5 Clever Ways to Add More Pads to Your Electronic Drum Kit

You probably are a gear addict or you have become a better drummer recently. This demands more drum pads added to your electronic kit.

Find the 5 Best ways to add more pads to your electronic drum kit.

Sadly, there are only so many trigger inputs but that’s not all gloom. Follow this guide and you will find some clever ways to adore your electronic drum kit with extra pads.

5 Easy Ways to Add More Pads to Your Electronic Drum Kit

Adding more drum pads to your electronic drum kit is a tricky thing to do. You may need some additional gear to achieve the purpose. Here are the details:

1. Maximize the Trigger Inputs

All electronic drum kits come with a number of trigger inputs. If you want to add only a few extra pads, these slots should be more than enough to serve you.

So, your first step to adding more pads to the drum kit should be to maximize the given trigger inputs.

2. Add a Slave Trigger Module

Take a careful look at your drum kit to check if it has a MIDI input together with a percussion set. If yes, you can use the slots to your advantage.

Via MIDI input, you can add a slave trigger module to your electronic drum kit. This slave trigger module can have many trigger inputs for more drum pads.

You can add as many trigger modules as you want by connecting a hierarchy of trigger modules.

3. Use Drum Splitters

This option is useful if your electronic drum kit does not have a MIDI input. In this case, you can use drum splitters as an alternate.

Drum splitters are not simple split-cables that allow you to plug two drums into one input. Instead, they are cables or boxes that have some purposely added built-in resistors. These resistors make the splitters capable of supporting many drum pads.

It is a quick, easy, and affordable solution if you want to add more pads to your electronic drum kit. However, you will have to make some fine-tuning to your drum module for it to work.

4. Use Extended MIDI Input

This option will work for you if you use drum software and produce sound using a PC. In such a case, you can use a MIDI mate 2 in tandem with your PC to earn some extra slots for more pads.

MIDI mate 2 has a USB slot on one end and two MIDI splits on the other end. You can use these MIDI splits for more pads or even an additional slave trigger module.

5. Leverage the Power of EZdrummer2

This option will need you to shell out some money to add more pads to your electronic drum kit.

EZdrummer2 is a paid software that assists you with producing your final beats. The strength of the software lies in its ability to merge sounds from multiple drum modules into one.

EZdrummer2 provides you with an intuitive interface to work with. Via the interface, you can input the beats from two different modules and produce a merged beat.

Thus, it almost doubles the capacity of your electronic drum kit to add more drum pads.


If you are a drummer by hobby or do live stage performances, you will need to add only a few pads now and then. This should be an easy task for you especially after you have gone through this guide.

Only if you work in a production setup you will need to add a heck number of pads to your electronic drum kit. Either way, this guide got you covered. Thanks.