What Does Drumming Do To The Brain?

Have you ever wondered whether drumming has any effects on the brain? Whether you are buying a kid electronic drum or one for yourself, you will be amazed at its effects.

Since ancient days, drumming has been therapy, with its therapeutic rhythm techniques used for thousands of years. Recent research has also verified the therapeutic effects of drumming.

According to research, drumming:

Reduces tension, stress and anxiety

Research shows that drumming promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and promotes blood pressure. Scientists have shown that stress is behind many life-threatening diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, and immune system breakdown.

According to research, drumming causes the increased production and release of hormones that cause relaxation.

Helps to manage chronic pain

Chronic pain affects one’s life in that it has draining effects. According to research, when you drum, you help to distract pain and grief.

Moreover, when you play drums, your body produces its morphine-like painkillers to help you control pain.

Produces deeper self-awareness

According to research, drumming helps in transmitting rhythmic energy to the brain. This transmission causes the two cerebral hemispheres to start pulsating in harmony, promoting the flow of intuitive knowing.

Drumming also develops in the drummer the ability to access unconscious information through symbols and imagery. This ability helps to promote psychological integration.

Drumming also helps produce a feeling of insight, conviction, truth, understanding and certainty in the drummer. These feelings come to play as the frontal, and the lower areas of the brain get synchronized.

Gains access to the whole brain

The rhythmic power of drumming permeates the entire brain, generating neural connections to all brain parts.

This effect of drumming on the brain has led researchers to conclude that drumming helps retrain the brain.

In case you have an attack of stroke or any other neurological impairment, drumming can help to retrain your brain.

Helps to affect the state of mind

Studies show that drumming helps to alter the state of mind, which has wide therapeutic effects.

According to research, even a short drumming session is enough to change the state of the brain. Drumming has the effects of changing the brain’s state from Beta waves to Alpha waves.

Whereas Beta waves lead to focused concentration and activity, Alpha waves bring about relaxation and calmness. It’s these Alpha waves give you a feeling of euphoria and well-being.

Meditative disciplines also help achieve the same results. However, they take a longer time to achieve similar effects.

As such, drumming is a highly effective way to achieve calmness and relaxation within a short time.

Getting the best kid electronic drum for your child to play is a sure way to keep them calm and relaxed.

Helps you to resonate with life’s natural rhythms

Rhythm and resonance play a big role in ordering the natural world. When you limit your ability to resonate with the rhythms of life, dissonance and disharmony sets in.

Drumming helps learn how to flow with the beat. Consequently, the same effect gets transferred to your life, and it helps you flow with the rhythms of life.

Learning to flow with the rhythm of life helps you to feel connected rather than isolated.

It is a secular approach to access higher power

In shamanic drumming, the mind, body and spirit come into integration. Shamanic drumming is also significant in introducing spiritual factors that promote healing.

According to a recent study, shamanic drumming leads to an encounter between the drummer and spiritual forces.

This encounter shifts the drummer’s focus to the whole body, bringing both physical and spiritual healing.

Shamanic drumming also enhances the feeling of empowerment and responsibility in the drummer. This feeling, too, helps to promote natural healing and restorative power.

Helps to release negative feelings and emotional trauma

Drumming is an effective exercise that can help to address emotional issues. If you have very many unexpressed emotions, they can lead to energy blockages.

Drumming causes physical stimulation, which is essential in producing emotional release.

As the drum sounds vibrate, they permeate the body cells and stimulate the release of negative cellular memories.

Helps to boost brain power

According to research, drumming increases brain plasticity and activates brain synapses. Moreover, drumming helps the brain to stimulate amazing and complex neurological connections.

As drumming boosts rain power, it helps to improve its performance and health.

In conclusion, as you buy that kid electronic drum or even one for yourself, you are greatly helping yourself. There is every reason to start practicing today.