Yamaha DTX522K Review – Need Read Before Buy

Well, the exercise of choosing the perfect electronic drum kit is challenging. In other words, you need to be careful and patient. Any electronic drum set has vital parts that make it functional. 

One must take into account several measures to get the right pick. Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum kit is a reliable device.

The drum set comes with pocket-friendly prices. It can be the correct pick if you are operating on a budget.

The drum set has unique features that are not available in other products. You can use such features to upgrade your musical skills. In the long run, you will eventually become an expert in drumming.

This Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum kit will favor both beginners and experts. The electronic drum set kit has everything that one will need to start practicing.

The Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum set kit is also user-friendly.

It will be proper to select the right electronic drum kits that are not noisy. You should practice your music without interfering with the peace of the neighbors.


Yamaha DTX522K – Best sound



XP80 3-zone silicon snare

Kick Pedal not included


Things we liked

The product has user-friendly features that favor a beginner.
The silent design will not cause a distraction to the neighborhood.
It is highly affordable. 

Things we didn’t like

The freestanding hi-hat performs poorly.
You have to make some settings before using it.
Sometimes cymbals may fail to register. 

The Yamaha DTX 522K is an electronic drum kit from Yamaha Company. The company has a reputation for producing top-quality products. The design boosts your confidence when acquiring the electronic drum set from them.

Yamaha DTX 522K electronic drum kits are dominant in the drum niche. I believe that the Yamaha has a wealth of experience in making electronic drums. The manufacturer is ever-improving on its features to make them competitive.

Who should buy Yamaha DTX522 electronic drum kit?

This Yamaha DTX 522Kelectronic drum is a kit for various people. It will both favor established and beginner drummers.

As a beginner, you will use all the available features to enhance your training.

The good news about Yamaha DTX522K is it is upgradable. One can still change the pads if you expect quality.

Also, one can swap the cymbals and embrace better models. The musician will use it to play live gigs.

What is in the Box? 

The Yamaha DTX 522K electronic drum package includes various components. All these components combine to produce the desired output. Some of those items that you will find in the box are as follows:

Yamaha DTX522K - What is in the Box?
  • Hi-Hat
  • Floor Tom
  • Bass Drum
  • Crash Cymbal pads
  • Rack
  • Snare
  • Module
  • Training Functions
  • 7- Inch drum pads
  • Hi-Hat foot controller
  • Kick pad
  • DTX502 module
  • 3-zone snare pad
  • Tom pads


The Yamaha DTX522K the electronic drum kit has exceptional features. They coordinate to give you an exciting musical experience. 


The Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum has Yamaha DTX 502 drum rack. It is an improvement of earlier models. It helps the user to change positions due to its flexibility. The new DTX502 module has drums and percussion voices that help you produce your best sound.

DTX502 Module Drum

One can mount the snare on the ball joint to enhance mobility. The snare is of textured cellulose to get rid of crossover noise.  You can use the DTX-PAD snare to get superior stick feel. Also, playing the head, open rimshot and closed rimshot voices gives an authentic snare expression.

The Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum kit has cymbal stands. They will support both stronger and bigger pads. The electronic drum is spacious to accommodate an extra tom on the floor.

This five-piece electronic drum set includes a snare, a bass drum, and three atoms. Furthermore, the electronic drum set has 3-zone cymbal pads and three tom pads. The 3-zone cymbals drum has a textured cellular silicone surface. They also have extra sensing functions.

The Yamaha DTX522K the electronic drum has a rim. Other higher-end models have advanced features like cymbal muting and smoother snare drumrolls.

One can still assign the rim to any auxiliary sample percussion sound. You can also play the cross stick to produce another sound. The 3-zone cymbals make this drum to remain outstanding. 

The Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum set uses gum-rubber pads. They will strategically absorb the stick action and lower the noise level. Furthermore, it uses a KP65 rubber pad to trigger the bass drum. You only need to hook it up to a bass drum pedal. 

The Yamaha DTX522K electronic drums use a 3-zone cymbal pad that is quiet while playing. Its controls are typically user-friendly. The design of the panel makes it more accessible to the player. 


Yamaha DTX522K comes with a cymbal and 691 individual drums. Also, it has percussion sound samples. Its sound quality is higher than the Yamaha DTX502 module. One will still have more space to store resets and custom kits. 

Also, the module features a 1G flash memory. One can utilize the additional space for the storage of MIDI songs files. Such unique features are a reserve of high-quality drum modules.

The Yamaha DTX522K comes with 50 factory kits. The user can create custom kits and use them in mixing with other sounds.

Yamaha sound engineers compiled samples in the acoustic range. The electronic drums have 37 built-in songs.  You can easily select your favorite song. There is also a mute button to control the music flow. 

The module produces authentic and clear sound. It delivers impressive tones that are true on the point. It creates the perfect sound that is comfortable to your ears while in the room. 

Additional features

The Yamaha DTX522K the model has aux ports and headphones off the front panel. The placement makes them more accessible to the player. The module is also compatible with other modules.

One can comfortably import and download songs.

Also, the Yamaha DTX522K drum kit has a training module. If you are a beginner, use it to advance your basic skills. The facility has measures to control your tempo while getting immediate feedback. 

The Yamaha DTX522K the drum kit will allow you to practice along with a metronome. This module uses the visual display to indicate your progress. It displays in terms of performance and timings. 

The electronic drum will also allow you to compare the hi-hat and snare playing. One of the outstanding features is the Great Fast. The module features happen to be a challenge to other intermediate players.

The Great Fast the feature will enable the user to monitor the drum set speed. Interestingly, the feature will evaluate you by giving you a score. It bases on your performance. 

One can score well when one plays using the fastest speed. The same rate should also feature a high level of accuracy. The design will help the user to track progress. 

One of the unique features bout this product is the Rhythm Gate Mode. It is an exceptional feature that one can use to understand micro timing.

Furthermore, the function automatically ends your playing. It happens so whenever you remain far from the metronome. 

How to use this drum kit – Video


You can get various options from different manufacturers. You can consider picking Roland TD-11K. The module has similar features apart from having a mesh snare head. The Roland TD-11K uses a large LCD display for easier navigation of settings.

Also, the Roland TD 11K has 50 preset drum kits. Also, it comes with 14 built-in songs.

What is wrong in the Yamaha DTX522K kit?

The freestanding hi-hat may not be the most realist while playing. One may get tempted to look for a hi-hat that is compatible with the correct hi-hat stand. 


How much space does Yamaha DTX 522K use? 

The electronic the drum set will comfortably use at least a 2 meters square area. The design makes the user make strategic movements while playing the drums. The module will maximize the available space.

How to use Steven slate on Yamaha DTX522K? 

You can get the Steven slate tips from the online platforms. You can ask for more tips if the procedures are not clear. As you master these tips, apply them to Yamaha to improve on your skills. 

How much can retailers get Yamaha DTX522K for?

Yamaha DTX522K comes with fair pricing. The pieces are quite affordable to the individuals who are operating on a budget. The prices, as indicated on Amazon, may range up to $775.

How to record Yamaha DTX522K MIDI reaper?

You will use the installed software as a recording interface. Begin by setting the input on the particular tracks that you are recording. Set the input to be midi and not mono. You will also need a midi interface with line inputs and at least two mics.

What is the Yamaha app to use with a DTX522K drum set?

The Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum will use a free musicsoft app. The app has several features that will enable the user to navigate various functions. The app has over 1000 built-in songs for the user to select the favorable ones.


Different people use music to pass a particular message to the society. Also, music is a source of inspiration and encouragement when one loses hope. However, you can make the message sink better if you flavor the same music.

One of the powerful instruments to use is Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum. You will use it to make various percussion sounds.

Eventually, they will enhance your musical experience. The dtx522k electronic drum set has exceptional features that make it user-friendly.

Moreover, the manufacturer made this product with a beginner in mind. If you are an expert, that is also good news for you. You will use it effectively to expand your skills. 

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