Alesis DRP100 Electronic Drumming Headphones Reviews

Alesis is a brilliant designer of excellent electronic music instruments. Luckily enough, their Alesis DRP100 Electronic Drumming Headphones are no different. 

The Alesis DRP 100 headphone, manufactured in the United States, deliver clear sound. At the same time, they offer excellent control over volume.

In other words, they are helpful in fine-tuning drum sounds frequencies. This function is essential because every part of a drum set has its sound. Moreover, they also don’t allow in any noise from the outside.

In this article, we will look at what the DRP 100 has to offer in detail.


Alesis DRP100 Electronic Drumming Headphones


Things we liked

Relatively comfortable over-ear design
Reasonable and affordable price tag
Their noise reduction is brilliant
Remarkable sound range
Powerful 40mm sound drivers

Things we didn’t like

Sound fades quickly
Weak wire ends

Alesis DRP100 Review

The Alesis DRP100 drums headphones feature outstanding audio isolation and come with many accessories. Besides, they also deliver accurate sound reproduction.

Whether on stage, during practice, or in the studio, they assure consistent performance. Their design offers full dynamics and nuances of all electronic drum kits in the studio.

More importantly, they come with 40mm full-range drivers and they are easy to play along. Through these, they offer a tight low-end alongside a wide frequency response as well. This model also comes with an impedance 32 ohms cable with 1 8 inch 3 5mm stereo.

Their silicone headband is also handy in keeping them intact.

Equally important, these electronic headphones model features an over-ear design. For this reason, it ensures extreme sound isolation and outstanding comfort.

Who is the DRP100 best suited for?

The Alesis DRP100 Electronic Drum Reference Headphones are ideal for electronic drummers. It doesn’t matter if they use electronic or real drums.

Either way, these electronic drum monitoring headphones deliver extreme audio isolation. Hence, they assure optimal performance.

Also, are you a drummer who likes something that doesn’t stand out too much? If yes, you may find this pair interesting.

Alesis Drp100 Headphones front look

What’s inside the box?

The following includes drum accessories inside the package:

  • The Alesis DRP100 extreme isolating headphones
  • 6.3mm or 1 4 adapter 
  • Safety and warranty manual
  • Protective bag for safety

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Key Features of the DRP100


This model boasts powerful 40mm full-range drivers. With these, it delivers clear sound reproduction. Moreover, it produces impressive sound quality as well. 

It features a wide frequency response. As such, it comes in handy when mixing different drum sounds. In other words, they do well in separating each drum tone.

That’s something other models out there are unable to achieve.

Even so, this model isn’t ideal to be used everyday. The full-range drivers provide clarity for drum set sounds only.

As such, it should not be used on other instruments, e.g., digital pianos. The reason being, the sounds come out dull. 


Remarkably, the drum monitoring over-ear design provides extreme audio isolation. With them on, you can hardly hear anything happening around you.

For anyone working at home or in a busy studio, they are an ideal pick. Most experts praise the model’s extreme isolation for monitoring drum kits.

At the same time, they leak very minimum sound. So, you can play without distracting anyone. Unless only when playing the drums loudly.

They also come with a very high volume. So, it’s less likely to play music or electronic drums at their full capacity.

Alesis Drp100 Headphones on the throne


Just like the isolation feature, the comfort factor narrows down to their design as well. The over-ear design facilitates coziness.

By staying intact on your head, they achieve stability while performing rugged on stage.

It’s not a surprise because Alesis always deliver comfortable equipment on the market. Also, the DRP100 pair of headphones are lightweight. Hence, carrying them on your head is very effortless. 

As a bonus, this model features a comfort sweat-proof silicone headband. Besides enhancing flexibility and stability, it also keeps away the smell.


Unfortunately, durability is one of the drawbacks of these studio headphones. Alesis always offer long-lasting products. However, they don’t fit in the category.

The Silicone headband is solid. As such, it may keep them from breaking. But, that is it as far as protection goes. Most users claim that sound begins to fade from one side with time.

Even so, Alesis always provide excellent customer service. On top of that, they also have long warranties. So, let’s assume your pair begins to malfunction within the grace period. You can easily get a new pair for free! 


Portability and Connection

Any drummer, especially one who travels a lot, likes portable products. Well then, in that case, these drums headphones are great news. They are very lightweight. For that reason, carrying them around is nothing less effortless.

Furthermore, they feature a robust silicone headband for fit, flexibility, and stability. Thus, no fretting about taking extra caution.

Moreover, the accessories include a protective bag. And, the pair’s excellent design withstands the rigors of daily use.

Their 4-feet long cord is very convenient to boot. It’s not very long to avoid tangling. At the same time, it’s not too short to trouble you.

Alternatives You May Consider

The first alternative is the Sony MDR7506 Electronic Drums Headphone. It is also an ideal electronic drums headphone option for someone on a budget. Their fold-ready design makes them effortless and convenient to carry.  They also deliver detailed and powerful sounds.

The other alternative is the Roland RH-300 V-Drums stereo Headphones. Their audio quality is excellent and they feature soft cushioning. They are also comfortable and have superb audio isolation for monitoring electronic drum kits.

What didn’t we like about these Alesis drum headphones?

These closed-back ear headphones are cheap to begin with. With time, they tend to lose sound quickly on one side, at least.
As soon as the sound disappears, their quality worsens. This is until they become nothing but useless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they include a warranty?

Yes. Just like every other Alesis product, the DRP100 features a 1-year warranty. That is enough time to have a replacement in case of any complaints.

Are they rated 5-stars on Amazon?

They are not 5-stars rated on Amazon. The DRP100 have quite a number of negative reviews on Amazon. However, they still manage to get a rough rating of 4.4 stars instead.


Finally, if you are on a budget, these Alesis headphones should be on your wish list for personal use or as gift cards.

Although you may not get free shipping, they are purpose-built for electronic drummers. They boast extreme audio isolation and comfort sweat headband for fit. Hence, they’ll stay on all through your session.

Their cord has a perfect length to avoid tangling them during a drumming session.

Through the 40mm drivers, the DRP100 headphones deliver remarkable sound quality. They even achieve the same clarity as some high-end headphone models out there. 

At less than $50, the DRP100 headphones are worth it. They probably are the best you can come across at such a price tag.