How Loud is an Electronic Drum Kit and Different Parts of It

Electronic drum kits take the beating from the sticks and create vibrations, not sounds. These vibrations are then converted into music by the drum module.

So, the electronic drum gear such as pads or cymbals does not produce any sound of their own. However, they still generate some thud sounds.

The thud sounds come from rubber pads being struck or hi-hat getting a pressing. Take note that these sounds are only a fraction of the noise produced by an acoustic drum set.

There are a few contributing factors that determine how loud is an electronic drum kit. This guide will explain everything to you.

Let’s Know How Loud is an Electronic Drum Kit

You will always have to hear some noise from your electronic drum kit, even if you practice with your headphones on. It will deter you from hearing your music in a manner your audience would. So, you need to develop a knack for the final beats.

Drum Pads

Given the number of drum pads, they are responsible for the most noise produced by your electronic kit. However, this greatly depends on the type of drums you have in your electronic drum kit. Rubber head drums will make significantly higher noise than mesh head drums. So, if possible, always opt for the latter.


Unlike acoustic kits, there are no metal cymbals in an electronic drum kit. The cymbals of an electronic drum kit are made of rubber that get hit by wooden sticks. The wood striking on rubber does generate some noise but nowhere close to the metal counterparts.

Drum Shell

Drum shells are a giant part of your electronic drum kit. No matter how careful you are with them, they are bound to make some noticeable noise. To reduce the noise to a minimum, drum shells of electronic drum sets are made of some non-resonant surface like rubber or mesh.

Bass Drum

The Bass drum of an acoustic kit is a monster. The sound produced by it can pierce almost any surface and can bother anyone in your neighborhood. Luckily, the bass drum of an electronic drum kit is made of rubber and does not produce a sound higher than the noise of the pedal beater hitting it.

The Pedals

Be it an acoustic kit or an electronic kit, pedals are no different. Both types of kits have similar types of pedals. Unfortunately, you can not avoid the sound when these pedals hit the surface. Sounds like thud, vibration, and squeaking of the pedals are bound to happen.


So, that was all about how loud is an electronic drum kit. To put it in summary, it is a bit loud for the person behind the kit and the person sitting next to you in your room. A tiny amount of noise is audible to people around your setup area. But, it is not a thing of concern for people downstairs and in your neighborhood. 

There are ways to reduce the noise from your electronic drum kit. You can consider soundproofing your practice area or buy softer gear for your kit. Soft beater pedals, beatless kick pedals, and noise isolation floors are some good gear to reduce the noise produced by your drum set.

If you are still unsure of how loud is an electronic drum kit and are not ready to set up one in your house, look for a model that has some refund period on it. Thus, if the noise is too loud that it bothers your family members, you can avail yourself of a return. Thanks.