Roland TD-1K Kit Review – Best Kit For Beginners

Roland TD-1K Kit is a fantastic electronic drum set from Roland. It comes with all that you need to start perfecting your drumming skills.

Besides, it has an ergonomic design, and it is sturdy as well. As such, it offers an acclaimed V-drums sound and performance. This V-drums set will help you enjoy drumming in any musical style.

Due to its height adjustment feature, it is suitable for every drummer. Also, it comes with 15 expressive drum kits, thus enhancing your drumming experience. Moreover, it has an intuitive user interface for smooth operation.

This review discloses everything you need to know about the TD-1k Roland drums kit.


Roland TD-1K Kit – Best Kit for Beginners


Things we liked

It is highly affordable
It is excellent for beginners
It is lightweight and portable
It has a cymbal chokes

Things we didn’t like

It has rubber pads only
It should have more practice preset kits on board

Roland TD-1K Kit Review

Unquestionably, for Roland drummers, this kit is quite impressive. Apart from pads and cymbals, this Roland electronic kit module has many varying set styles. Furthermore, it comes with convenient tutorial accessories.

Also, this td1k Roland helps you learn how to play the right way. It has an open-ended design, thus more comfortable for you to upgrade as you advance.

As a result, the drum kit makes your practice sessions more fun. So, you tend to play more often, hence helping you improve faster.

Who is this product for?

This Roland drum kit is ideal for beginner drummers. Its built-in tutorial functions enable you to develop your skills quicker.

Also, it has a dominant coach mode, which boosts your accuracy, feels, and timing. As such, this Roland drum set electronic keeps you motivated. Compared to most other drum kits, this set is very affordable.

What is inside the box?

Although this Roland is the cheapest V-drum kit, it has a lot to offer. Its package includes the following.

  • ·        A snare pad
  • ·        Three tom pads
  • ·        Crash cymbal
  • ·        Hi-hat cymbal
  • ·        Ride cymbal
  • ·        Percussion sound module
  • ·        Kick pedal
  • ·        Hi-hat pedal

What are the key features of the TD-1k?

This kit has a similar design with most V-drum kits. But, although it is very budget-efficient, it still has fantastic features. Now, let’s have a look at some of this electronic drum kit’s features.

Sound quality and the sound module

The cymbals and drum pads for this set are quite reliable. They give you a real acoustic drum feel and sound.

Roland TD-1k Module

Besides, it has dual-zoned cymbals, notably the crash and ride.  As a result, you can choke, crash, and play bells with them.

The beater-less hi-hat pedal gives this electronic drum kit a great sound. It helps in preventing unnecessary noises.

Similar to other electronic kits, this set has a simple interface. You can effortlessly navigate through its four functionsusing the select button.

Its ‘drums’ section enables you to choose between any of its 15 inbuilt drum sounds. As such, it gives you a great variety of choices.  

The ‘tempo’ section allows you to control the metronome speed. Also, it enables you to select your desired subdivision. For instance, you can opt to play along to a clave pattern or a simple quarter.

‘Coach’ is the third section, and it helps you train and improve drum skills. This section assists you with coordination and tempo challenges. Finally, the ‘song’ mode allows you to access the 15 backing tracks onboard.

Versatile connectivity

Using this electronic drums’ inbuilt USB-MID interface, one can communicate with the music apps world. You only need a standard USB cable to connect this TD 1k to your computer.

USB-MID interface Roland TD 1K

Besides, this drum rack has a 1/8 inch stereo I/O. This feature enables you to connect headphones and enjoy your music silently.

This kit also allows you to record songs using your computer as a controller. Also, it enables you to manipulate your music using your computer’s music software.

Cymbal pads

This Roland TD-1K Kit has extremely lightweight cymbal arms. Thus, apart from holding the cymbals in their convenient positions, they make the product portable.

Cymbal pads Roland TD1k

Similar to other electronic drums, this kit has hi-hat cymbal, crash, and ride cymbal pads. These three cymbal pads are of the same size.

Also, they have a circular plastic piece, with about a 1/3 of a playable rubber section. Each cymbal pad has dual zoning, hence producing different sounds depending on where you strike.

Besides, you can choke every cymbal to mute the sound. For example, when you grab the outer edge, you get a muting effect. This action is suitable for songs with staccato punctuation.

This product has a freestanding pedal connected to the hi-hat cymbal pad. Unlike orthodox hi-hat stand, this kit has only one pad.

However, you can adjust the pad in question using a small knob on the top. As such, it allows you to loosen or tighten it to your preference.

The hi-hat pedal for this kit is separate from its main drum rack. So, you can position it to a place where you are comfortable to play freely.

This product has equal in build and size tom and snare pads. Since these pads respond to a wide stroke velocity range, they have a perfect response.

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Alternatives to the Roland TD-1k Kit

Although the electronic kits in question are fantastic, you might not be satisfied fully. So, here are the other opinions you can consider.

Alesis Nitro Mesh kit (full review) is our first alternative. It is within the same price range as TD-1k. But, it has a mesh drum head, which is an added advantage. Such drum heads are more realistic than the rubber ones in this TD-1k.

Besides, Alesis Nitro Mesh has a bass drum pedal and a bass drum tower. So, it doesn’t have a free-floating bass drum pedals.

Yamaha DTX402K is another perfect alternative for this product. It shares most of its features with this TD-1k. For instance, the two products’ play is similar, and they are within the same price range.


Downsides of the Roland TD-1k Kit


Although this product is excellent for beginners, it has a few built-in sounds and songs.  As a result, the beginners who like practising on various songs can’t benefit much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the TD-1k Roland kit the best for beginners?

The kit in question is essential for beginners. It is a real V-drum set, which can grow with your playing. Also, it is compact and can get quiet when needed.  Moreover, it is easy to use, and built-in tutorial functions. You can connect it to your mobile device or computer as well.

Can I transport TD-1k Kit?

Portability is one significant advantage of the electronic drums. They are lightweight and small in size, thus making them easily portable. For instance, the kit in question weighs just 25lbs.

What is the difference between Roland TD 1kv and the TD-1k set?

These two drum racks have the same playability and features. But, the TD-1kv has a mesh snare pad, while the other one uses a rubber pad. As a result, the feel and response are a bit different between the two products.

What are the primary features of the TD-1k?

This product comes with 15 expressive drums kits. Also, it has songs, hence allowing you to play along. Its inbuilt metronome helps you improve your timing. Besides, it is quiet, and you can upgrade it as you develop your skills.  


This product is impressive. It suits the beginner drummers better due to its fantastic features. Also, it is affordable and has a relatively good sound for its price. 

Moreover, this product is easy to assembly and use. It has a stylish design as well, thus enhancing the look of your room. Due to its small size, it can fit into a four by four area, thus helping you save space.