Simmons SD350 Electronic Drum Kit Review

Since its launch in 1978, Simmons has never ceased to produce top-notch electronic drum kits. The Simmons SD350 electronic drum kit is one of their flagship products. Therefore, expect your Simmons kit to perform incredibly well since it comes from one of the best electronic drum kit companies.

In our Simmons SD350 electronic drum kit review is a 5-piece instrument with mesh heads. It is a full-size electronic musical instrument that could be best for rehearsals. Drummers looking to practice to hone their skills can as well invest in this musical instrument.

This Simmons sd350 drum kit review will look at the features of the drum set. It will also look at the reasons why Simmons SD350 is an ideal investment for producers. Read on for more information!


Simmons SD350 Electronic Drum Kit Review

Things we liked

Affordable price
Durable steel rack
Realistic acoustic response
An Easy-to-use controller
179 customizable sounds

Things we didn’t like

No throne
The App doesn’t run on Android devices.

The Drum Kit Review

Professional drummers and music producers love the Simmons SD350 for its “tension-able” mesh heads. They commend the drum set for its bouncy feel that excellently replicates the response from an acoustic drum. It is a drum kit with mesh that features five pieces. It is a full-size 5 piece drum set.

Therefore, it is a complete drum set for professional music producers and drummers. The quality of the material is impressive at an affordable price point. Not so many drum sets feature durable 10-inch hi-hats that revolutionize the drum sound.

But this SD350 drum by Simmons features the hi-hats and other essential components. As we have already mentioned, this is a full-size 5-piece mesh-head electronic drum kit for music producers and drummers.

Who is this product for?

This kit with mesh pads is ideal for music producers. It is an ideal kit for studio recording sessions. But it is not limited to producers only since other professionals can also use it.

Professional drummers might find it useful for rehearsals and practice when looking to hone their skills in drumming. With its full-size design, it is an incredible electronic musical instrument for producers and professional drummers alike!

What Is Inside the Box?

  • 8-inch mesh heads.    
  • 10-inch pads.       
  • Hi-hat controller.
  • Kick pedal and kick controller.
  • Multi-pin Pad connector.
  • MIDI connector.   
  • Control Interface.

Key Features Of The Electric Drum Kit


This 5-piece mesh-head electronic kit has 179 custom sounds. It also includes a user song besides having 10 built-in songs and 10 pre-set drum effects. The sounds it produces are robust and meet the sound quality from an acoustic drum set. As such, professional drummers can use this musical instrument for rehearsals, practice, and recording music.

You can use the USB midi computer connection to import more sounds from a laptop. This feature makes the Simmons mesh-head electronic drum kit a versatile musical instrument for producers and anyone interested in learning the art of making music. You can produce newer sounds in your music production career if you invest in this excellent masterpiece.


This Simmons drum set features a simple interface with easy-to-use easy, and comprehensive navigation buttons. The controller has a button for setting the tempo of the built-in songs. There are also buttons for muting the sounds, recording or playing songs, and starting music.

Simmons SD350 module

The interface has an LED screen that shows the tempo of the sound you are playing. There are also two buttons for increasing or decreasing the volume. As such, using this machine is quite simple.


This Simmons drum set has a MIDI computer connection, stereo and headphone outputs for quiet drumming practice. This mesh-head electronic drum kit is also quick to assemble since it’s a 5-piece compact drum set.


The incredible build ensures your Simmons drum tension-able mesh heads has 179 custom sounds 10 preset drum kits, plus user preset 10 songs, plus one user song Simple interface for unmatched performance. With a build that includes 5 pieces, this SD350 provides a bigger-than-expected drum sound with a less-than-expected price. This full-size kit is a convenient setup for rehearsals.

The mesh heads for snare will offer real drum feel for professional drummers. You have everything you need to transform your music career if you invest in this machine. The kit features crash cymbals, hi-hat controller pedal, and a kick pedal with integrated kick trigger.

Th kick pedal with integrated kick trigger isn’t the only feature. The kit’s able mesh heads capture more attention for a heightened performance. With its incredible 179 sounds, 10 preset drum kits, and 10-inch pads for hi-hat, you can be sure to transform your career.


Downsides of this Electric Kit

Although this kit has plenty of reasons to buy it, a few areas need improvement. The kit includes an app that comes in handy during rehearsals practice and recording of music. unfortunately, that app only works with iOS devices such as iPhone. This leaves Android users with no option of using the software.

This Simmons sd350 provides incredible performance with its integrated kick trigger pedals. But the kit doesn’t include a drum throne, which is a drawback on this beautiful flagship product. Some users complain that the snares don’t offer real drum feel like an acoustic drum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electronic drum pads any good?

Yes, they provide excellent training for drummers looking to train quietly to reduce the noise in the neighborhood. Besides, they have the same feel as an acoustic instrument.

Is it better to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Yes, you should learn how to play an e-drum first. With an e-drum, you can play more often and hone your drumming skills. Besides, you can customize the sounds from your set.

What is the best brand of electronic drum sets?

It isn’t easy knowing the best brand when it comes to e-drum sets. You can be sure to find variations amongst the drums. But you can always find the one that works best for you.

Can you use headphones with electronic drums?

Yes, these drums have earphone outputs for this purpose.


This kit by Simmons is one of the best musical instruments for drummers and music producers. As a compact drum set, rugged 8-inch mesh heads hit hat ride and crash cymbals are its essential components.

Therefore, it has everything you need to take your music career to another level if you are a drummer or a music producer. This SD350 edition is a great investment for anyone with an interest in music production.

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