7 Steps to Hide Cables of an Electronic Drum Set Like A Pro

Hide Cables of an Electronic Drum Set

Let’s face this…it is a challenge to organize and hide the cables of an electronic drum set. Fortunately, this challenge can be conquered. It is normal to get frustrated amidst the huge number of cables that an electronic drum comes with. This number of cables only increases as you introduce more modules to the setup. … Read more

How to Read Drum Music: Drum Sheet Music and Drum Notation

How to Read Drum Music

The ability to read drum sheet music and drum notation is an art every aspiring drummer should learn. It is an incredible asset in your drumming career. Proficiency in reading drum music helps you further your ability to play the kit. It can also help you secure a session gig, a role in a top-line … Read more

5 Top Tips To Soundproof A Room For Music Practice

How to Soundproof a Drum Room

On stage, the powerful punch of a drum is everything. But when you are practising music, this powerful punch of the drum set can be pretty annoying to the neighbours. If you are looking forward to those intriguing drum practice sessions, you should be aware of the significance of affordable and effective acoustic insulation. This … Read more

6 Steps To Ensure Your Electronic Drums Are Squeaky Clean

How to Clean Electronic Drums

The performance of a drum kit may reduce, especially if it has accumulated dust for a long time. As such, you will need how to clean your drum set. Keeping your electric kit clean will help it last long. Yet, most users don’t know how to clean electronic drums kits. In this article, we will … Read more

5 Best Electronic Drum Brands You Must Know Today

Best Electronic Drum Brands Reviews

In every great musical performance, drumming is vital. Drums add a lot of taste to the musical performance. However, choosing the best electronic drum brands can be a challenge. In the current world, there is a significant shift in the musical world. Many drummers are shifting from acoustic drums to electronic drum kits. Buying an electronic … Read more

14 Gifts for Drummers that will delight everyone

Gifts for Drummers that will delight everyone

If you’re looking for perfect gifts for drummers to give your drummer friend, we’ve got you covered. There are lots of drummers gift options out there.  The gifts may vary from a drum throne, drum kit, big fat snare drum, vocal microphone to an audio interface. You need to find one or two drumming tools … Read more

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Drum Throne

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Drum Throne

A drum throne is an instrumental tool for a drummer. If you are to be effective during your jam sessions, you need to make an informed choice in buying a drum throne. Here are a few factors to consider before you buy a drum throne. Ideal Drum Throne Height Height is very crucial when playing … Read more

4 Fastest Ways To Learn How To Play The Drums

Is it Hard to Learn to Play the Drums with 4 recommendations which you know learn

The speed of learning drums among many people depends on several factors. Your kid too does not require any inborn ability to play that kid’s electronic drum. Having said that, you have to set yourself up for success in the right way to be effective in learning drums. There are several things that you can … Read more

What Does Drumming Do To The Brain?

What Does Drumming Do To The Brain? know you help the drumming?

Have you ever wondered whether drumming has any effects on the brain? Whether you are buying a kid electronic drum or one for yourself, you will be amazed at its effects. Since ancient days, drumming has been therapy, with its therapeutic rhythm techniques used for thousands of years. Recent research has also verified the therapeutic … Read more

How Do Electronic Drum Pads Work?

How work electronic drum pads, all information in one place

The world of musical instruments is transforming day by day, and this is apparent in the evolution of electronic drum pads.   Some people often mistake electronic drum pads for sample pads. Though the two appear similar, they are totally different. Electronic drum pads can be used instead of drum kits because they have internal speakers. … Read more