Behringer XD8USB Review

When starting on being a drummer, it’s best to keep things simple. And, the Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum kit fits the bill. 

In our review of the Behringer XD8USB, we will talk through:

  • why it’s an ideal 8-piece set 
  • The pros and cons of the set; and
  • The features of the set

All in all, for the price and the features, the XD8USB 8-piece electronic drum set is the real deal.


BEHRINGER, Black and Grey, inch (XD8USB)

Things we liked

Compact and lightweight
Reasonable price tag
Lots of pre-loaded sounds and drum kits
Customizable drum kits
Seamless connection to PC

Things we didn’t like

The cables are of low-quality
The cymbals are not chokeable

The Behringer XD8USB Review

The Behringer kit is an entry-level option that ships ready to rock with everything you need. As such, it’s inexpensive and doesn’t include plenty of extras. 

Firstly, this electric drum kit features dual-zone drum pads. With these, you can enjoy your drumming experiences with more nuance.

It then includes a solid drum module that boasts excellent functionality. Other than a built-in metronome, the sound module can also store up to 15 drum sounds.

Moreover, it’s possible to hook up the kit to your PC to record and edit your pieces.

The XD8USB is also lightweight and compact. Hence, carrying it around is nothing you’ll ever fret about. What’s even more impressive is how quick and effortless it is to set up the kit. 

Who is this product for?

Electronic kits can be very expensive hence inaccessible for most drummers. But that’s not the case with the Behringer kit. The kit is an ideal option for anyone expecting to practice drumming a lot but is on a tight budget.

While it may lack enough coaching and guidance functions, it does include a few practice features. So, it’s best for beginner drummers who don’t necessarily need coaching.

What is inside the box?

Even with such a reasonable price point, this electronic drum kit boasts a remarkable array of components.

  • Drum rack inclusive of mounting hardware
  • Drumsticks
  • Assembly instructions and a quick start guide
  • Drum tool
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • Multi-pin breakout cable for quick setup
  • HDS110USB sound module
  • 3 x 8″ single-zone tom pads, 3 x 12″ cymbals
  • 1 x 8″ dual-zone snare pad
  • Kick pedal and stand
  • Kick drum pad

Key Features of the Behringer Set

Sound Quality

Using one word, I’d describe the kit’s sound as remarkable. Some sounds on the kit may sound somewhat average, but the rest sound great. According to many customer reviews from the United States, the quality is comparable to that of some expensive models.

It also includes a mix of techno and acoustic-sounding kits that are all fun and usable. Even more impressive, the snare boasts a dual trigger section.

Through this, you not only get a typical snare but also rim-playing techniques. audio input for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad is also included.

Real-feel playability and response

Some drummers only use an electronic set at home but switch to acoustic kits for live performances. If that describes you, be sure to like the natural rubber surface of the XD8USB’s pads. 

Besides the pads feeling real, their response is also the same as that of acoustic drums. Also, unlike other drum models, you won’t experience incidents of false triggering. 

This kit also features a High Definition Sampling technology. the technology provides an authentic drumming experience.

Even with such a low price, this electronic set delivers the most expressive drumming experience. 

Drum Module

This is a drum set with HDS110USB Sound Module ships ready with a USB port on its back. With this, you can connect the XD8USB directly to your PC or any virtual instrument and drum software.

After doing so, it allows you to load extra sounds and edit them to your preference. Other than that, the module also allows you to use DAWs and make professional recordings.

Behringer XD8USB Drum Module
Behringer XD8USB Drum Module

Moreover, the kit features 10 factory presets plus 5 user-programmable drum sets.

Further, the module incorporates 123 sounds of its own. It then includes ten preset drum kits by default and can accommodate five more from you. 

These Behringer electric drums feature an HDS (High Definition Sampling) technology that provides an authentic drumming experience, 123 studio-grade drum. Cymbal and percussion sounds offer you a realistic feeling.

It also features built-in sequencer for play-along practice and performance. Professionally composed tracks cover a great ray of music styles.

Velocity and Touch Sensitivity

The kit’s sounds are velocity-sensitive and provides you with a natural dynamic response. In simple terms, when you hit a cymbal or drum pad hard, expect a loud sound. In the same way, a light strike will sound soft. 

This feature may sound basic. However, it’s easier to miss it in competitive drum kits, especially those in the XD8USB’s price category.


Setting up this electronic set is very effortless and direct. Adjust the cymbal and drum pads for the best positions. Then, rightfully connect the cables and after a short while, expect to play – it’s that simple.

Similarly, folding up the drum kit is also pretty much quick. This feature makes the XD8USB an excellent pick for drummers that move around much. 

When you need Behringer XD8USB Manual click here.


Behringer XD8USB vs Alesis Nitro

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Frequently Asked questions

Is it better to learn drums on an electronic kit?

Yes.  An electronic set comes with crucial learning tools such as a built-in metronome, play-along songs, among others.

What is the best speaker for electronic drums?

A good amplifier for electronic drums is that which can handle a broad range of sounds, including low, mid and high frequencies. Such speakers include Behringer F1220D, Rolnd PM-200, among others.

Is an electronic drum set good for beginners?

Yes. They offer a beginner an array of drum sounds. As such, the beginner can explore a variety of genres and tones.

What is the best electronic drums set for beginners?

The best electronic kit for a beginner is that which is compact, has a variety of sounds and learning tools.


Again, the Behringer XD8USB is not a top-of-the-line option. Without a doubt, however, it is a decent electronic kit that won’t strain your pocket. It’s also very user-friendly and boasts some very top-notch features.

For a beginner, this drum has everything they need at a reasonable price point. Get yours now!

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