3 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums – What you need to know

Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums the buying guidewiththe product reviews

A good pair of electronic drums goes hand-in-hand with excellent drumsticks. Usually, the sticks don’t come as part of a new electronic drum set. You need to purchase them separately. The market already has tons of drumsticks. But not everything offered in the market is appropriate for your needs. So, how do you select the … Read more

8 Best Drum Machines in 2020 Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Drum Machines

Ever imagined of finding a perfect drum machine? You may not be alone. Many musicians will still prefer old drum machines. They are practical devices that will always offer versatility and quality sound.  The market is getting saturated with various models. It becomes a challenge to select the right one. Most of the beginners will … Read more

The 5 Best XLR Cables in 2020 – Reviews with Buyer’s Guide

Best XLR Calbles in 2020

Cables play a critical role by reducing noise interference and signal transference. In that regard, you need to use the best XLR cables. However, it is noteworthy that cables come if varying qualities. Some elements will affect the quality of a cable. The most common ones are shielding and connectors. You need to use a … Read more

9 Best Electronic Drum Pads – Reviews with Buyer’s Guide in 2020

Best Electronic Drum Pads

There is no doubt that electronic drums earn their mark every day. They get closer to matching acoustic drums’ live performances. Nowadays, using your electronic drum set, you can have a quiet practice. You can also have live performances and recordings. The level of confidence to start such a stride means that the makers have … Read more