Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set Review – Best for Beginners

Donner 200 is an 8-piece electronic drum set featuring five drums and three cymbals. This entry-level electronic drum kit delivers high-quality realistic drum sounds, thanks to its all-mesh heads.

The most impressive feature in this drum set is that it has 15 main preset drum kits, but you can choose from the 225 provided timbres. As such, you can play jazz, rock, hip-hop, blues, or any other musical style of your choice. It is the best kit to avoid the sound delay that comes with most electronic drums.

Also, this drum set allows you to tweak the EQ and reverb settings and save the changes permanently!


Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set


Things we liked

Design quality is professional
Ideal for beginner drummers
Many customer positive customer ratings

Things we didn’t like

Quite expensive

The Drum Kit Review

Donner is a successful manufacturer of high-quality electronic drum sets and other musical instruments. Their products have excellent reviews on Amazon and other online sites, and their demand across the world is very high.

The snare and toms of this electronic drum set have an impressive springiness, close to that of a real acoustic kit. Its dual-zone snare, while the toms are single zone.

The silicone cymbal, is stable and comes with a well-distributed tone response in every part of the cymbal.

The drum kit cymbal, the collapsible iron metal stand, all give it superb stability and makes it easy to store away. It is a kit with drum throne sticks, headphone and audio cable interfaces and hi-hat.

Its drum module has 225 sounds and 30 play-along tracks, little less compared to other models such as Alesis Nitro mesh kit.

This kit allows you to repeatedly do a drum test and adjust the details of each timbre. This makes the sound more realistic and excellent, shorten the shock response to avoid sound delay.

Who is this product for?

Are you a seasoned drummer or beginner looking for a training/ practice drum kit? Look no further because this electronic drum set is the ideal choice. It comes with 30 in-built demo songs, which are incredibly useful to someone learning to play drums.

You can use it for band performances or home practice. Since this kit has a headphone feature and all-mesh drum heads, it is ideal for practice in shared residential areas. The noise levels are very minimal as compared to other beginner electronic drum sets.

The drum set is also a great option for a budget-friendly yet high-quality electric drum kit. It has exceptional features and sound quality. Surprisingly, it is one of the best electronic drum sets under $600. 

What is inside the box?

  • Drum module
  • One 8-inch snare
  • Three 8-inch toms
  • One hi-hat
  • One 12-inch crash cymbal
  • One 12-inch ride cymbal
  • One 8-inch kick drum
  • One kick pedal
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • One pair of drum sticks
  • Audio cable
  • Drum throne (not included)
  • Headphones (not included)
  • Bass drum

Key Features of these Drums?


The kit features 225 timbers with which you can play any musical style you desire. This feature makes it ideal for individual practice and band performance. Also, the kit comes with 30 built-in play along tracks, which are very helpful for beginners to practice.

The material used to make the cymbal sends shock vibrations to the sensor. These sensors have a dynamic response, high sensitivity, and anti-interference characteristics. The resulting sound is

Drum Head

This electronic drum set uses an outstanding mesh drumhead hoop technology, featuring a durable 8-inch all-mesh drumhead. This technology is an absolute solution to slackness and mesh deformation. It also prolongs the life of the drum heads.

The mesh of this drum set is denser and delicate than other electronic drum sets. As such, it has a better feel and promotes quiet performances.

There is an accurate and well-coordinated performance between the drum edge and drumhead via the dual-trigger technology.


This drum has excellent build quality, with an audio cable, more stable iron metal support deluxe mesh kit stands. This feature allows you to fully concentrate on your music without the fear of drums falling off. You can also adjust the kit to your preferred position before playing.

The drum pad feels very durable and can withstand hard and loud strikes. The kicks, too, feel very solid and sounds real. The dual-zone mesh snare, hi-hat, bass drum and drum pads appear to be a bit wider than most beginner electronic drum sets.

However, the bass drum helps to offer you some aspect of realism in your drumming experience.


There are plenty of useful outputs on this drum set. The kit has a USB-MIDI output, with which you can connect your phone, computer, or an MP3 device. It also has a 1/8-inch headphone output and a ¼-inch instrument cable output.

With these options, you can also plug an amplifier or any other device that accepts aux cable inputs. Another fantastic feature of this kit is that it has an audio in and even a spot where you can add a crash.

This drum set features a MIDI output that allows you to connect to any DAW.

Moreover, the kit uses digital technology, French DREAM’s sampling technology, to record sound and instruments. This technology eliminates sound delay and repetition.

If you need to practice your favorite songs, you can connect your computer or MP3.

Alternatives to this Electric Kit

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Downsides of this Electric Kit


Though this drum set seems like a perfectionist kit, it has its fair share of challenges. Nonetheless, these downsides are minor and should not hinder you from enjoying its overwhelming benefits.

If you are looking for an electric kit that can do stage performances, this drum set is not an ideal choice. It has low volumes, thus not suitable for outdoor performances.

It also has only 30 preset tracks unlike other models such as Alesis surge mesh kit which has 60 play along tracks.


From the review, we see that this drum set is an incredible entry-level electric kit. It comes with everything you need to improve your skills as a new or seasoned drummer.

The drum is one of the best under $600 beginner drum kits. Based on its quality, it is far much better than other kits in the market. The drum pads of this kit feels and sounds almost like a real drum.

Its dual zone mesh heads feature helps in keeping sound levels at the minimum. The unique hoop technology used on the drumhead gives it longevity and a better feel.

This kit delivers unmatched sound quality, which is stable and well-distributed. I would highly recommend it to any drummer out there looking for a practice kit.

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