14 Gifts for Drummers that will delight everyone

If you’re looking for perfect gifts for drummers to give your drummer friend, we’ve got you covered. There are lots of drummers gift options out there. 

The gifts may vary from a drum throne, drum kit, big fat snare drum, vocal microphone to an audio interface. You need to find one or two drumming tools that suit the drummer in your life best.

In this article, we will review some of the perfect gifts for drummers. These gifts range in practicality and lie under different budgets.

1. Pyle Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

Among the best gifts you can offer to drummers is the Pyle Electronic Roll up Midi Drum kit. Most roll-up drum kits include two footpads. These include the bass and hi-hat alongside other primary drumming pads. They also include a snare drum.

For beginners, it features twelve pre-recorded songs and seven different sound types. It is a perfect gift for a drummer since, using its playback options, you can record your drumming sessions.

More importantly, this roll-up kit also has MIDI features that come in handy along the way. Through this function, you can transfer the music files to your PC for editing. Also, you can compose and record your own music. For beginners venturing into music production, this kit is nothing less than great.

Most roll-up kits yet, don’t include the percussion mode. But, that’s not the case with the Pyle Electronic Roll-Up drum kit. It allows you to rest your drum sticks and play using your bare hands.

Equally important, it includes decent stereo speakers. Through them, you listen to your drumming sounds out loud. Also, the kit allows you to plug in your headphones. As such, a drummer can enjoy your drumming session anywhere without causing a disturbance.

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2. Alesis Compact Kit Portable 7-Pad Electronic Drum Kit

Another great gift to offer a drummer would be the Alesis Compact Drum Kit. Drums from Alesis have a record of not disappointing at all.

This practice pad features an AC adapter. By this, you can plug the kit into your AC outlet, whether on stage or even at home. Since it comes with drumsticks, just unwrap them and start playing your drums.

Just as other drums from Alesis, this kit is a typical compact option. In other words, you can carry it anywhere. This feature also makes it an ideal gift for a drummer who moves around often.

It also features a C battery support that you have to acquire separately. This feature is very remarkable as it enables you to play your practice pad everywhere.

Moreover, it then includes seven velocity-sensitive pads and two pedals. Through these, it delivers a top-notch sound like that of a high-grade drum kit. Additionally, it also has 100 music songs, 250 percussion sounds, and 45 drum presets.

Get this kit from Alesis list of drums and gift it to a drummer who loves that perfect music.

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3. Remo Pinstripe Clear Drum Head Pack

The Remo Pinstripe is another excellent gift for drummer. Being one of the best drum heads there is, it is very durable, and delivers focused sounds.

Another thing, these drums heads’ construction features two 7-mil Mylar plies. Their typical pinstripe around the drum is great in enhancing attack and overtone control.

The popular drummer gift is renowned for helping drummers achieve a well-rounded tone. At the same time, these drum heads reach the right level of dampening. They would be a fantastic gift for every drummer in your life.

Remarkably, they deliver great sound across a wide range of tuning. For this reason, they suit not only rock but all other musical styles. 

Their two-ply composition boosts their durability. At the same time, the design also makes sure these drum heads retain their sound over time.

The Remo Pinstripe Drum Heads are also great for both studio and live applications. Thanks to their control of overtones that enhance their focus on sound.

They are also compatible with all drums. As such, they can transform your drummer’s kit from sounding cheap to professional. 

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4. Evans G2 Coated Tom pack

The Evans G2 Coated Tom pack is another favorite gift for many drummers. It is very versatile with great sounds ideal for most genres.

If you are looking for excellent drum heads to gift the drummer in your life, there’s nothing better than the Evans G2 Tom Pack. 

Evans G2 Tompack, Coated, Standard (12 inch, 13 inch, 16 inch)
Evans G2 Coated Tom pack

The music from these coated drum heads is great. They deliver a warm-tone music while achieving lots of depth. Unlike other models, they also provide a great sound attack. Therefore, their sound is great for all drummers and genres. 

There is also a clear tom-pack option. These deliver a brighter tone. As such, the toms are a great gift for all drummers, mostly those that play chill genres.

This tom pack from Evans Store includes typical 2-ply drum heads. Hence, they are durable and can withstand a hard beating from rough drummers. Since they are coated, they deliver a warm tone.

The tom packs are also available in different size options. The standard package includes 16″, 13″ and 12″ drum heads.

The rock pack option has 16″, 12″ and 10″ whereas the fusion option contains 14″, 12″ and 10″ drum head sizes. For this reason, it is an excellent gift for any drummer.

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5. Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand

Another gift for drummers would be the Pearl H930 hi-hat stand. It is robust and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The stand’s design is both practical and straightforward at the same time. Unlike other models, it doesn’t display any fancy gimmicks or tricks. However, many drummers have proven it to be very reliable in all their performances.

Again, the Peal H930 stand is very sturdy, and its build-quality is more than impressive. It also features a reliable chain drive mechanism. Through this, it achieves a smooth and quick playing response. 

It is also a very quiet, hi-hat stand model, to mention. Besides that, it comes with rubber leg tips that enhance its traction. Its swivel function alongside the pedal is practical is allowing you to rotate its legs. As a result, if need be, you can add an extra double bass pedal.

More importantly, this Pearl H930 features a spring tension dial. By this, you can adjust not only its lateral cymbal but also the pedal tension as you like. All drummers would consider this hi-hat stand as a perfect gift.

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6. DW5000 Accelerator Single Bass Pedal

A DW 5000 Accelerator Single Bass Pedal gift has everything drummers need. Professional drummers think of it as one of the most well-built drum pedal models out there for use with drums. It features the best design there is.

Because of its great reliability, the DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal makes is an ideal gift to offer drummers. The latest version includes some notable improvements from DW. 

Firstly, its toe clamp has a new design. It now delivers a firmer connection between the kick drum and the drummer. At the same time, it also offers extra traction strength just how a drummer needs. 

The clamp features three 360-degree rotating independent rubber pads. With these, it can now pinch almost any thickness or diameter of the bass drum counter hoop from the bottom and top. As a result, it ensures zero slippage.

Also, the clamp’s robust hinge and spring rocker include two bearings. By these, it acquires exceptional stability for high-quality performance and durability.

Secondly, its baseplate now has a new textured rubber traction pad. As such, it provides a reliable system that attaches the bass pedal to the bass drum. 

The drum pedal’s versatility also makes it one of the best gifts for drummers. In other words, it provides several choices of drive systems.

The bass drum pedal also features a grip on the bottom to ensure the DW5000 stays intact. So, even during explosive performances, don’t expect it to slip.

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7. Pearl P932 Demonator Pedal

Still, on Bass Drum Pedals, the Peal P932 Demonator is also among the best gifts for drummers. All Pearl products are very remarkable, and the P932 is no different. Not only is it striking but also highly versatile and responsive. 

Notably, it integrates Pearl’s Demon Style Power Shifter. Through the extended footboard, this feature provides a playing surface. The function comes in handy when applying the heel and toe technique. Also, it’s great for fast double bass drum patterns.

This bass drum pedal is highly receptive and does not lag during your drumming sessions.

Besides the drum pedal’s smooth action, it also requires less force when playing your drums. It is thus very convenient. Also, its single chain is advantageous as it delivers a large amount of control.

Apart from the plastic and adjustable beater, it also comes with a few innovative configuration functions. At its spring’s bottom, it has a convenient click-lock. You can use the lock feature to adjust the spring’s tension.  All you need is switch open the lock, adjust the dial to your preference and close it back down. The design is convenient, as it requires no screws for adjustment.

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8. Roc N Soc Nitro Drum Throne

If you are thinking of gifting a drummer the best drum throne, consider the Roc N Soc drum throne. This seat boasts of durability alongside the utmost comfort. As all drummers would expect, the throne features top-notch materials.

Besides its premium comfort, the Roc N Soc drum throne is also highly supportive. As such, it allows you to enjoy your drumming session without experiencing any sort of leg fatigue. 

Its outstandingly thick cushion includes top-quality multi-layer foam. Besides delivering luxury, it is also very robust to support your weight. It can support even the big fat type comfortably.

Further, this drum throne includes a highly innovative pneumatic height adjustment system. Other than being effortless, the throne allows quick adjustments between heights 18″ and 24″. While other models use screws, locks, and swivels, the Roc N Soc drum throne uses air compression to lower and raise its height.

The drum throne’s materials are not only durable but are highly resistant to wear and tear as well. Expect it to last for years of drumming sessions to come. With such great durability, the Roc N Soc drum throne is one of the best gifts for drummers.

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9. Alesis DRP100 Electronic Drum Headphones

Another incomparable gift to any drummer are the DRP100 drum headphones from Alesis. They have specific functions and design and are perfect for electronic drum reference monitoring. They offer powerful and accurate sounds for any electronic drum set or snare drum.

Further, the Alesis DRP100 Drum Headphones are practical in making the drum sounds more realistic. They come with 40mm full-range drivers. Through these, they enhance sound clarity by setting apart the high and low frequencies.

Their over-ear design delivers great sound isolation exactly how all drummers need. At the same time, the drum headphones’ design also provides exceptional utmost comfort. With this design, you can use the headphones even for long practice hours without discomfort. 

Their sound isolation ability is very convenient in locking out external noise. As such, these drum headphones allow you to focus on your sounds with perfect clarity.

The headphones’ voicing is very professional. They can capture all the sound dynamics and nuances from your drum set.

As an added advantage, the Alesis DRP100 drum headphones are available at a reasonable price. They deliver as much as top-quality even when used with a snare drum. Therefore, they are an ideal example of the best gifts all drummers could wish for.

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10. Powerwerks 50-Watt Drum Speaker

The Powerwerks 50-Watt Drum Speaker is not a high-end model. However, it’s among the best gifts for drummers, especially when you are on a budget.

The speaker incorporates 4.5-inch drivers alongside a high-frequency horn. With these, it delivers a fair and substantial sound output.

More importantly, this Powerwerks drum speaker system displays top-notch performance. Being a portable option, it is very remarkable. The reason being, it features convenient functions the same as those of expensive brands.

Also, this 50-watt drum speaker weighs less than 15 pounds. Thus, carrying it around to the studio is effortless.

Courtesy of the drum speaker’s size, it is ideal for group practice sessions in small spaces. Also, it makes a perfect personal monitor when playing drums alone. Its sounds are nothing less clear. However, it lacks low frequencies. The reason being, it doesn’t include a subwoofer.

It may not be the best drum speaker, but it delivers enough performance for its price. As a bonus, it also incorporates a 3-band equalizer. Through this function, you can tune your drum sounds to your preference.

In general, the Powerwerks 50-Watt Drum Speaker is among the best budget gifts for drummers out there.

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11. AKG C 520 Headset Vocal Microphone 

If you are looking for the best gift for vocalist drummers, consider the AKG C 520 Vocal Microphones. Among its counterparts, it is the best drummer’s vocal microphone there is.

it is a head-worn model that a drummer can also use as a snare drum mic. As such, it fits comfortably. Moreover, this microphone delivers a superb dynamic range. Also, it offers crisp sound reproduction.

Also, it comes with a small gooseneck design. For this reason, you can position it as you prefer while playing your drums. It is a well-built headset mic model with robust housing. Besides being a firm microphone, it is also very light in weight and straightforward to wear. 

What’s more, the microphone delivers an incredible sound, even for a snare drum, at a friendly price. It also handles reasonably high levels of sound pressure, up to 130db. 

It then has cardioid polar patterns which are convenient in isolating sound. These features make this among the best gifts for drummers.

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12. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (3rd Gen) USB Drum Recording Interface

If you’re looking for a great drum audio recording interface gift, consider the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. It is the best among its audio interface counterparts.

It features eight perfect quality mic pre-amps and pro-level features. With these functions, this drum audio interface is practical in offering exceptional audio clarity. 

Furthermore, it comes with top-performance converters. You can use it to record and mix your audio drum sounds at up to 24bit/192kHz.

With this Drum Audio Interface, a drummer can convert any space to a complete recording studio. With its eight well-balanced XLR inputs, it can accommodate a full set of drum microphones. Moreover, the drum interface is straightforward to operate, even for novices. It includes an in-built display. 

Also, its knobs link to various microphone channel inputs. With the USB function, you can connect this drum interface to any computer through its Focusrite Control music software. 

Your drumming audio recordings won’t suffer any delay or lag, thanks to its ultra-low latency. This function is vital as it ensures the drum recordings sound is always on time. Because of this function, you’ll find most drummers using this drum audio interface.

Finally, the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 comes with a copy of Pro-Tools. In other words, you don’t need to spend more on a DAW or music software as you can start playing your drums while recording your sounds immediately.

Whether you expect to record your sessions from a studio or home, this drum unit assures clean sounds. Thus, it is a perfect gift for any drummer.

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13. Beyerdynamic M201TG Dynamic Hyper-cardioid Microphone

The M201TG Dynamic Tom Microphone from Beyerdynamic is another perfect gift for drummers. As all drummers would expect, it delivers amazingly clear and detailed drum sounds.

With a tight polar pattern, this mic is highly convenient in articulating sounds. Courtesy of this function, it locks out sound or noise from unwanted sources.

It also boasts of a hyper-cardioid polar pattern. By this, it distinguishes immense depth from the drum toms. At the same time, it rubbishes bleed from other drums. Its selling point has to do with its accurate capture of details to offer the most refined drum sound.

It is a reasonably costly tom microphone but worth every cent. Then again, the M201TG is very robust with a beautiful design. 

On top of that, this tom mic is also very versatile and rugged. You can use it as a big fat snare drum mic as well.

It is not the most compact tom mic in the market. But, its top quality, even when used as a snare drum mic, makes it a great gift for every drummer in your life. 

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14. Andoer 600D Water-resistant Drum Stick Bag

If you’re looking for a durable drum stick bag gift, the Andoer 600D is the best option. It features a soft-sided design. Together with its 5mm-thick cotton, it protects your sticks from shock during transit.

Another key feature, this drum stick bag includes two straps on the inside. With these, drummers can hang it on the drum set for convenient access. 

Then again, the Andoer 600D comes with two different storage compartments. One for your drum sticks and the other for sheet music, belts, and other drum accessories.

Carrying the bag around is very stress-free, thanks to its gripped handle. Remarkably, this bag can accommodate up to 4 pairs of drum sticks. Thus, the stick bag is a great gift for drummers.

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There are lots of great gifts for drummers out there. The gift ideas you pick should depend on what they already own as part of their kit. Choose something the drummer needs.

If you are still uncertain, I would recommend an electric drum set or an electronic drum practice pad.

Besides, there are some cheap drummer tools above. So, you can consider packing in a number of gifts for a drummer and send them as a jumbo gifts package!