7 Easy Beginner Drum Songs You Can Start with These

Arguably, learning how to play drum songs as a beginner is hard. So, to perfect this art, you need to train and practice.

However, you should start learning by playing easy drum songs first. As such, it will be easier for you to stretch your abilities with time.

When choosing the songs to play, select the ones that you enjoy. But, ensure their tempo is relatively slow. Also, they should have simple fills and beats.

To build a perfect foundation, you need first to master the drumming basics. As such, it will be difficult for you to learn advanced beats.  

The following things are essential to know as you plan about playing beginner songs.

A Metronome and sticks

Drum sticks are essential for your drum playing lessons. You will use them to play various drum songs for beginners.

Also, you will need to learn various ways of stick holding in different songs. There are two ways of holding drum sticks: matched grip and the traditional grip.

However, there are three versions of the matched grip. They include German grip, American grip, and French grip. Each of these versions is suitable for different song genres.

A metronome is one of the essential tools for simple drum playing. It enables you to maintain a steady tempo. However, metronomes are available as both digital and analog.

Practice pad

The pad in question is vital for your sticking and rudiments practicing. Since it is a small item, it is easily portable, thus making it more convenient.

However, you should ensure you buy the best quality practicing pad for better services. Also, quality drumming pads will serve you for a prolonged period.

A good drum seat

Comfort is essential for drumming sessions. Therefore, a perfect drum throne helps you drum more ergonomically.

As such, it assists in protecting your muscles and joints from injuries. Drumming for long in bad postures can lead to chronic issues in your joints and muscles. So, a good drumming chair is crucial for your health.

Hearing protection, headphones, or in-ear monitors

Sometimes you need to play your drum set loudly as you practice. As a result, the environment becomes noisy. Hence, it can damage your eardrum.

As a drummer, you will be exposed to this noise more often. Thus, you need to take some safety measures and protect your hearing.

Some drummers like using a metronome in their ears as they are drumming. Such drummers can use headphones for drummers or in-ear monitors for drummers.

Alternatively, you can use the musician’s earplugs for your hearing protection. It is also an excellent preventive measure for your hearing.

How to play beginner drum songs

Playing drum songs as a beginner is not easy. Thus, you need to choose your favourite genre of songs to play. As a result, it keeps you motivated, thus enabling you to practice more.

Besides, ensure that the songs you select to play are not complex. So, we have chosen easy drum songs from different genres. 

We shall guide you on how to play various songs across the genres. However, their instruments are not complex, hence easy to learn. 

The “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes

The “Seven Nation Army” is one of the best rock songs with simple drumming. Although White Stripes decided to keep the drumming simple, the song is fantastic.

Due to its simplicity, it is one of the best songs to play for beginners. It has only three main drumming sections to learn.

The beat of this song starts with a four-bar rest. Then, it has a simple four kick on the floor and a floor pattern as well. Also, White Stripes combines it with some hi-hat splashes.

In the second half of this verse, there is a snare drum on two and four beats. But, just before the chorus, it has a simple two-bar pattern. This pattern starts with a crash and a kick hit, then a floor tom build.

Likewise, the chorus of this song is easy to play as well. It is a simple rock groove, which you use the snare, kick, and crash cymbal.

But, we have quarter note triplets as it goes through the grove in the second time. As a result, this offsets the groove momentarily.

This beat is easy to play along, hence suitable for beginning drummers. It helps you start your drums playing journey.

‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ by AC/DC

Apart from the grooves in this song being simple, they are iconic and timeless. So, it is a great song for beginners to practice playing drums.

Although playing this song is easy, we can’t undermine the value of its two grooves. Therefore, beginners should try to internalize the groove while playing along.

As such, you shouldn’t try playing at its top. Instead, you should lay back to attain some relaxed vibe in playing this song by AC/Dc. A relaxed practice makes your lessons for playing drums easier and fast.

‘Cantaloupe Island’ by Herbie Hancock

Some drummers may find this beat to be relatively fast. But, after some practice at a slow pace, you will realize it is not too quick.

Similar to other jazz songs, you need to learn the buzz roll. This song is one of the best to drum along.

‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica

If you love ‘Metal’ songs genre, this is the best music to drum along. However, you must be ready to be fast and aggressive.

This song has a relatively stable tempo, thus making the beat quite easy to learn. It has a ¾ or 6/8 ballad that is a common time signature. This beat is basic, but it has a few fills.

If you want to learn fills while playing drums, create a loop in this music. Also, slow it down to enable you to drum it perfectly. After learning, it will be easier to speed it up.

‘Eminence Front’ by The Who

Arguably, this song is one of the favorite music for most drummers. It is one of the songs with a slower groove, which sits at just 98 BPM.

Although its introductory fill can be challenging, playing along it is rudimentary. The song has little variations throughout its hi-hats and bass drum parts.

However, its main groove builds throughout the song. Thus, it adds the hi-hat opening before beats two and four.

Also, it adds these openings in simple fills and 16 subdivisions on the kick. As a result, these additions lead to new sections. This song is one of the best you can use in practicing your drums playing.

‘Come As You Are’ by Nirvana

‘Come As You Are’ is another fantastic song you can play along as a new drummer. It has a wonderfully simple groove, mostly in its verses.

The pre-chorus of this song features an iconic 16 note snare drum fill. As a beginner drummer, this is one of the drums fills you will enjoy playing. As a result, it will incredibly enhance your drumming skills.

But, in the chorus section, the playing requires a lot of energy. Therefore, as a new player, you may require a lot of endurance in this section.

‘Feel Good Inc’ by Gorillaz

‘Feel Good Inc’ is a great song you can use for your drumming lessons as a new player. It uses only one beat throughout, thus making it easier for your learning.

However, it comes with various variations that make it hard to mater. The song is still great for learning the basic beat.

Due to its high speed, you might have to take a couple of its BPM down. Then, now master the beat by drumming along with the song. When comfortable, bring back the tempo up and try to keep up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play a simple drum beat?

To learn simple drumming beat, you should familiarize yourself with certain grooves. Also, focus on understanding particular patterns as one way of learning. Besides, it is vital to focus on your timekeeping. Finally, learn to keep your dynamics even as well.

Is drumming easy?

Unquestionably, drumming any song is not simple for beginners. But, practicing more often enables you to improve your skills in this field. You should balance your chop to groove ratio while playing.

What is the best way to learn drums?

Playing along a song is one of the most effective ways of starting your drumming lessons. But, you need to be careful with your choice of music as a beginner. Ensure it is easy to learn, thus has easy patterns. 


Arguably, drums are one of the most fantastic instruments to learn. But, it is not simple as it requires your full-body coordination.

So, while starting your drumming lessons, ensure the songs you choose are not too fast. It is simpler for you to drum slow songs. Besides, go for songs whose rhythms are easy, straight, and have simple fills as well.

Also, while choosing drum songs for beginners, ensure it is not complicated. You should start your lessons by using only one kick drum pedal. Most metal songs have complicated double bass drumming, thus not ideal for beginners.

Lastly, you should have the right equipment to help you improve your drumming. Moreover, you should keep practicing and enhancing your skills.