Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit Review

You know you should hone your drumming skills and you don’t want to wake the entire neighborhood. If that’s what you’re after, consider investing in electric musical instruments. Drum kits such as Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit would be a great option due to low noise levels.

But don’t go on a random shopping spree without knowing the model to seek out on the market. 

In this Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit Review, we will discover that this kit is one of the best electronic drum sets for upcoming drummers to practice with anytime. This mesh heads kit comes with an impressive design and performance.

If you’d love to know more about this powerful musical instrument, be sure to read on for more information. 


Donner DED-100 


Things we liked

The mesh head offers acoustic drum sound.
Affordable price.
Ultra-sensitive cymbals.
The pads are responsive.
Adjustable mesh drum heads.
Very stable iron frame.

Things we didn’t like

No Bluetooth connectivity.
Not compatible with some software.

Donner DED-100 Electric Drum Kit Overview

Donner is a company that has built its reputation following the manufacture of top-notch electronic drum sets and other musical instruments.

They have a variety of musical instrument with different models. Electronic drum kits and guitars are some of their most popular instruments. 

Donner 100 Electronic Drum set is an 8-inch all mesh drum head musical instrument. The electronic drum set is high-quality and has amassed over four stellar reviews with more than 300 ratings on Amazon.

Therefore, you can be sure to experience a powerful performance when using the Donner 100 electronic drum set. These electronic drums also come with everything you need for the bass drum stand.

Who Is This Product For?

Drummers need a lot of practice to hone their skills. But practicing in an apartment with noisy drums will irritate the neighbors.

As such, you need an electronic kit with mesh heads to help keep the noise under control. Donner 100 Electric Drum Kit, is an ideal choice as it comes with all-mesh drum heads and rubber drum pads.

As such, this product is ideal for professional drummers. Beginners can also use this electric kit to practice and learn drumming.

It features good materials such as iron metal support to make it durable. Besides, it is affordable, and this makes it an ideal option for entry-level drummers. 

What Is Inside the Box

  • One Sound drum module
  • One 10″ Hi-Hat
  • One 10-inch Ride Cymbal
  • One 10-inch Hi-Hat Crash Cymbal
  • Three 8-inch Mesh Tom pads
  • One 8-inch Dual-Zone mesh Snare pad
  • Hi-Hat Pedal x 1
  • One Kick Pedal
  • One pair of Drum sticks
  • One Drum Key
  • One Audio input line
  • Audio cable

Key Features of The Donner 100


The sound quality of this best electronic drum set is impressive. Its drum module produces drum sounds of a real drum, helping you to have a realistic experience. Amazingly, you can do a drum test and adjust it repeatedly, making the sound quality close to the real.

The kit also comes with a feature that makes the sound realistic and excellent, shorten the shock response. Consequently, you get a realistic playing experience and avoid the sound delay. 

Its silicone cymbal has a stable and well-distributed tone response all around.

It has a rich sound that yields the same result as an acoustic drum. Besides, you can create your own music if you invest in this robust musical instrument. With 200 timbre and 20 demo songs, you can be sure to create a masterpiece.

However, these are few compared to other high end drums such as Alesis Nitro mesh kit, whose nitro drum module features 60 play along tracks, and mesh and rubber pads. Even its counterpart Donner DED 200 features more built in play along songs.

Donner 100 play on the drum set

Drum Head

You get five drums in this kit. It’s incredible how you can achieve a balanced acoustic kit sound while practicing drumming.

The drums have a mesh head to deliver shock vibrations to the sensors excellently. The result is always a realistic acoustic kit sound. The cymbals are also injection-molded for a rich and natural sound. 

The 8-inch drum heads are also durable and don’t deform or show signs of slackness. The drum heads have a better feel besides staying longer for extended service life. Its kick pad can be played muted or unmuted.


First, high-quality materials go into the construction of this electric kit. It features a cymbal, the collapsible iron metal stand, and a drum throne.

Aside from premium quality materials, you also get realistic sounds from this electronic drum set. Much research makes the Donner 100 Electronic Drum Kit use the French Dream sampling technology to yield real drum sound. 

The manufacturer uses digital technology to record and store the sounds from real musical instruments.

Advanced software algorithms with chip computing efficiency also make the kit to have pre-installed sounds such as 200 timbre and 20 tones. With the sound design, you can complement your rock, jazz, and punk music styles. 

The kit’s design also allows you to connect it with an Mp3 for sound play. The drums and cymbals are sensitive, thanks to the ultra-sensitive custom sensors in play.

You get a dynamic response anti-interference performance, thanks to the electric drum set’s design. 


You will connect the entire set to the mains by using a 9V power adapter. There is also an audio line that comes in handy when you want to connect the kit to an Mp3 player.

The audio line also ensures you can practice drumming while wearing headphones. As a result, your neighborhood will be peaceful since you will not be creating noise. 

The drum pads offer four levels of velocity sensitivity, which enhances a reel drum feel of the kit. However, there lacks an individual aux input for each drum pad. You can use the USB midi output to incase to record more tracks.

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Alternatives to This Electric Drum Set

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Downsides of The Donner 100

Electric drums are usually compatible with many software. But this one may not be compatible with some software. You should make sure it works with the software you intend to use if you want to heighten its musical performance.

The frame may also be delicate despite featuring iron metal. Therefore, be sure to subject it to the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit.

Some customers complained that after four months, the kick drum stopped working. Others also complain that the dual-zone snare is hard to use and the hi-hat response was not good.


The drum set electronic works incredibly fine and could help you hone your musical skills. It is affordable, and entry-level drummers can take full advantage of it.

Besides, you can get the natural sound of an acoustic drum if you invest in this product. There are also built-in sounds to help you create music. Though not high-end like Roland TD, Donner 100 Electric Kit is a product that you can rely on for incredible music. 

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