your feet are never on the radar of your audience.

Drum Accessories Conclusion

A great drummer does not own only the best drums. Of course, you also need to arm yourself with various things that will improve your playing on the drums.

Also, these things can serve as a suitable gift for the drummer. Surely each of us would like to enjoy these things.