Yamaha DTX 450K Review to New DTX 452K – What is New

It is an undeniable fact that finding the right electronic drum set can be overwhelming and frustrating. You can now rest easy because the Yamaha DTX 450K drum is the go-to electronic kit.

What you learn about Yamaha DTX 450K Review:

It is a beginner, friendly electronic drum kit. You can use it at home as you practice silently. The catch lies in its simple features that are easy to use. 

The presence of LED lights helps in more straightforward navigation and operations. The user can control the drum kit by using the iOS device. Further, the built-in songs will keep you entertained. 

The kit is adjustable to suit your height and posture. As such, you will not strain as you operate it throughout the training period.

It is the most popular series in Yamaha due to its affordability aspect. Also, it comes with a decent sound, making it one of the best e-kit you can get for home rehearsals.

The best thing about the Yamaha dtx450k kit is that it is fit for both advanced and seasoned players. Its standard features make it acceptable across all categories of people.


Yamaha DTX 450K


Things we liked

It is an easy e-kit that is beginner-friendly
It has helpful iOS applications featuring free MIDI songs
It has good built quality

Things we didn’t like

The preset kits are a bit limited
Slightly expensive for beginners
All rubber heads

Summary of the review

Yamaha DTX450K drum kit is an affordable and high-quality option for beginners. The attached features will give you an exciting practice session. The learning mode option will help you to upgrade your skills as you remain consistent. 

Yamaha DTX 450K drum kit comes with two cymbals and five drums. Still, you can use it to practice in the room.

The great thing about the drum is that it is super-silent. Overall, it is worth the top-dollar since it will help you advance your drumming skills. 

The Yamaha DTX 450K review drum kit happens to be a member of the Yamaha entry-level series.

However, the Yamaha DTX450K is less expensive as compared to its counterpart, DTX400K drum kit. Yamaha DTX450k has a bass drum pad with a more responsive snare drum. 

You will precisely get five drums and three sets, which combine to give you a decent sound. Below is an in-depth review of this electronic kit.


Yamaha DTX 450K to DTX 452K


The new Yamaha DTX 452K comes with greater new features. It features an improved and stable rack system.

Its cymbal and hi-hat pads sit on offset and the cymbal arms are easily adjustable, which gives a drummer greater freedom.

Who is this kit best suited for?

The manufacturer made this kit with a beginner in mind. However, it will also work and function well for seasoned players.

The sound that this kit produces might be decent but not on a professional level. The DTX450K drum kit is entirely suitable for home practicing but is not ideal for live performing. You will entertain yourself with this kit by listening to built-in songs.

DTX Modul
DTX Module

All players will use the onboard tutorial to upgrade their skills. The innovative integrated exercises will enhance your timing, accuracy, and competence. As such, the design will be appealing to every user since the process is more straightforward.

What is in the box? 

The place where you buy Yamaha DTX450K matters a lot. You will likely less or all the equipment in the box. Nevertheless, you will get the following items from any standard shop. 

  • DTX400 drum module
  • One Hi-hat pad
  • A power adapter
  • Two cymbal pads
  • One kick pad
  • One three-zone snare pad (for cross-stick sounds, rim, and head)
  • Three single-zone tom pads (it lacks rim shots but responsive to playing sensitivity)
  • All relevant cables for cymbals and pads to the drum
  • Yamaha kick drum pedal

Yamaha DTX 450K to DTX 452K


In the new upgraded Yamaha DTX 452K, you will also find the following:

A stable 4-post stand,
A KP65 kick drum tower 
An HH65 adjustable hi-hat controller 
A high-quality Yamaha pedal.
Chokeable cymbals

Features of Yamaha DTX450K Review

Yamaha DTX450K drum set comes with unique features that will enhance your drumming experience. The manufactures designed them strategically to spice up your music. Let’s take a closer look as some of the notable features from these series. 


The product features a sound sampled from actual acoustic drums and cymbals.

The Yamaha DTX450k electronic drum module has 169 sounds. The aim of these sounds is to add pleasure to your music.

You can add more convenience by using ten pre-programmed kits for enjoyment. Each kit has a title to help you in easier identification. You will also determine its importance and role. Most of these sounds come from extensive acoustic range from Yamaha kits.

It also gives you the freedom to select kits such as acoustic, electronic, and percussion.

You can combine them as customize the sound depending on your preferences. The cool thing is the user will get ten demo songs.


Yamaha DTX 450K to DTX 452K


Its successor, the Yamaha DTX 452k comes with several improved features. It features 10 preset kits that you can easily access via a dedicated button.

Likewise, the play-along songs, metronome, training modes and tempo/volume control are also accessible via a dedicated button.

This new upgraded drum kit also allows you to download the free DTX402 Touch app, which helps in greater editing control. The App also allows you to choose sounds, add reverb, balance drums and cymbals as well as mute pads.

Lastly, the upgraded kit features 415 onboard drums /percussions or keyboard sounds.


The quality of the sound sample is relatively good when compared to similar models. The user will still use a built-in metronome. You will use it to learn how to perfect the tempo aspect. You will improve the time accuracy as you practice the skill.

One will use the same metronome in adjusting built-in songs. You can still alter their tempo to perfect your skills. Most importantly, entry-level drums have drum coaching modes, which are a convenient addition.

Training Mode

You can still use Groove Check, which monitors your playing along with a metronome. The mode will assist you in getting real-time feedback, rated on your timing. It will guide you whenever you need to play too slow or fast. 

The great thing is you can still connect it to your computer or laptop. The device is a fantastic feature that you can utilize while on home recording. You will later store your performance in computer MIDI or audio format.

There is a USB connection for getting outputs that will monitor sound. You will also use the headphones and play silently without causing disturbances. 


Yamaha DTX 450K to DTX 452K


The upgraded Yamaha DTX 452k comes with 10 training functions. These will help you in building chops, improving stroke speed as well as checking the timing. Moreover, they also facilitate the learning of drum notation. 

Construction and Hardware

The DTX450K electronic drum module happens to be a five drum kit. It also has rubber pads and cymbals. The pads come from gum-rubber materials that are springy in the rebound. The same elements are suitable for deadening the noise. 

As you play on these pads, you will get the impression of a real practice pad. There is a rim that is soft and feels smooth as you play on it. Unluckily, when you play on the rim, you will not get any sound.

But the TP70S is an incredible alternative. The snare pad of the TP70S drum enhances rim triggering. The drum is 7.5 inches in diameter, and it has three zones. One will get improved sound from this pad by doing extra triggering.

You can play both the rim clicks and rimshot using TP70S. It will add to more fun as you play the drum set. However, the tom pads do not have rim features that respond as you strike the drumhead. The design is acceptable since you will not play the toms frequently.


Yamaha DTX 450K to DTX 452K


Its successor the DTX 452K have the great pads and module of the DTX 402K. It also includes a 3-zone snare-pad.

Moreover, the upgraded kit offers you better-playing and more responsive pads compared to its predecessor. The cymbals are chokable and the drums are fast and dynamic. The upgraded kit gives an even greater realism.

Tom pads

The tom pads have a good stick response when you strike them. There is an additional kick tower or bass drum pad. Still, the pad comes from a combination of rubber, metal, or plastic. The pad will remain upright to remain like the actual acoustic bass drum.

The tower bass has a mountable slot that connects up the bass drum pedal. The pad is sizable enough to accommodate double or a single bass drum pedal. The package comes with a separate bonus single pedals. 

The three cymbal pads come with 10 inches of diameter. You will mount them on cymbal arms, strategically positioned on the drum rack.

The rack will practically hold the module and the drum pads.

However, you cannot mount the bass drum tower and hi-foot controller ion the rack. You can position the hi-hat over the snare or beside the module. As such, it enables the player to make adjustments to the interface of the module.


Yamaha DTX 450K to DTX 452K


The upgraded model of Yamaha DTX 452K features a better-feeling kick-drum tower. The tower also comes with a very high-quality Yamaha pedal.

The hi-hat

The hi-hat pad is a rubber material that covers one half of the face of the cymbal. You can similarly mount the cymbals since they have similar stick response. Nevertheless, they may not resemble the actual cymbal but are quiet and playable.

Hi-Hat Cymbals for Yamaha DTX450K
Hi-Hat Cymbals

The standard recommendation is to tighten the hi-hat to avoid flapping. You can set the ride and the crash to remain slightly loose to enable some movements. 

Still, the hi-hat has three position modes. They are simply closed, open, and half-open.

You can switch around these modes by using your pedal foot controller. Notably, the pedal may lack positional sensors that present in other models.

You should position the pedal on appropriate flooring like mats or carpets. You should avoid wooden or tiled floors since they are prone to slippage.

The pedal has a free-standing design. The great news is that it does not make a lot of noise as you play. You can, therefore, use it anywhere at any time.


Yamaha DTX 450K to DTX 452K


The upgraded model of Yamaha DTX 452K features a better-feeling kick-drum tower. The tower also comes with a very high quality Yamaha pedal.

Alternatives to the Yamaha DTX450K kit

If you fail to get this product in the market as a beginner, we can recommend alternatives. In this case, we recommend the Alesis Surge Mesh. (Check Full Review Alesis Surge Mesh) The kit has simple features that mostly promotes the skills of a newbie. 

In case you do not mind high prices, Roland TD-25KV (Check Full Review Roland TD-25KV) can fit in the gap.

The kit uses the latest technology to restore the right output. Furthermore, the kit uses incredibly quiet rubber pads and meshed heads. 


Downsides of the Yamaha DTX 450K review


The pricing of this product is a point of concern. You can still get more by spending a little higher to get the right service. For entry-level individuals, this electronic drum is not cheap. You can even get similar designs like Alesis on a half price. 

Another downside about this electronic drum kit is that it looks slightly odd. It is evident from the holes on the cymbals to the arrangement of drums. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum module come with Headphones? 

It is both yes and no. Most importantly, the kit does not feature so many accessories in the package. However, it is possible to get a bundle of this electronic drum set with headphones on special offers. Otherwise, you can get suitable headphones separately.

How do I factory-reset the DTX450K drum kits? 

You should begin by saving the changes on any external MIDI devices. The DTX450K kit will store them since the procedure will automatically erase them. After that, your turn on the power as you hold down the drum kit. You should be pressing the page up and page down button at the same time.

How can one set the EQ for the whole DTX450K drum kits? 

Start by pressing the utility button. Also, proceed by turning on the data scroll wheel. You will consequently see EQ. You can now press the page down button severally to access low, mid or high frequencies. 

You can now select each frequency as you turn these data scroll wheels. You can still press the page down several times to assign the frequency. You can do so by use of a cursor. You can now boost or decrease the selected range by pressing +1 or -1.

How to sync the DTX sequencer with an external MIDI device?

Locate the utility button and press hold. Begin to rotate the data scroll wheel until it displays the SEQ option. By pressing the page down button, you will access the sync mode. Again, you can rotate the data scroll wheel. Alternatively, you can press the +1 or -1 buttons to access Ext.

How to store your made drum kits

The process starts by pressing the store button. After that, begin to select the destination number for storing the drum kit. That can easily happen if you turn the data scroll wheel.

Access the start or press button and press it. Press the yes option when you see the store DK display option. The drum kit will now be accessible in the storage. 


Typically, the Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum set is always suitable at entry-level. The underlying features are decent to allow a beginner to learn how to play.

You will expand your skills if you remain consistent in your pieces of training.

Indeed, the playability and sound quality do not match expensive kits. However, that does not mean that you will fail to enjoy the package.

You can begin at this level and advance slowly to become a professional. The equipment is quiet enough to allow you to play in the house, and it has a lot of in-built songs to play along.